The Celaeno is the name of Skylord Lysander's airship. It was first called by name in Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 11: Up and away!.

Skylord Lysander flew the ship to the island after reading the word "help!" in all lower-case letters written in the sand. This was written in torches by Honeydew. The ship docked beside the island and Skylord Lysander and Old Peculier stepped down to greet Honeydew and Xephos. After gathering some coal to fuel the ship, the team departed on a mysterious journey to Mistral City.

Shadow of IsraphelEdit

However, the ship didn't quite make it to Mistral City. It crashed just outside the Cave of Terror. It crashed into the Pyramid on its way down, knocking out one of its walls. Skylord Lysander claimed the ship crashed because the smoke from the YogCave ruins fouled its machinery. However, it is speculated that with Honeydew holding a flint and tinder in the aftermath that he accidentally burnt down the airship during landing. This theory is backed up further by Honeydew's guilty comments about his involvement in the crash. What really happened is still unknown.


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