Part 0 (last season recap):

On the last Tekkit server, Duncan, Sjin, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Strippin, Nilesy, and Sips were a part of what was known as the anit-Rythian squad. Their mission was to stop Rythian from destroying the server.

However, Rythian was not the villain here. He was insane from losing Zoey, his mage apprentice, after already becoming hell-bent on getting revenge on Sjin and Duncan for destroying their old server. Their former guard dinosaur, Teep, also wished for revenge, but he was evil. He kidnapped Zoey, who was already housing him in the Brown Mushroom Stronghold, and made Rythian think Sjin and Duncan killed her so he could control Rythian for his own malevolent reasons.

Well, two separate groups in the squad went out on different missions. One team (Sjin, Hannah, Strippin, and Nilesy) went out to Blackrock Stronghold to find out anything that might help them defeat Rythian. They found out Zoey is the reason he went insane. However, their cover was blown, and they had to retreat.

Meanwhile, a second team (Duncan, Lewis, Simon, and Sips) went to look for Zoey to find out how to defeat Rythian. Along the way, they ran into Minty, who had previously worked with Sjin and Sips. She pointed them in the direction of the BMS and they went to search for it. When they got in, they found Zoey. She was caged, and it was revealed that Teep put her in there. He was the mastermind, and Rythian really was innocent in this situation. Fortunately, Minty, who thanks to Simon followed them, freed Zoey and made Teep retreat out of the Stronghold. Zoey reluctantly joined them, and fled the Stronghold from the TNT.

The anti-Rythian squad, with the new friends they made on their missions, geared up at Honeydew Inc and fought back hundreds of mobs spawned in by Teep. They lost many friends, including Sips. However, others (Duncan, Sjin, Zoey, Minty, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, Strippin, and recent players Gamechap and Bertie) eventually regrouped at Lombucket and formulated a plan.

Duncan, Sjin, and Zoey would go to Blackrock to confront Rythian while the others would lure Teep to the Crooked Caber and try to kill him using a plan made by Simon, Bertie, and Ravs. Bertie and Ravs died in the explosion, and although Teep survived, he was heavily damaged. He flew back to Blackrock.

Rythian was about to kill Duncan and Sjin, but Zoey revealed herself and the two were reuinted. He also learned of Teeps treachery just as Teep returned from the attempt on his life. He spawned in a bunch of mobs and tried to kill them. However, Minty, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, Strippin, and Gamechap came in to help. Rythian, Zoey, Duncan, and Sjin chased Teep to the Nether, but not before Gamechap and Strippin were killed fighting the mobs.

In the Nether, thanks to dispensers and mushrooms, Teep was finally killed. Rythian, however, because of his past sins, knew that he could only purge himself one way, and that was trying to swim in lava. Before that, he forgave Sjin and Duncan, and apologized to Zoey and confessed his love. They returned to the overworld downtrodden. They, along with Minty, Lewis, Simon, Nilesy, and Hannah, joined a mysterious server given to them. They joined to find all their past comrades (not Teep) on the server. Rythian and Zoey were reuinited, as well as Sips and Sjin.

Everyone attended the coronation of the new mushroom King and Queen, and Rythian and Zoey became a part of Inthelittlecorp to help Martyn and Toby learn about Tekkit. Simon, Lewis, and Duncan are ready to claim land for their own, but Sips, Sjin, and Minty came along and Sips said Sips Co already owned the land. Sips and Simon got into a tussle, followed by Sjin and Duncan, while Minty and Lewis tried to keep the piece.

Meanwhile, the server admin of the first Tekkit world (this is the third), Maide, has finally woken up. Teep is right beside him, saying that Sjin and Duncan destroyed the first world, and Rythian helped to destroy the second. Maide is recruited to help Teep get revenge on the 3 of them.

It has been 6 months since the coronation. The cold war between Honeydew Inc and Sips Co is worse than ever. The other members of the server try to remain neutral, but they have chosen sides for when the fighting breaks out. Meanwhile, Teep and Maide have been attaining wealth, and are planning on launching their attack any day.

This is a story of love and hate. This is a story of what can be done and what can't be undone. This is a story of destiny and what learning from the past means. This is.....

True Tekkit: Rebirth

Part 1:

Lewis, Simon, and Duncan look into their Nuke storage safe, where they hold many nukes.

Lewis: Why can't we just go over and settle this like adults?

Simon: Because we've already built a s***-ton of nukes! Besides, Bertie, Ravs and I have Plan #69 on standby.

Duncan: Now all we need to do is wait.

Lewis: (exasperated) It's like dealing with children.

Meanwhile, over at Sips Co:

Sjin: I built us all nano-armor for when Honeydew Inc attacks us.

Sips: And I have mining lasers for when we've been hit.

Minty: Really, do we have to do this? Who's to say they haven't been waiting for us to hit them?

Sjin:...Well, you have a good point.

Sips: Well, maybe once we have more cool s***, then we can attack them!

Sjin: Aw, yeah!

Sjin and Sips high-five

Minty: (mumbles) morons.

Meanwhile, far beyond the reaches of both companies:

Maide: Are you sure about this Teep?

Teep: Of course. When Sjin, Duncan, and Rythian are in our custody, we will seal them in this room and set off 50 nukes. Then they will surely be vaporized!

Maide: That sounds...extreme for only 3 people.

Teep: (pauses while thinking) You're right.

Maide: I am? Good, then we can-

Teep: Throw everyone else in that's a threat!

Maide: What?

Teep: Lewis, Simon, Zoey, Sips, Hannah, and Minty helped them to destroy the last server, so we should throw them in too!

Maide: I'm not gonna like it, but okay.

Teep: Good, good, then we will be ready in one week once the redstone is all set up.

Maide: (mumbles to himself) Why do I still think this is a bad idea?

Part 2:

Six days later, Sjin, Sips, and Minty are outside the Sips Co workshop.

Sjin: Alright, so I will go detonate the nuke, and Honeydink will be no more.

Sips: Aw, yeah.

Minty: This is a really bad idea.

Sjin: But it will finally be the end of our constant rivals. See you later.

Later at Honeydew Inc, Sjin has a nuke and lever:

Sjin: Okay. the nuke is down and I have the lever. All I have to do is-

An arrow flies right by him

Rythian: I don't think so.

Sjin: (hastily) Oh hi Rythian! I was just-uh-just getting ready to-

Rythian: Repeat history?

Sjin: (stutters) What are you talking abou-(looks at nuke right next to him) oh, yeah.

Rythian: Haven't you learned from the past? Revenge is never worth it. Why can't you two companies ever get along?

Sjin: (Stuttering) Well-it's just-Sips-Duncan-

Rythian: Look, Lewis and Minty have been trying to make you two companies see reason. I'll talk to both of them later, and I can mediate while you two work out your problems tomorrow. How does that sound?

Sjin:...Fine. But what about the nuke?

Rythian: I'll take it. (takes nuke) Wouldn't want this in the wrong hands, eh?

Sjin: Got that right. See you tomorrow, Rythian.

That night, in almost the exact same place, Lewis is with Rythian:

Lewis: Oh my God, thanks Rythian. I'm glad you talked to Minty and me.

