Theme Hospital is a business simulation game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts in 1997. In this game, the player designs and operates a hospital. Like most of Bullfrog's games, Theme Hospital is permeated by an eccentric sense of humour. The game is the thematic successor to Theme Park, a game also produced by Bullfrog. The game was a massive commercial success, selling over 4 million copies worldwide.

The game is set in a hospital, and requires the player to build an environment which will attract patients with comical complaints, illnesses, emergencies, and diseases.


Duncan has completd a lets play of this game on his channel Yogscastlalna.

Episode GuideEdit

Duncan — Theme Hospital
Video Name Table yt
Duncan Plays - Theme Hospital - Part 1 - Dr. Fishton Watch
Duncan Plays - Theme Hospital - Part 2 - Dr. Fishley Watch
Duncan Plays - Theme Hospital - Part 3 - The Slicer! Watch
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