The Tomb of the Templar Kings is the final resting place of the Templar Kings of Minecraftia.

In Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 36: The Last Letter, in a letter left by Karpath Antioch, the only image of the tomb was seen. It was very brief, and was blurred out. The tomb is known to be made of cobblestone, moss, vines, torches and signs, possibly left by the early Templars.

Professor Webley knows the location of the tomb, but he was unable to guide Honeydew and Xephos there because he was sickly. The heroes went off to look for a healer who could help Webley. On the way they encountered Shiplord Hubert who guided them to the oasis, where they met their old friend Swampy Bogbeard. After defending Swampy against the undead hordes, he rejuvenated the oasis back to its former glory and gave the heroes a healing herb and a pipe to smoke it. Hubert stayed behind at the oasis with Swampy as Xephos and Honeydew made their way back to Webley in order to heal him.


  • The Tomb may make an appearance in "Shadow of Israphel" Part 43 if the heroes get to Webley in time.
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