"Enoch, kiss."
(Enoch's signature way of signing a message)

Templar Enoch was a member of an archaeology team seen in flashbacks in Episode 38 of Shadow of Israphel. While investigating the Hand, he and the other members did not heed Professor Grizwold's warnings, and did not leave as he did, resulting in Enoch becoming tainted by the Sands. Sometime later, he had a dream about a strange, pale-faced man. Enoch started to go insane from the corruption of the Sands. Eventually, owing to this insanity, he killed his colleagues (another templar and a scribe) and began to turn to sandstone. He then wrote insane log entries on the walls, eventually, after running out of ink, in his own blood. He seemed focused on uncovering the Hand completely, eventually, once his tools ran out, with his bare, sandstone hands. He eventually felt a "tingling in his bones, like buzzing insects" and felt that "the only answer is... removal". He sees Israphel entering a room near this message, which he enters. He then seems to have killed himself most gruesomely by trying to surgically remove his own skeleton from his living body; Xephos and Honeydew later find his completely dismembered body lying in pieces in the room he was last seen entering in the flashback.

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Templar Enoch was placed 24th overall with 8 votes out of 4412 votes.


  • "My supplies are plentiful, but my canteen is always empty! I worry the sand may be effecting me..."
  • "The life-blood green, once flowing from old wounds has begun to clot."
  • "The Sentinels awaken!"
  • "So... itchy. My bones, they are so... itchy. Like buzzing insects under my skin..." (Enoch's last written message before encountering The Dark Lord.
  • "Perhaps I should have worn gloves...but no. Why would I want to cover my beautiful sandstone hands?"
  • "Enoch. Kiss. MWUAH."
  • "Enoch, creepy kiss. Mweeh."
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