Rythian: She said the three of them would meet you here tomorrow. I will be here then.

Lewis: Thanks again.

Rythian: (walking away) No prob!

No sooner does Rythian leave eyeshot and earshot of Honeydew Inc, he gets hit in the head with a bow and is knocked to the ground.

Rythian: (dazed) What the-

Teep: Hello, old friend.

Rythian: (dazed) Teep?

Teep: (pulling nuke out of Rythian's alchemical bag) Thanks for the loot. Never hurts to have an extra.

Rythian: (dazed) How-?

Teep: You'll learn tomorrow. Good night for now, Rythian.

Teep knocks out Rythian with his bow.

Part 3:

Teep's underground base 9 hours before the incident:

Rythian comes to in a small room made of basalt brick.

Rythian: Where the hell am I?

He then realizes that he is surrounded by Teep and Maide.

Rythian; (in a calm, almost bored voice) Hello Teep. Glad to see you back Maide.

Teep: Good, you're awake. Now we have the bait.

Rythian: I know what you're trying to do Teep. You want revenge on me and Zoey for ruining your plans.

Maide: What is he talking about?

Teep: Lies, all he tells are lies.

Rythian: I suppose Teep has told you about Duncan and Sjin destroying the first world.

Maide: Yes.

Rythian: Well, did he tell you about how he destroyed the last world?

Maide: No.

Teep: I told him the truth. I told him you helped Duncan and Sjin destroy the last world.

Rythian: (for the first time showing anger) WHAT?!

Teep: Come on Maide, let's leave him to his babbling.

Rythian (as Teep and Maide lock him in) YOU LYING B******! YOU'LL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!

Honeydew Inc 8 hours before the incident:

Simon, Lewis, and Duncan are waiting outside Honeydew Inc.

Duncan: He better show.

Lewis: He will. Rythian never breaks his promise.

Simon: I hope so. Besides, if worse comes to worst, I still have Plan #69 on standby.

Lewis: What's plan #69 again?

Simon: A precaution Bertie, Ravs and I came up with if anyone on the server starts acting up.

Duncan: Here they come.

In the distance, Sjin, Sips and Minty are heading towards Honeydew Inc.

Lewis: (whispers to himself) Rythian, where are you?

Lombucket 6 hours before the incident:

Zoey is there banging on the door.

Zoey: Hannah! Nilesy! Please someone answer!

Hannah opens the door.

Hannah: Hi Zoey. What's the matter.

Zoey: It's Rythian. He never came home last night and he hasn't today either. Martyn and Toby told me not to worry, but I'm scared.

Hannah: Although I know Rythian can take care of himself, he could be in trouble. I'll have Nilesy go out and look later. He's going to Rail Bros anyway. I can look myself once I solve a little crisis downstairs.

Zoey: Thanks Hannah.

Inthelittlecorp 4 hours before the incident:

Martyn, Toby, and Zoey prepare for a journey.

Martyn: I'll go look out by the Crooked Caber and ask for Ravs. Toby will look out towards that direction, where Newpool and Melons, I Say are. He can ask around. Where are you going, Zoey?

Zoey: I'm going to Honeydew Inc. Rythian left to mediate their upcoming discussion. Since he's not there, I have to make sure they don't nuke the server.

Martyn: Sure. We'll meet back here later with any new info.

Part 4:

Honeydew Inc 3 hours before the incident:

Duncan, Sjin, Simon, and Sips are all yelling with each other. Minty and Lewis are trying to get them to stop, to no avail. They sneak into the corner.

Minty: Where's Rythian?

Lewis: He said he'd be here. Something must've come up.

Minty: Probably another #killtoby incident.

Zoey then flies over to the two.

Zoey: Hi guys.

Minty: Zoey, thank God you're here.

Lewis: Where's Rythian?

Zoey: I don't know. Martyn, Toby, Nilesy, and Hannah are out looking. Ravs, Gamechap, and Strippin haven't seen them. I'm worried.

Lewis: We can help.

Zoey: Thanks, but first, Rythian told me he was going to mediate for you. Since he's not here, I figure I should help.

Minty: You are a lifesaver Zoe.

Zoey: Alright. Let's do this thing.

The middle of nowhere 1 hour before the incident

Hannah and Nilesy are out looking for Rythian


Hannah: I don't think he's out here.

Nilesy: Where is Zoey again?

Hannah: I think Martyn said she was going to mediate the Honeydew Inc/Sips Co agreement. Rythian was supposed to before he went missing, so she filled in.

Nilesy: Good. Last thing we need is their feud destroying another perfectly good ser-(trips over something).

Hannah: You okay?

Nilesy: Yeah just tripped over this (inspects object) dark matter armor?

Hannah: There's more over here. And a flying ring as well.

Nilesy: Hey, a camp!

They go over to the camp to see some guy living there. When he sees them, he jumps up and brandishes a bone from a skeleton.

Guy: Get off me land, ya varmins.

This man starts beating Nilesy with his bone.

Nilesy: Ow, geroff!

Guy: Get yo a** of ma land, ya freeloada.

Nilesy: Hey, I know you.

Hannah: Not the time. Let's go.

Hannah and Nilesy run away.

Hannah: Who the hell was that?

Nilesy: That's Skylord Valetius

Hannah: Who is he, some SOI character?

Nilesy: No, he was a member of the last server. He and Maide never rejoined us after the second server.

Hannah: Maide?

Nilesy: The only other member of the last server not to join this one.

Hannah: I just had a thought.

Nilesy: What?

Hannah: Skylord Valetius just joined our server the day after Rythian went missing. You find that a bit weird?

Nilesy: I just thought, Teep hasn't joined us yet. He and Maide are both still MIA. You don't think...

Hannah: (realizing) Oh my God. We need to get to Honeydew Inc NOW!

Hannah and Nilesy fly off.

Honeydew Inc 5 minutes before the incident:

Zoey has Simon and Sips facing each other and crying.

Sips: (sobbing) I'm sorry I tried to steal Pig Island.

Simon: Im sorry I put beard hair in your coffee.

Zoey: Then my work here is done.

Lewis: Thanks a million Zoe.

Zoey: All in a day's work.

Sjin comes over.

Sjin: I swear by the hairs of my beard, as long as we live, Sips Co and Honeydew Inc will never destroy each other

Duncan: Three cheers for our new friends. HIP HIP-

Honeydew Inc suddenly get's set on fire and burns to the ground in minutes.


Duncan: Well, making a factory out of wood was not my brightest idea.

Simon: WHY?! (breaks down in tears).

Minty: I swear Sips and Sjin didn't do it. They've been here the whole time.

Duncan: We believe you. But what happened?

At that moment, Nilesy and Hannah run up to them.

Nilesy: Guys, Maide's back and teaming up with Teep! Hurry, we need to-(sees the wreck) Oh, crap. We're too late.

A big loud-speaker blares on.

Maide: Attention everyone! I have just destroyed Honeydew Inc. Last night Teep kidnapped Rythian. You have 24 hours to hand over Duncan, Sjin, Zoey, Lewis, Simon, Sips, Hannah and Minty before I kill Rythian and the rest of the server.

