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  • I live in Clarksville TN USA
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is Computer Software and Design Artist.
  • I am Male

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I've been playing Minecraft since the days of Indev, and started watching the yogscast about a year after,

I am a huge gamer, Sitting at well over 40 k in my first two years of Xbox

I'm an adult, sorta. I hit that age December 2014 and am not looking back. I spend most of time either playing on computers or tinkering them. I'm attending UAH for my Computer Science Masters and work as a free lance IT in the meantime. I am a bit of a vigilante and get along with people well. I can sympathize with a lot of problems people have because I've had a lot of problems myself. Also I'm a genius. Not in a boasting manner, but I am literally qualified as a genius. My IQ is 144. That being said, I'm only smart at certain things like computers. It gets in the way with almost everything else because my mind races too much to be of help.

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==Quotes And Randoms

3 versus 1? That isn't fair. You guys need at least 4 more people.

Die in a hole.

If you do that again I will kill you.

I'd tell you to try to keep up, but I think you are just gonna need the way point.

Boom Headshot! I love sniper rifles.

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