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    21:27, September 9, 2015

    Thank good its back to normal

    Edit from Admin ShadowAuraInnes: As I've stated on Kim's page (in a lesser sense) which seems to be the main source of this wave of childish vandalism, I would like to state two things. First, Anyone who puts up false information or generally vandalises Kim's or any other article on this wiki will be blocked from the wiki from 1 to 6 months depending on what they have done. I have already started rolling out blocks on users who have vandalised Kim's page but if you have the profile page of a user you suspect has vandalised Kim or any other article within this vandalism rush, then let me know and should their contributions match up with your suspicion, their punishment in the form of a wiki ban will become effective immediately. Secondly, if vandalism on pages are beyond a minute's worth of reversion, then I recommend letting an A-Team who is within or beyond the rank of Rollbacker as they can revert edits of a user within one click, which is a lot less time-consuming and would give us more time to roll out the bans on the vandalizers of this incident.

    For those of you who have been helping with this issue and have missed Simon playing P.T. as a result, then I too heartly apologize to you for this inconvinence, I was unaware of this until a few minutes ago and for your help in this matter, I would like to request that you make yourself known to me through my message wall as I would be very interested in keeping my eye on you in the future (for good reasons, of course).

    Also, thank you and apologies to the original poster of this, for both bringing this issue up in a forum thread and for (hopefully) allowing me to edit his post. I needed everyone to see this and I could not have made sure that was possible unless I edited the original post.

    Thanks again for your help in this situation for those of you who did and for those of you who were the vandalizers in this incident, expect at least a one month ban...very soon.

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