• Heya.

    I just wanna say, I'm sorry for being mean to you in the past. I regret it now, and it was probably because I was friends with Jayden and he hated you, so he made me hate you.

    Hopefully, we can put all of that behind us! :)


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    • It's fine. I understood that much. It's hard when someone you trusted suddenly goes AWOL. and I wasn't exactly making it easy by putting up all that information. I got a fair amount of criticism from that, not just from you. a lot of people felt the same. Disgruntled users who needed some way to strike back. If I was in your shoes I probably would have felt the same.

      Just be glad you went after the sympathetic Admin >_>

      I may have seemed harsh then, but I had to amke sure it didn't happen again, to many people keep getting freebies and throwing them our faces.

      It's fine with me so long as I don't get tailed or left nasty messages. Trust me, out of 5-6 people you are the only one who has apologized so I think it's only right to forgive you. Besides, I'd give anything to have all of that... mess. Out of mind.

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