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The Tale of the Sands was a story written by Templar Adaephon more than one hundred years after the death of Verigan Antioch.

It was read out loud by Honeydew when he and Xephos visited the library of Verigan's Hold during their search for Knight Peculier.

The Tale of the SandsEdit

"One hundred years ago, there was a summer that never ended.

Raw heat parched the farmlands, and the wells ran dry. The people of Minecraftia began to die of hunger and thirst. Animals were blinded by blistering sand, blowing waist-deep across the land. Led by a legendary hero, Verigan, the people of Minecraftia fought back and built The Wall to encase the sand and halt the spread of The Desert. But a terrible ancient terror arose up from The Sands and threatened to destroy everything! Verigan Antioch and his son, Karpath Antioch, slew the evil monster and sealed it away in the desert. In the final battle, Verigan was killed, and Karpath gravely wounded. After recovery, Karpath founded The Crimson Cross and established The Templars, in case the threat ever rose again. What happened next is still shrouded in mystery. Less than a month after his return, Karpath vanished without a trace and was never seen again.

The Templars await his return."
(Templar Adaephon)