Not to be confused with Tom Clark, a Yogscast producer.

Thomas Clarke, under the username Sparkles*, used to be the Yogscast's Audio Manager. His roles were varied, but in general, he engineered the audio in YogTowers; setting up recording sessions, processing audio for release, and maintaining the studio and recording equipment. He located the eventual site for YogTowers and was the person who designed its layout and unique technical design. When YogTowers was first established, he was the main auxiliary editor for the main channel, editing about 40% of the content (the rest was edited by Lewis Brindley). He edited the first few episodes of Tekkit, for example. Editors were eventually hired to take the load from Lewis and Tom, and his job fluctuated to allow him to compose and score soundtracks for the videos.


Sparkles* was brought aboard the Good Ship Yogscast in late 2011 because no one knew how to captain the ship. Unfortunately, it was all a case of mistaken identity, as he has never in fact held any formal naval titles. His background is in music and video production, and he is mainly responsible for mixing audio and creating episodes of The YoGPoD . He also manages Yogscast Studios, the record label arm of Yogs Incorporated.


as Area 11

See Area 11 Discography

as Sparkles*

as Producer etc.

  • Monica Prunier - Hey Yogscast (Bass Guitar/Re-mixing/Mastering)
  • Inthelittlewood - Screw The Nether (Backing Vocals/Whistling/Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • The Yogscast - Fairytale of Sipsco (Backing Vocals/Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Rythian - Sjin And Duncan Are Going To Die (Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Zoey - Gilbert The Snowman (Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Duncan - Oh Rubber Tree (Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Zoey - Our Blackrock Story Carries On (Additional Engineering)
  • The Yogscast - Best Friends (From Now On) (Backing Vocals/Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Inthelittlewood - How Do I Craft This Again? (Backing Vocals/Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Sips & The Yogscast - Big Girl (Backing Vocals/Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar/Composing/Engineering/Arranging/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Sjin and The Yogscast - Sjindig Time (Backing Vocals/Vocoder/Engineering/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Duncan and The Yogscast - Duncan's Christmas Party (Backing Vocals/Engineering/Mixing/Mastering)
  • Kim and The Yogscast - So This Is Yogscast (Mixing/Mastering)
  • Zoey - All I Want for Christmas is Chou (Mixing/Mastering)
  • The Yogscast - MoonQuest (Main Vocals/Backing Vocals/Lyrics/Composing/Engineering/Mixing/Mastering)


Notable QuotesEdit

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  • "Ooh, who's the real king of sparkles? It's me." (After killing CaptainSparklez)
  • "He's probably gonna try and run awa- no, he's not, he's coming for me. C'mon Panda, let's go!"
  • "Now the question is, there's a creeper over there. I could use this ender pearl to try and get high, but the last time I tried to use an ender pearl in this game, I" *blows up*
  • "I really, really like J-Rock... yeah"
  • "Parv, why are you so great, I am such a noob."
  • "Thank you guys, for making our dreams a reality... Don't quote me on that!"
  • "Fuck off!"[1]
  • "I don't think I much of a choice."
  • "I'm gonna deploy smooth jazz... all over your face."
  • "My dream of becoming a truck driver has come true." (Fun Night: GTA V)
  • "He can't climb hills, your last words."
  • "I am yet to say anything worth quoting."





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