aka Brianna

  • I live in The USA
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Amusing my friends and being my hippie self
  • I am Female of course!


hello im starfire i try to help everyone on the wiki except trolls ... I really like writing books and hope one day i become a famous author the book im writing now is called The Phoenix Hero which is about this phoenix who saves the world but she is not alone she has friends to help her on the way.

Any way if you need any cheering up or need someone to talk to you can come talk to m ill be here for all of the you guys :D

SHOCKER ALERT: My uncle actually knows TURPS (Turpin) and it toatally true! :D i was so shocked when i found out. I found this out before christmas, i was on the wiki and he ask me what i was doing and i told him. I actually didnt think he knew anything about yogscast but he told me he knew turps and he was telling the truth :)


  • "XD lol"
  • "Ya think?!( if someone says somthing that usually everyone knows)
  • "Never mess with my friends and family"
  • "Well..."
  • "Uh ... Hi?"(when i get shy)
  • "Uh how do i play this? *hits random buttons* oh nevermind"(when i first start a new game)
  • "Me:wow! Thats amazing! *someone:really?! *me: no not really ...
  • "You can talk to me If you need to!"
  • "I'm never wrong!... Well sometimes I'm never right either.
  • "You will never defeat me! ... I cant believe you defeated me."
  • "I just felt the meaning of losing a friend."(when grien dies in mincraft)
  • "I can do this, I can do this, *dies* I cant do this"(play mincrraft hungergames)


  • Helps people out when ever thay need it
  • Gets shy once and a while
  • Loves to play Mincraft either on the PC or on the xbox
  • Will usually help with anything (enless if sick)
  • Likes to put faces (ex.:P, :D, :), and favorite on XD )
  • Cheers up people when they are feeling down
  • For the most part she is helpful
  • Her real name is Brianna
  • mentally challenged
  • has only one friend a school but can count on internet friends to cheer her up
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