Hello all, Dragonofelder here! I use a combination of my computer, my iPod and a school computer to interact with the wiki, and I think I do it sort of well. I only found out about the Yogscast in 2012, so I'm sort of new. However I'm happy to be here.

I like a good story, as you can see below, and have made a few myself. Anyone know when the next Hicup book is out? I also have an account on Fanfiction.net, where my main story is Tekkit Tales. It might take a while.

As a Rollbacker, I can undo griefed pages. Just message me if you find a griefed page. Course I might find it my self...

 Dragonofelder  Talk  Contribs  Yogscast  17:33,5/11/2013 

My Stories

Stories on this wiki

Tell me about any more if you want

Stuff I think is cool

  • My first online talk with a yogscast member, soon after I first joined this wiki: here
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