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Tom Hazell is an editor working for the Yogscast at YogTowers. He also plays Reynard Ferehorn in the High Rollers D&D Lightfall campaign, Qillek Ad Khollar and Pyri in the Aerois campaign and Tholschank Oreborn in the Dead Reckoning campaign.


In the Yogscast Dungeons & Dragons series High Rollers D&D, Tom was a temporary guest as a human ranger Reynard Ferehorn in the Lightfall campaign. From Episode 41, he had been joining the team on and off, and from Episode 56 Tom was given a permanent position on the team, replacing Matt (Trellimar Aleath) who left the campaign.He is also in the Dead Reckoning campaign as deep gnome rogue Tholschank Oreborn He has also been participating in multiple Civilization V games, such as Desert Storm when he played Babylon. Tom also has his own Twitch(See Right) where he often plays games such as Pokemon Platinum, Kingdom come Deliverance, and Slay the Spire.


"I'm gonna hit 'em in the kneecaps" Tom anytime he plays Tholschank Oreborn.

"I absolutely hate Double Battles, they are the absolute worst"- Stream 3 of Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge.

"Bruce is going to be the best Pokemon I have. No-No-No, you fucking shut it. Bruce is going to be the best. It is time for Bruce to become a crobat."- Stream 3 of Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge.

"You can't just put something on my wiki and when I read it on stream count it as a real quote to put on my wiki"- Tom reading the quotes written prior to this on his wiki.

"My milkshakes bring all the boys to the medbay!"- Tom whilste streaming FTL:Faster Than Light 

"Hazell with two L's!" Tom anytime someone spells his name wrong.