The Tomb of Lehparsi, who is also known as the Dark Pharaoh Lehparsi, is a tomb of sandstone located near The Desert, as well as being near the exit for Grimjaw's Treasure Hold and thus, BBQ Bay. It is also close to a giant Stone Dragon. It also is the final resting place for Professor Grizwold. The chamber that contains Lehparsi himself is sealed with obsidian, and has signs that say it is quarantined by the order of Verigan Antioch, warning visitors to leave. 

Honeydew and Xephos tried to take refuge from the storm there after failing to catch Israphel, but they were besieged by waves of monsters, so many that they decided that it was safer to leave rather than stay. Lehparsi is actually Israphel backwards, so presumably Lehparsi is, in fact, Israphel. When there, Honeydew wanted to hack open the section sealed by Verigan, but Xephos stopped him. One of the odd things our heroes do not note, is that the tomb is sealed for reasons of quarantine, implying a curse or disease, or that The Sands can spread from this tomb. Pigu also made a main appearance there.

In the Shadow of Israphel map, all that was within the sealed tomb was some lava and two signs that said: "Entrance to Lehparsi's labyrinth sealed with fire in memoriam of all who died to seal this evil place - Verigan Antioch." There is nothing else upon more inspection.

There is also a mysterious light underwater nearby, which Xephos noticed. Many assumed it was connected to the tomb, but it can be seen from the museum server that it is not connected, but appears to an underwater greenhouse that has had no canon appearance in the series as of the moment.


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