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UHShe is an all-female Minecraft Ultra Hardcore competition series created by Stacy. Players had to survive using available resources on a randomly generated map and fight each other to become the last player or team standing for the win.

UHShe has concluded four seasons. The series is currently on its fifth season, hosted by Stacy, together with Bea and iVexusHD. It premiered on October 16, 2016.


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In Ultra Hardcore mode, players are only allowed to regenerate health by consuming either a Golden Apple or a Health Potion. In UHShe, a third option is available, which is consuming a Golden Head. It made by crafting 8 gold ingots around a player's head, which can be obtained by killing a player. PVP is disabled for the first episode only.

Each season is a continuous recorded gameplay session which can lasts for hours. It is then split into episodes of approximately 16 minutes each, or one full in-game day.

In YogiverseEdit

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Season 5Edit

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Season 5 premiered on October 16, 2016. It is the second Halloween themed season, with certain blocks and items textured to match the theme. Players are also dressed in Halloween costumes. It is also the second season to feature teams of 2, for a total of 16 players and 8 teams.

All players are given five pumpkin pies and a boat each. Returning in Season 5 is the Shrinking Border that can kill, made infamous for killing 7 participants on a single episode in Season 3. Cut-Clean, a feature introduced since Season 2, is retained for this season, in which all ores and animal food drops are instantly smelted. Witches and the nether are disabled.

Kim joins in Season 5 in her first UHShe season. She teamed up with Bea in this season. In preparation for this, Bea guides Kim on how a Team Speed UHC works, since this mode is similar to the format of UHShe. The preparation is uploaded onto their respective YouTube channel.[1][2]

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Participants Team Status Ranking
Individual Team
SalemsLady Salty Tried to swim in lava[3]
Lasted 4 episodes
16th 7th
Cybernova Party in the USA Fell from a high place due to Creeper explosion[4]
Lasted 6 episodes
15th 8th
Mousie Blown up by Creeper[5]
Lasted 6 episodes
Netty Salty Fell from a high place while defending against Team Five[6]
Lasted 7 episodes
13th 7th
Aureylian Team Five Killed by Bea[7]
Lasted 7 episodes
12th 6th
Seriiiously Killed by Bea[7]
Lasted 7 episodes
LaurenzSide Team Four Killed by Bea[8]
Lasted 8 episodes
10th 5th
BBPaws Killed by Bea[9]
Lasted 8 episodes
Ashley Team Seven Killed by Squig[10]
Lasted 8 episodes
8th 4th
Banoffee Killed by Squig[11]
Lasted 8 episodes
Bea Team Pink Killed by Squig[12]
Lasted 8 episodes. Got 4 kills.
6th 3rd
Kim Killed by Stacy[13]
Lasted 8 episodes
Stacy Team One Killed by MK[14]
Lasted 8 episodes. Got 1 kill.
4th 2nd
Cheri Team Eight Winning Team. Killed by Squig.[15]
Lasted 8 episodes
3rd 1st
Squig Team One Killed by MK[16]
Lasted 8 episodes. Got 4 kills.
2nd 2nd
MK Team Eight Winner and Winning Team[17]
Lasted 8 episodes. Got 2 kills.
1st 1st

Episode GuideEdit

Kim — UHShe
Video Name Table yt
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Pro-Tip Don`t Get Killed Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Looking for Gold! Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Bobbing for Apples! Watch
MINECRAFT UHSE! Where`s the Good Stuff?! Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Into the Dungeon! Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Nothing But Lava Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! Queens of the Hill! Watch
MINECRAFT UHSHE! The After Party! Watch


Nanosounds as Scar

Nanosounds dressed as Scar

  • UHShe is a play on the word UHC, but substitutes the letter "C" to the word "she". This is due to the series containing all female participants.
  • The first uploaded video seen with Kim's new Minecraft skin (designed by MysticJhn but modified to dress as Scar from The Lion King) is "Pro-Tip Don't Get Killed (5x01)". However, it is not the first series where she used the new Minecraft skin; the first series is YOLO Minecraft on the video "IS WRESTLING FAKE? (1x17)".[18]
  • As the videos need to be about 16 minutes long, Kim's editor Matt adds his own, often humourous, fillers in "Looking for Gold!" (5x02), "Into the Dungeon!" (5x05), "Queens of the Hill!" (5x07) and "FIGHT!" (5x08).[19][20][21][22]
  • In "Into the Dungeon!" (5x05), Kim nearly killed her partner, Bea, by blocking her only escape route from flowing lava with a crafting table. Fortunately, the lava stop flowing just in front of Bea.[23]



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