Part 5:

Duncan, Sjin, Sips, Zoey, Lewis, Simon, and Minty are getting ready to depart. Hannah is back with Nilesy.

Nilesy: Hannah, you don't have to do this. We can find a way! We can-

Hannah: I'm sorry Nilesy. This is how it must be.

Nilesy: So this is it. This is where we say goodbye.

Hannah: Nilesy, we're doing this for the good of the server and the inhabitants.

Nilesy: You honestly think Teep will leave everyone on the server alone when you guys are dead?

Hannah: No. That's why I'm asking you one last favor.

Nilesy: What's that?

Hannah: Protect the server. Fight back against Teep. Rally the fighters.

Nilesy: How can I do that? I'm the weakest one on the server, I'll get owned.

Hannah: Play to your strengths. That's what will allow you to win.

Duncan: Hannah, it's time.

Hannah hugs Nilesy:

Hannah: Give Teep hell from us.

The members who must sacrifice themselves leave.

Later at Teep's base:

The doomed members go to the door. Lewis knocks and Maide gets the door.

Maide: Sjin. Duncan. Zoey. Not a pleasure to see you guys here.

Duncan: Feeling's mutual.

Maide: Whatever, inside.

They go inside and go to the bottom level, where Teep is.


Simon tries to set stuff on fire, but Teep knocks him to the ground.

Zoey: We're here. Where's Rythian?

Teep flicks a lever and the basalt brick room with Rythian inside is revealed. The heroes rush inside. Zoey runs up to Rythian's tied form and hugs him.

Zoey: Oh God Rythian, I'm so glad you're alright. (she cuts the ropes, freeing him)

Rythian: (smiles, for he is glad to be back with his apprentice) What, me? I'm tough as nails.

The door seals itself, trapping the heroes inside.

Teep: Thanks for coming in here. My nuke chamber will now release 50 nukes, which will surely kill you.

Sjin suddenly has a terrified look on his face.

Sjin: No, Teep, you can't! It won't kill us!

Teep: Even when you're an inch from death, you still lie. But no matter, the nukes have been dropped an the countdown has begun. Maide! To the bunker!

Nukes are dropped into the room.

Countdown: 30, 29, 28.....

Duncan: Sjin, What are you talking about?

Sjin: Do you all trust me?

Duncan: What?


Duncan: Yes, we all do, but-


Simon: Screw that, I'm gonna try and bust out of here.

Simon runs over to the wall and tries to attack it, while Lewis tries to hold him back. Rythian does the same to the opposite wall, but Zoey tries to restrain him.

Sjin: (close to tears) Please people, listen to me! (sees Minty on the opposite wall) MINTY!

Minty: I'm coming!

Minty tries to run, but she trips and falls.

Minty: OW! GOD D*****! MY ANKLE!

Duncan and Hannah run to her aid.

Countdown: 5, 4.....

Minty: SJIN!

Sjin: MINTY!

Countdown: 1

A blinding flash, and no more.

In the field next to a giant crater, Teep and Maide are cheering:


Maide: What about the other members of the server?

Teep: They had helped them rise to power, so they will be tortured. Especially Strippin and Nilesy, they were major players as well.

Maide: Well, what are we waiting for?

Meanwhile, somewhere unknown:

The man waited for the resources to come. He would wait in this decoy hut, where he could safely move them to his real base. All he had to do now was play the waiting game.

Suddenly, he saw his house was on fire! And there were parts being destroyed by a laser! Thinking fast, he jumped out a window. The sound of snapping and a pain in his arm told him that it was broken, but that was not a concern right now. He ran for his life, but not before he saw who had done this, the man he had try to steal from: a blond man wearing a labcoat and goggles.

Sips: Sjin! SJIN!

Sjin wakes up from his dream.

Sips: Ah, thank God! I thought I lost you.

Sjin: Sips? Where are-(jumps up) Oh my God! Lewis, Duncan, Minty-Oh lord, Sips, is Minty alright?

Sips: Sjin-


Sips: Sjin, it's just you and me. After the explosion, you and I ended up in this strange place. I'm sorry!

Sjin: NO! (sits down and starts sobbing)

Sips: Wait, where are we, and more importantly, why the hell are we alive?

Sjin: 50 nukes. If someone detonates 50 nukes all at once, then they will create rifts from our world and worlds of the past. That's why I tried to get everyone together, so we would be sent to the same world, but obviously they didn't stick with each other.

Sips: So wait, we're in a world of the past? Which world?

Sjin: The first Tekkit server. Where it all started.

Part 6:

Sjin and Sips look around and observe their surroundings.

Sips: So this was the first server, huh?

Sjin: Yes. Before Sips Co. Before Honeydew Inc. Just a few people who wanted to play Tekkit.

Sips: Hey, I think I can see a giant mushroom over there.

Sjin: That's where Zoey lived.

Sips: Wait, I think I see her coming up here. I want to go say hi-

Sjin: NO! (tackles Sips into a bush and waits for Zoey to pass)

Sips: What the hell?

Sjin: Haven't you ever seen Back to the Future? One tiny thing can change the whole future!

Sips: Well, what do we do?

Sjin: I think we need to go see Duncan. We need to be very careful though. This could go very badly.

Later, at Duncan's base:

Duncan: So, let me get this straight, you two are from the future, and you need me to help you get back there?

Sjin: Yes.

Duncan: Well, there may be a way. I can use a combination of tesla coils and dark matter, but it will be very risky. I can also find a way to use it and wipe my memory as well. That will keep me from remembering what happened and make it so the future is unaltered.

Sips: Great!

Duncan: However, you two can't be in here for it. This will be a very difficult process, and it might be dangerous to those not participating in the project.

Sjin: But what will we do?

Duncan: You will have to be out of my house for a long time. Please, you must not interact with the other members of the server, or there may be many bad effects that will impact the future. Alright.

Sjin: Okay.

Duncan: Alright. I will start gathering materials and I will get things started.

Meanwhile, in a land not of the same as Tekkit:

He was riding a minecart throughout the interior of a hellish machine. His two friends were riding along beside him, idly chatting and occassionally screaming about spiders. He figured that there was no harm about to befall him over the green lava.

Suddenly, he veered off in a different direction as them! He shouted at them to get their attention. Suddenly he saw a break in the rails up ahead! He only had time to shout "Heroes!" and hear their screams off terror before he plunged into the radioactive liquids below him.

Rythian wakes up in a desert.

Rythian: No!

He can hear Zoey shout at him from a short distance away.

Zoey: Help! These monsters are attacking me!

Part 7 tomorrow. BONUS ENDING

Inside the middle of a small pool is a minuature tube that connects to a small cube that can barely be seen. It is open at the bottom so as to let water in, but not too much as to drown the person inside.

Nilesy was up to his chest in water.

Nilesy: Okay, Nilesy, think. (bangs against prison). Okay, the material is relatively weak. A very hard hit will allow it to break. But where will I find something hard enough?

On the surface, Skylord Valetius is walking by, dragging his dark matter armor (although wearing the helmet) in one hand and carrying a bucket of lava in the other.

