• I live in Durham, England
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Administrator at YogWiki
  • I am Male


My current profile is here: CLICK ME

Hi I'm LightningD. I help a lot on this wiki with over 3,100 edits. I am also a RollBack, Chat Mod and Admin so if you need help on anything, please notify me. A lot of people have helped me on this wiki, such as TkaiaWolf, Aethelhelm, and Johnny Thunder. I try to be on the wiki everyday and I finished helping Kalse1229 with the True Tekkit story which is on my blog here.

I am the guy in charge of deleting unused pages and files. Please come to me if you think something needs deleting.

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My Favourite Pages Are

Leader Boards

10.09.12 Moved up three spaces, now 6th!

14.10.12 Got knocked back to 7th by Brainsbeer.

16.10.12 Got pushed back to 8th by Tkaia.

19.10.12 Beat Tkaia now 7th.

1.12.12 Got the Devoted badge, now 6th!

16.12.12 Space Jam just got the Wiki Expert badge and bypassed me and Johnny, I am now 7th!

16.12.12 Just got Wiki Expert badge and beat Johnny, now 6th!

31.12.12 Just got dedicated badge and passed both Space Jam and Nixeu, Lord of the Flames, I am now 4th

23.1.13 I can't believe Gamer just beat me, I am now 5th!

26.1.13 Just got the Minecraft Nerd badge and beat Gamer, I am now 4th again.

30.1.13 I can't believe Gamer got a lucky edit, I'm now 5th!

1.2.13 Just got two badges in one, beat Gamer, now 4th again!

2.2.13 AARRHH Gamer beat me again, now 5th!

5.2.13 It seems Gamer and I are having a leader boards war, well I say BRING IT ON, just got a badge so I am now 4TH and tied with Aethelhelm as Gamer is 2nd and trying to catch up with Soldier Elite.

15.2.13 Just got the Minecraft Boss badge and beat Brainsbeer, now 3rd.

26.2.13 AAAAHHHH Supertoastfairy just got 200 edits more than me, now 4th!

25.3.13 AETHELHELM WHY???!!! He beat me, now 5th... If only I was an admin and could block people, oh wait...


  • Got given RollBack by Soldier Elite, thanks! Now I can reverse any edits made by trolls. I'm watching you!
  • Applying for Chat Mod, I hope my application is granted!
  • Got granted Chat Mod by Aethelhelm, Thank You!
  • Applying for Admin, no admins replied yet though!
  • YAY Elite gave me Admin, THANK YOU!!!

My Favourite Yogscast Songs


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