Tom Perkins, under the username IBringTheFunk, used to be a Community Administrator for the Yogscast, who worked at the YogTowers. He started working at YogTowers at the beginning of July 2013 and stopped in the beginning of June 2015 for unknown reasons, but on good terms. He shares a YouTube channel with his friend, Baby, and uploads gaming videos.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Despite concerns that adding more Toms to the Yogscast would cause confusion, Tom Perkins, and more importantly his beard, have become an intrinsic part of the team. His chief concerns are dealing with the mountains of mail as well as all the most exciting jobs that the rest of the crew (especially chief Tom) don't have the skills for.


  • Tom has a fear of flying.
  • Tom had his beard shaved on the 2013 Christmas Livestreams for the 1 million dollar milestone.
  • Tom's birthday is April 14.
  • It was announced via this tweet that Tom was leaving the Yogscast.




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