Valetius: Stupid volcano took me bone. All I wanted was a bucket ah-YIPPEE! I found meself a swimmin hole!

Dropping the bucket (and causing it to spill and set the forest on fire), he jumps in head-first, not noticing the cube. He hit his head on the cube, but because of his helmet, he only got knocked out. The cube breaks open, and Nilesy escapes and brings Valetius to the surface. He puts him safely out of the way and takes his armor.

Nilesy: I'm sorry for the armor, Valetius, but I'll give it back as soon as I can.

Nilesy walks over to the bucket, picks it up, and slowly walks away from the smoldering forest fire.

Part 7:

Sips and Sjin go over a hill and hide in a cave in it.

Sjin: We should be safe in here.

Sips: Good. Can I ask you something?

Sjin: Sure.

Sips: How did you know about the 50 nukes?

Sjin: When Hannah, Strippin and I snuck into Blackrock in the last server, I found a book on nukes in Rythian's library. I had myself a peek.

Sips: Well, I'm glad you did. You knew, and you were able to warn us.

Sjin: Fat lot of help THAT did.

Sips: Look Sjin, Simon and Rythian panicked, and Minty was on the other side to begin with. Duncan and Hannah went to help her. You can't blame yourself.

Sjin: I know, but-wait, what was that?

Sips: What was what?

Sjin: I thought I heard something down yonder. Let's see, but be careful.

Sips and Sjin look over and see a lumberjack wearing a red shirt building a piping system.

Sips: Who the hell is that?

Sjin: That's me, making the piping system that would cause the first Tekkit war.

Meanwhile, in the strange desert:

Rythian helps Zoey keep the mobs at bay. but they need to retreat to higher ground.

Zoey: What is with these mobs?

Rythian: There's something...strange about this desert. It's not like any regular Minecraft desert.

Zoey: So what the hell happened back in the bunker?

Rythian: Zoey, I'm sorry, I panicked and-

Zoey: It's fine. Simon did too. I'm talking about what happened in there to send us to this desert.

Rythian: I think I used to have a book about what nukes did, but I can't remember if I did.

Zoey: Well, Sjin seemed to know something, but he didn't have time to tell us.

Rythian: Why did he want to keep us together?

Zoey: Not sure. Maybe-(sees giant metal hand sticking out) AHHHHHHHHH!

Rythian: What in blazes?

Zoey: Oh, my God. Rythian, do you know where we are?

Rythian: Yeah, in the middle of f***ing nowhere next to a giant metal hand!

Zoey: No...think about it. The giant hand, the weird desert, the constant mob attacks. We're in Shadow of Israphel.

Part 8 tomorrow. BONUS ENDING

Nilesy is now in a snow biome far out from where he started. He walks farther towards a regular forest, and collapses, dropping his bucket. He goes over to a small pond, drinks some water, and just lies down there for a mintue.

Nilesy: I need to rescue Strippin. He's a better leader than me. I can't defeat Teep and Maide alone, but how do I rescue him and the others?

In his mind, he hears Hannah's voice.

Hannah's voice: Play to your strengths. That's what will allow you to win.

Nilesy looks at the bucket. He gets up and picks it up.

Nilesy: I don't have many strengths. But one thing I know is that I can use pools to my advantage.

Nilesy scoops up water with the bucket.

Nilesy: One portable pool is all I need for now. Time to find out where I'm going.

Part 8:

Sips and Sjin watch as past-Sjin makes a bunch of pipes.

Sjin: God, watching it unfold is worse than remembering.

Sips: Maybe we can change it.

Sjin: Sips, I told you about-

Sips: No, Sjin, think about it: we would be altering the timeline for the better of all of us, not just you. If we stop you from causing the war, then we can live in peace. Who knows? Maybe people like Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Minty, even myself from the past could have seen the first server.

Sjin: Sure, but-

Sips: Sjin, we have lost everything right now. Teep and Maide became our enemies here. This war helped start a chain reaction that caused the second server to be destroyed. Even though we lived, who's to say that there were people outside the bunker who were killed in the blast? And how in Minecraftia are we going to be able to find our friends who were transported elsewhere? Think of Duncan, Rythian, Lewis, Zoey, Minty-

Sjin: Okay. We'll do it. And I can see Minty again. See all our friends again. However, you will have to carry out the plans to stop me.

Sips: Why?

Sjin: The universe will explode or something if I see myself or something. You can at least ensure the future is safe.

Sips: Let's get cracking on a plan then.

Meanwhile, on another world of Tekkit:

He felt successful after that little mission. His enemy wasn't too powerful after all. Hell, he looked like a giant watermelon! Imagine what it would be like when he was at full power!

However, he had to deal with another issue. One more personal. His apprentice had done something extremely unacceptable. He was going to confront her about it when they met back up at the castle. He was definitely not looking forward to that.

He finally got back to the castle. He couldn't find his apprentice or his green guardian. How peculier. He went downstairs to where her cursed machinery lay. He made his way to the moniters where information on the other residents of this world live. He looked at the moniter containing their information. It said they had left. They were gone. She was gone. He had driven her away. His heart shattered into a million pieces.

Rythian: I guess I'm alone again.

Duncan wakes up. He sees Hannah tending to Minty's ankle.

Hannah: Don't worry. You just twisted it. You'll be fine in a day or two.

Minty starts to tear up.

Minty: Sjin...He knew how to save us. He knew something important.

Hannah: It's alright. If he knew that we would end up-(looks around)-wherever the f*** we are, then he will know how to fix it. (sees Duncan) Oh good, Duncan, you're awake.

Duncan: What...?

Hannah: You've only been out for a few hours, by the way. I checked to see if you were breathing when I woke up, but Minty's needs were greater.

Duncan: But why are we in some sort of field. Not that I'm complaining, but why are we alive?

Minty: We think it might have something to do with S-Sjin trying to keep us together.

Duncan: Well, we might as well explore and see what we can find.

The three go forward until they think they can see a statue in the background.

Hannah: There must be something over there. It could help us find out-oh, my.

Minty: Well, that's, uh.

The three of them are looking up at a statue of someone with some, ahem, ornaments on its front.

Duncan: Oh my God...

Hannah: Oh my God what? Surely you've seen a-

Duncan: No no no, it's the Statue of Sjin!

Minty: That's not Sjin. There's something on there a lot bigger than in real life. His head is just a tad smaller.

Duncan: No, this was a shop of his on the second server. My point is guys, we're back on the second Tekkit server!

Part 9 tomorrow. BONUS ENDING

Nilesy is walking until he gets over to Lombucket. Sure enough, he finds the place as untouched as it was the day Hannah and he left for the last time.

Nilesy: At least Teep kept his promise that he wouldn't destroy our companies.

Nilesy looks to the right, towards where Rail Bros is, and decides to go over there. When he gets there, he goes inside to find it empty. Nilesy tries to call out for the Rail Bros.


A voice downstairs yells "help!" Nilesy runs down there and finds Benji strapped to rail tracks, being constantly run over by a minecart.

Benji: Help me! My crowbar is across the pool of lava!

