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The Abode was the base of operations for Rail Bros Inc. and home of Benji and Strippin.


It was a dirty hole, a hut of sorts, that Benji built beside a squid-infested lake after Sjin and Duncan destroyed the last server. When Strippin found him, they renovated the Abode and made it into the main base of operations for their company, Rail Bros Inc.

When the server changed to YogCraft, Rail Bros Inc lost the Abode because they didn't know its coordinates. The company is now based in a village.

Building LayoutEdit

The Abode consists of a one-roomed building with a rocket-shaped structure made out of furnaces, a bunkbed surrounded by a rail system, a crafting table, a storage area, and a portal-turned-staircase which leads to the area above The Abode. On the roof is the end of the Rail Bros' first loading/unloading system which is attached to their Coke Oven and a Blast Oven.


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