• Why did you close the page, I set it up so we could talk about theories about the story, not why it was ended

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    • I apologize. I assumed you were discussing the delayal. I didn't close it because of you though. Most of the what-if's happened a long time ago. Pretty much anyone who comes along now is like that other guy who just talks about why it was cancelled (It isn't! trust me!) and argues with admins. (I found that remark telling me to read quite "cute", and just becuase I know text is perceptive I meant that in the sarcastic sense) I closed it to prevent further arguing over it's current production whereabouts. You could make a new a one, but I think the only discussion you will get, is debates on why it has been delayed and immediatly after that happens, another closed post. The internet makes people fickle.

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