Nilesy looks across the pool of lava.

Nilesy: (to himself) There's no way across. I lost my flying ring when they captured me, and all I have is-(looks to his bucket) a portable pool.

Nilesy dumps the water onto the lava, and it turns into obsidian. He gets the crowbar and frees Benji.

Benji: Thanks a million Nilesy. Where's Strippin?

Nilesy: He's heavily guarded, but I think I can track him down after I rescue everyone else.

Benji: Well, he and I built a series of underground railtracks so we could help make travel easier. You can use them if you want.

Nilesy: Thanks. Where's the closest company?

Benji: This track. It leads to Melons, I Say. Gamechap and Bertie should be there. No doubt they're being tortured.

Nilesy: (scooping up the water) When I find them, I'll send them here.

Part 9:

Rythian and Zoey fly through the desert.

Rythian: This desert goes on forever!

Zoey: Wait, I see something in the distance!

Rythian: It's Verigan's hold. I wonder if Templar Adaephon is inside.

The two go inside and find Templar Adaephon inside.

Adaephon: Who are you two? My nephew never told me about you two. (eyes up Rythian) and don't I know you from somewhere?

Rythian: No, I believe I'd remember you.

Adaephon: How did you get here?

Zoey: We come from another universe. It is another world where the heroes live when they aren't here.

Rythian: Yeah, there was an...incident, and our friends, including the heroes, are all across time and space. We need to find them and figure out how to get back to our world.

Adaephon: Well, I'd be happy to help, but this world has its own problems.

Zoey: The sands?

Adaephon: How did you know?

Rythian: Uh, Lewis told us.

Adaephon: Well, the sands are rising up and getting ready to take hold of the world, and Lewis, Simon, and my nephew Verigan (or Knight Peculier as he is known by many) haven't been seen in days. They went to Stoneholm according to my friend Lysander, but they went into  Stoneholm, found a minetrack, according to the dwarf Spacker, and haven't been seen since.

Rythian: Well, they're probably okay.

Zoey: Hey, the view is amazing out here!

Adaephon and Rythian go up to the balcony.

Adaephon: I agree, but be careful. One touch of the sand and who knows what could happen?

A skeleton shoots at them.

Zoey: Agh! Skeleton!

Zoey swerves to avoid it and accidentally knocks Adaephon into the sand.

Rythian: ZOEY!

Zoey: Oh s***!

Rythian flies down, picks up the Templar, and puts him in bed.

Rythian: Oh God, remember when Lewis, Simon, and KP come and find Adaephon with a fever? Well, this must be it then! The sand got to him when he hit it and he developed a fever!

Zoey: Wait, if he remembers this, then won't we alter the timeline for the worse if Lewis and Simon found us here?

Rythian: Oh crap, we need to find a way for him to not remember.

Zoey: I have an idea.

Zoey takes a shovel and hits him in the head with it.

Rythian: Zoey! What the hell are you doing?

Zoey: Giving him a little amnesia.

Rythian and Zoey hear voices in the back.

Zoey: Oh God.

Rythian: It's Lewis, Simon, and KP. Quick! We need to hide.

Part 10:

Sjin prepares Sips to go out.

Sips: Are you sure this will work?

Sjin: Of course! Go out there and scare the hell out of me so I run away, and I abandon the pipes! Then we can destroy them, and I'll realize that I shouldn't make them, or you'll come back.

Sips: You sure that's how it'll play out?

Sjin: Certainly. You have to know your enemy, and the enemy is myself, and who do I know better than myself?

Sips: Okay. Here goes nothing.

Later, Sips sneaks up on past-Sjin and attacks:

Sips jumps out of a bush.


past-Sjin: AHH! Die evil Sips from an alternate futuristic universe!

past-Sjin starts beating up Sips with a pipe. Sips runs off, but not without many injuries.

Back at the cave:

Sjin: (to himself) Alright, so Sips will stop me from causing the first Tekkit war, and none of this will have ever happened. Man, I looked dumb in that lumberjack getup. Sips was able to pull it off more nicely. I'm glad he had that skin (realizing) at the same time I did! I will know what Sips looks like! This is bad!

Sips: (stumbling through doorway) Very.

Sjin: Oh my God! What happened! Did we alter the timeline!

Sips: Nope. (flops onto floor) Thought I was a being from an alternate futuristic society. You have some twisted thoughts in that brain of yours.

Sjin: Well, I would think that.

Sips: Any more ideas?

Sjin: Aw yeah. I have dozens, each better than the last.

Sips starts crying.

Meanwhile, outside the cave:

Four figures stand outside the cave. They are Lewis, Duncan, Hannah, and Nilesy are there, all wearing spacesuits like Sips and Sjin (Although they are red, purple, yellow, and green respectively).

Spaceman Lewis: Dammit! I told Simon that the inhabitants of this world were on to us!

Spaceman Hannah: What do we do?

Spaceman Duncan: Well, these inhabitants are lost in time. We should go ahead to the time they inhabit and then some. Then we go from there.

Spaceman Nilesy: Strange, they look like us.

Spaceman Lewis: No matter. It's just a coincidence.

The four figures disappear.

Thanks for being patient. Part 11 out soon. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy was amid a maze of horrors made especially for his friends. He saw fake testificates in nooses, many pyramids with pharoahs shouting curses he inflicts on them, and, right in front of him, a giant E.

Gamechap/Bertie: EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Nilesy: I'm coming!

Nilesy runs to find Gamechap and Bertie locked in a house that was slowly catching fire.

Bertie: I'm sorry for destroying your house 483 times!

Gamechap: This is it, good friend! Goodbye, I say!

Nilesy takes his water bucket and douses the water, saving the gents. The fire weakened the roof enough for them to break out.

Gamechap: Thanks for the save, good chap!

Bertie: Let's get out of here!

The three exit the house of horrors.

Nilesy: Go over to Rail Bros. You'll be safe there. I've freed Benji already, so you can stay there in peace.

Bertie: Thanks again Nilesy! Have some melons I say!

Gamechap: And where might you be going?

Nilesy: (climbing into minecart) To rescue Martyn and Toby.

Part 11:

Duncan, Hannah and Minty wander throughout the previous Tekkit server.

Hannah: God, I really could use a drink.

Minty: Can't we just go to the Captive Creeper.

Duncan: No. If you accidentally see yourself, the ramifications could be too great for our future. Even my past self knows this, I'm sure.

Minty: Fine, no drink. Can we at least see if we can find a way out of here?

Duncan: Sure. Let's start with how Sjin might know something about what happened here. Minty?

Minty: Sjin never told me about this. I'm sure he would've if he needed to, but the need never arose.

Duncan: Okay. Hannah?


Duncan: Hannah, why aren't you answering?

Hannah: No reason.

Duncan: Hannah, do you know something?

Hannah: Well, when he, Strippin and I went to scout out Blackrock on this server, Sjin spent an awful lot of time in the library.

Minty: There might've been a book in there Sjin learned about this from!

Duncan: Alright. Let's go there, but be careful.

They go over to where Blackrock was, but they see it when it was made of cobblestone.

Duncan: Hannah, Minty, can you two mine for some materials? I have a feeling we'll be here a while.

Part 12

Sips and Sjin are in their cave.

Sips: Will this plan work?

Sjin: I'm fairly sure it will.

Sips: Why can't we just leave time unaltered?

Sjin: (pauses) Well, if we do this, we can stop all these events from happening.

Sips: Well, okay. I hope this works.

Sjin: It's simple. All you have to do is sneak up on him and clock him over the head with your pipe.

Sips: Then I destroy the pipes.

Sjin: Exactly. Best of luck Sips.


Sips is sneaking up on past-Sjin, who's on the side of a cliff.

Sips: (in head) very slowly...

past-Sjin whips around and knocks Sips off the cliff.

past-Sjin: Take that evil Sips!

Sips crawls towards the cave while past-Sjin resumes building the pipes.

Back at the cave:

Sjin: (to himself) I am not doing this to redeem myself, no! I'm doing this so we have a better life! For myself, for Sips, for Min-for everyone!

Sips: (on all fours and heavily injured) Really? Because my life isn't better.

Sjin: Oh my God! What happened?

Sips: You have too good reflexes.

Sjin: S***! Probably should've told you about how I can tell if someone's sneaking up on me.

Sips: Any other ideas?

Sjin: I saved my best for last!

Sips starts crying.

Meanwhile, in SOI world:

Rythian and Zoey are hiding in a closet right next to Adaephon.

Rythian: I hear KP, Lewis and Simon now.

Lewis, Simon, and KP come into the room and find Adaephon. They heal Adaephon and he begins to tell the story of Karpath. Rythian and Zoey, knowing the story, wait.

Rythian: He has no memory of what occuered. Good.

Zoey: So, we have a few minutes.

Rythian: (keeping watch) Yeah?

Zoey: Do you want to?

Rythian: Zoey, under different circumstances, maybe, but now-wait! They're going outside! Let's go!

They see Lewis and Simon digging for the enchanted bows.

Rythian: Now! Let's go!

Part 13 out soon. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy walks along the coast until he finds an area shallow enough for him to refill his bucket. He then sits down.

Nilesy: I've come far, but I don't know if I can do it. Even if I rescue everyone, there's still Strippin. And even if I rescue him, what do we do? We have no supplies, no plan, and those who are capable are dead. What will I do?

Voice: Nilesyyyyyyy......

Nilesy: Hello?

A testificate wearing white comes to him from across the water. The Pharoah.

Nilesy: Mr. Pharoah? I thought you only appeared with Gamechap and Bertie.

Pharoah: Sometimes I like to get away from them. I can't keep cursing them for eternity.

Nilesy: well, why are you here, O'Great One?

Pharoah: I can't tell you much, but I can tell you this: your friends are not dead. What you do here will affect the future for the better. Keep it up, and you will benefit them.

Nilesy: They aren't dead? What what-

A boat appears in the water.

Pharoah: Across this lake are two morons in a burning woods. They work with the ones you have thought you lost. Save them. And continue saving the residents of this server.

The pharoah begins to fade.

Nilesy: WAIT!

Pharoah: Have hope...

The pharoah disappears.

Nilesy: Well, (climbs into boat) Martyn and Toby, here I come!

Part 13:

Rythian and Zoey watch as Lewis and Simon take on the hot-air balloons with the mobs in them. After much fooling around, they finally left. After the heroes were out of sight, Zoey hit Adaephon over the head with his shovel again to knock him out.

Rythian: I swear to God that if that has a negative affect on the space-time continium, then I'll go ballistic.

Zoey: It's okay, he's suffered worse.

Rythian: Of course, you knocked him of a ledge!

Zoey: Don't yell at me! I'm not the one who panicked back in the bunker!

Rythian: (pauses to let his temper cool down) Okay, it's fine. Let's just get the hell out of here.

Rythian and Zoey go a few paces past the tower. and decide to set down there for now.

Rythian: God, I'm tired. Let's just stay here for the afternoon.

Zoey: Yeah, it probably best. Hey, I almost forgot, I milked Daisy, Steven, and Nilesy Jr today!

Rythian: You have food?

Zoey: Yeah, some mushroom stew. Here you go.

Rythian and Zoey eat in silence.

Rythian: So how will we get out of here?

Zoey: I don't know Rythian. Sjin knew how to stop it, and Duncan probably knows how to fix it.

Rythian: But how will they know we're here?

Zoey: We just have to hope that- AHHHHHHHHH!

Zombie Boss, who's leg is almost completely off because of the fall, attacks Zoey.


Rythian runs up to them, pulls Zoey away, and stabs the Zombie Boss multiple times in the chest.

Rythian: It's not safe here. We need to go!

The two run into the desert until night comes, and then they stop, panting. Zoey flings herself into Rythian's arms.

Rythian: Easy Zoey, it'll all be okay.

Zoey: I know. I have to keep it together.

Rythian: Where will we spend the night? You're insane if you think I'm letting you spend it out in the-(sees the hand) Wait, we can stay in there!

Zoey: Are you sure it's safe?

Rythian: I'm sure it isn't. We've seen Shadow of Israphel. We know what happens in there. Still, better than the night out here.

Rythian and Zoey break into the hand.

These episodes will be out every Friday. Part 14 out next week. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy goes into the burning forest, bucket in hand. He finds Toby in the forest. He is being killed with an arrow, hit with a potion of regeneration, and then killed again repeatedly.

Toby: Seriously? (dies, then is revived) This is the best he can come up with? (dies, then is revived).

Nilesy takes the water bucket, splashes it on the burning woods surrounding them, and throws the bucket in the way of an oncoming arrow, knocking it out of the way and allowing Toby to escape. Martyn stumbles out of a forest.


Toby goes up to Martyn and catches him before he passes out.

Toby: Thank God you were here Nilesy! Have you heard from Rythian or Zoey?

Nilesy: No, but apparently they are alive. Take him to Rail Bros. That's where everybody's gonna rally when I rescue everyone.

Toby: Here. (gives him a green sword) Her name's Gretta. She's Martyn's. He'll approve of you borrowing it.

Nilesy: Thanks. I best be going.

Toby: Where to?

Nilesy: I'll figure it out on the way.

Part 15:

Hannah and Minty are mining. After a few hours, they stop and have a rest near an underground lake.

Hannah: So, we have collect a s***load of ores and some nikolite. Diamonds can't be far away.

Minty: (sigh) You're right.

Hannah: What's wrong?

Minty: I miss them. Especially him.

Hannah: Don't worry. If we survived, chances are they did.

Minty: Yeah. I know. (takes out a picture of herself with Sips and Sjin).

Hannah: I miss Lewis as well. I also miss Nilesy, Simon, and Duncan. We'll get back to them.

Minty: Can I ask you something?

Hannah: Sure.

Minty: Remember when Sips died in this world and Sjin was devastated?

Hannah: Yeah?

Minty: Well, do you think he feels the same way?

Hannah: Well, I know Sjin. The only reason he never lost sight of who he was was because he had a fellow Sips Co worker with him. That was you. Chances are he's devastated now as well, and Sips is helping him to keep it together. Their friendship will know no bounds if it helps solve a problem and reunite you guys.

*Flashes to 1st Tekkit server*

Sips and Sjin are in a fistfight.



*Back to 2nd server*

Minty: You're right. Sips and Sjin are working tirelessly to solve this.

Hannah: We should start-

Minty: AHHHH!

Hannah: (suddenly alert) What is it?

Minty shows Hannah the picture. Sjin's head is gone.

Minty: What the hell is this?

Hannah: The time stream must be altered somehow.

Minty: But how?

Hannah: I don't-(realizing) Duncan! I'm gonna kick his ass!

Hannah leaves abruptly, leaving Minty all alone.

Minty: (close to tears) Well, I guess I should continue min-OH S***!

Minty slips on a hole, but grabs herself before it's too late. She pulls herself up and mines through the wall to have a look. She then sees a bunch of quarries and four figures. One of them is Sjin.

Simon: Look, we can't all fly, you flying Superman!

Lewis: I wonder if anyone's ever said that to Superman.

Minty: (back against wall, whispering) Oh crap, I just mined into Honeydew Inc!

Wow, so much happening this episode. Part 15 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Teep is sitting in his office, looking frustrated. A zombie comes in.

Zombie: Sir, I have news.

Teep looks around with an angry face.

Teep: (forced calm) What?

Zombie: Martyn and Toby, well, they kinda escaped.

Teep stands up and paces the room. He then goes into a fury and kills the zombie.


Maide then comes in.

Maide: Hello Teep. I have news.

Teep: You better have good news.

Maide: Oh yes I do.

Teep: You do?

Maide: Yes, this will help us finally find out why Gamechap and Bertie escaped.

Teep: Apparently Martyn and Toby have as well.

Maide: Well, this will explain it all.

Maide pulls Skylord Valetius into the room.

Valetius: Stupid pond took me armor.

Part 15

Rythian and Zoey trail Lewis, Simon, and KP. They come up to the area where Grizwold left his journal.

Simon: I forgot how to do Grizwold's voice! Just kidding.

As Simon reads the journal, Rythian pulls Zoey aside.

Rythian: We need to be extremely careful. If Simon and Lewis see us, there's a huge problem.

Zoey: I know. Hey, what's that?

Rythian: Zoey, don't!

After spending 10 minutes extracting Zoey from radioactive mushrooms, the two of them continue until they find Enoch's remains.

Zoey: Jesus, it's worse in person.

Simon starts whacking Lewis with Enoch's limb.

Rythian: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Rythian goes near a radioactive leak and throws up. Just then, a zombie comes up and knocks Rythian into the leak. Rythian expects to die, but he isn't harmed.

Rythian: What the hell?

Rythian looks down and sees his volcanic amulet.

Rythian: Of course.

Rythian goes back to Zoey. She's looking onward in horror.

Rythian: I found out our volcanic amulets protect us from the radioactive sludge. What are you staring at-(looks) oh. I see.

Rythian and Zoey are watching Lewis, Simon, and KP get into Minecarts.

Zoey: I can't believe we're actually gonna watch this.

Rythian: Well, let's fly by and follow them. I'm not looking forward to it as well.

Rythian and Zoey fly up and watch in horror as KP falls into the sludge. Rythian follows Lewis and Simon to the end. They continue on to the next room.

Rythian: Well, Zoey, I guess-(realizes Zoey isn't there) Zoey, where are you?

Rythian goes back to where KP fell in and sees Zoey going into the sludge.


He flies over, and sees Zoey coming back up, pulling a heavily burnt KP with her. She takes him to a ledge and lays him down. Rythian comes over.


Zoey: Rythian....

Rythian: WHAT?!?!

Zoey: He's alive.

                         Part 16 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Benji is running to Martyn and Toby. Martyn's trying to murder Toby with a bow and arrow.

Benji: MARTYN! Stop #killtobying!

A portion of the wall blows up.

Gamechap: What in blazes?

Bertie: (holding lever) It wasn't me!

Benji runs up to them and takes the lever away.

Benji: STOP! This is Strippin's place you know.

Nilesy, oblivious to the giant hole, walks in and crashes on the couch.

Benji: What happened?

Nilesy: Zyluss and Daltos were separated and given an advanced guard each. I can't get to them alone. I need help.

Benji: I'm sorry. I can't help you. I am running myself ragged trying to stop these four idiots from destroying the place.

Nilesy: But I need a parter to free them.

Voice: And you have one.

Nilesy: Who said that?

Just then, another whole is blasted in the wall.

Benji: Bertie, was that you?

Nilesy: No, it wasn't.

The dust clears, and there stands Hybridpanda.

Nilesy: PANDA! (runs up to him and hugs him). What the hell are you doing here buddy?

Panda: Heard my friend needed help, so I came as fast as I could.

Nilesy: You couldn't have come at a better time. Come on, we need to go save Daltos.

Panda blows another hole in the wall with TNT.

Benji: OI!

Panda and Nilesy leave.

Benji: WAIT! Don't leave me with these morons!

He then hears an explosion from the basement.

Gamechap: (voice coming from the basement) BERTIE!

Benji: (sigh)

Benji goes to the basement.

And now a break with our sponsor

Notch is sitting at a table.

Notch: Hi, I'm Notch, creator of Minecraft. I'm very proud of how successful Minecraft has become. However, sometimes I find that being the leader of Mojang is quite stressful. That's why, when I need stress relief, I just hop in the pool made especially for me by Nilesy's Best and Greatest.

cuts to Nilesy in a warehouse, with a sign that says "Days since last death related to our pools" and a dry erase board that says 3.

Nilesy: Over here at Nilesy's best and greatest, we hand-craft each and every one of our pools with blood, sweat, and tears for our consumers, the stains of which you can sometimes see in the pool. Either that, or those teenagers got inside my warehouse again last night to-(sees Hybridpanda erase the 3 to 0) Dammit!

Nilesy walks along a whole line of pools, each one being made by either Panda, Zyluss, or Hannah. They all look to be very poorly-built.

Nilesy: Each pool is made with our consumer in mind. If you love Minecraft, then we make the tiles out of blocks. Sometimes we even give you creeper floaties.

Hannah: We don't do that anymore after what happened in Surrey.

Nilesy: (looking very uncomfortable) Yeah. Right.

Nilesy is in a parking lot outside the warehouse. Zyluss is in a truck.

Nilesy: Then one of my loyal employees delivers it right to your door and sets it up.

The truck goes a few meters, then at a turn it swerves and crashes. It then spontaneously bursts into flames. Zyluss runs out, his shirt on fire.

Nilesy: *facepalms*

Nilesy is now at a poolside with Toby, who looks terrified for his life.

Nilesy: If requested, I even come when you first take a dip. (turns to Toby) Go on son, hop in.

Toby shakes his head.

Nilesy: (slightly annoyed) Go on, jump in. It's water, not battery acid. At least that's what the chemists told me.

Toby: (in a quiet, scared voice) Please, I'll give you whatever you want, just let me go.

Nilesy: (very annoyed but trying to hide it) I see, you want me to push you in.

Nilesy pushes Toby into the pool. Bubbles are streaming towards the surface.

Nilesy: Just watch, when he comes back up he'll be glad he bought my product!

Less bubbles come up.

Nilesy: (slightly worried) Any minute now.

No more bubbles come up.

Nilesy: (in an audible whisper) Damn, I just got rid of the last bod-(remembers he's on camera) I mean he's just loving the pool so much and he's very good at holding his breath!

A random kid's voice is heard.

Kid: Mommy, there's a dead person floating in that pool-


Cuts back to Notch. He has a bandage around his head and has a cast on both his arm and leg.

Notch: Making new updates to Minecraft is expensive. That's why I chose a pool by Nilesy's Best and Greatest, so I could sue them and get a large settlement to pay for 1.5.

Cuts to Nilesy is manhandling Panda.

Nilesy: YOU SAID THAT THERE WERE NO LOOSE TILES HE COULD BE CAUGHT ON! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN-(sees the camera and pushes Panda out of the shot) You didn't see that. Nilesy's Best and Greatest! You tried the best, you tried the rest, now try us!

He gives the audience a thumbs up. Behind him a ceiling tile falls out, Zyluss crashes the truck through the wall, and a creeper blows up, breaking a pipe and releasing 2 feet of water into the room. Nilesy is apparently oblivious to this.

Thank you, and come back Friday for a new episode :)

Part 16:

Sips gets ready to go back out there.

Sjin: Remember Sips, you need to sabotage the pipes from the beginning of the project rather than the middle. That was a mistake on my part.

Sips: (wincing as he puts on his armor) Sjin, it isn't worth it. Why alter the time stream? Duncan says he's almost made the portal, although to where he doesn't know.

Sjin: So we never have to go through this whole thing in the first place.

Sips: But if we alter the future, don't we technically not exist, rather an alternator version of ourselves who lived in this world?

Sjin: (pauses) Just go. We can iron out the bugs later.

Sips: Fine. I'll go out and risk life and limb just so you can sit around and play Minecraft while I'm gone!

Sjin: I don't play Minecraft when you're gone!

Sips: Fine. I'll see you in a bit.

At the house:

Sips is sabotaging the pipes at the house.

Sips: At least this plan is somewhat working. I don't see any spare pipes.

Just then, there's a knock and a voice. Sips is frozen with fear.

Duncan: Sjin? Sjin you home? No? Well, I'm sorry it took so long. I had a…project I was working on. Anyway, here are the pipes you needed. I made about 1000 more than you originally asked for, so now you have 6000. Hope this is good.

Sips: (as Duncan walks away) Great. Can this get any worse.

past-Sjin: (from behind Sips) Sure can evil Sips.

Sips: Damn.

Back at the house:

Sjin is playing on a computer. Sips, with many bruises and dents in his armor, stumbles in.

Sips: I knew you were playing Minecraft!

Sjin: No I'm not! I'm playing Voltz!

Sips: Same difference!

Sjin: What's your problem?


Sjin: Why are you so angry?

Sips: Mainly because this apparently was your "best idea". Apparently Duncan promised to give you pipes, and he gave you extras.

Sjin: I don't know why you're upset. I have other plans. They aren't as good as this one, but they'll do.

Sips angrily throws down his armor.

Sips: I'm tired of these f***ing games! Why the hell do we even need to change the timestream? Wouldn't you know that I attacked you anyway, since it's the past version of you?

Sjin: Duncan's doing the memory thing. It must wipe my memory of the events happening as well as his.

Sips: So why am I literally risking life and limb for this?

Sjin: It's for the greater good-

Sips: The greater good, my ass! Face it, you're doing this to try and redeem yourself. You're just a selfish bastard!

Sjin, who can't take it anymore, starts attacking Sips.



Sips and Sjin fight for a few more minutes, then Sjin stops.

Sjin: What now?!

Sips: I have the feeling that if it weren't for the fact we were back in time, we'd have disappeared by now. I think it might have to do-

Sjin, who takes this opportunity, punches Sips in the face.

Sips: Sjin, what the hell? I wasn't fighting you.

Sjin, realizing what he's done, just breaks down crying. He goes into the corner.

Sjin: (whispering to himself) Minty, I'm sorry.

A mysterious voice, sounding strangely like Minty's, whispers "Sjin….."

                        Part 17 next week. BONUS ENDING

Panda and Nilesy are looking at a fortified tower from behind a tree. There looks to be a wall, and the tower is heavily guarded with mobs. Nilesy is explaining this to Panda.

Panda: How the hell do we get in there then?

Nilesy: Okay, I have the dark matter armor, and a sword, not to mention my bucket. What do you have?

Panda: I have some TNT and redstone torches for busting through walls, a bow and arrows, some iron armor, and some beer to celebrate with after we bust Daltos's ass out of here.

Nilesy: (scooping up water in a nearby pond) What the hell are we waiting for then? Cleaning monster guts out of the sword is half the fun.

Panda sets some TNT, then puts down a redstone torch, blasting a hole in the wall. Nilesy goes in, taking names with Gretta the sword. Panda is at a distance, firing arrows at mobs and helping Nilesy clear them out. Nilesy breaks through, and clears out a room of mobs by using his water bucket to get rid of the torches and kills them in the dark. Panda then comes in after him. They fight their way through the tower, where there is an enderman guarding the entrance. He tries to teleport, but Nilesy tackles him and stabs him in the chest.

Enderman: So? You think that because you are rescuing your little friend that you've won? You should see the guards on the other prisoners.

Nilesy: (pure rage in his eyes and voice) Good. More of a challenge.

Enderman: Just wait. I promise you this: One of your dearest friends isn't gonna live to see the end of this. And let me tell you, it's one more dear to you than bamboo sticks over there!

Panda: Hey!

Nilesy guts the enderman and breaks the door down, where Daltos is waiting. The three exit the tower and walk away from the wreckage, a giant, heavily fortified tower taken down by two men.

Bit tired this week, so today's just gonna be a one-shot that explains something in the story. New commercial on Tuesday, and new episodes Thursday AND Friday :)

48 hours before Operation:Lewd

Martyn is chasing Toby with a stone sword.

Toby: Don't kill me!

Martyn: You gave away Gretta!

Benji: (stopping the two) ENOUGH!!!!

Benji drags them over to a pair of computers.

Benji: I have enough to deal with with those two idiots blowing up half the damn place without you two trying to kill each other.

Toby and Martyn: Sorry.

Benji: Look, just play on the computers for a while. I just gifted both of you Portal 2. You guys can play that. I need to talk to Nilesy.

Benji goes over and talks to Nilesy.

Benji: How long do you need to scout?

Nilesy: About a day. Just need to check guard rotations and such.

Benji: Good luck.

Nilesy leaves the building. Just then, there's an explosion on the other side of the building.

Gamechap's voice: WHAT IN BLAZES?

Benji: *muttering* I'm surprised they haven't found us yet.

Benji leaves Toby and Martyn alone.

Martyn: Poor Nilesy. He has to do that all by himself. We're all fugitives as well, and probably wouldn't be much help though.

Toby: If only there was someone who is a friend of ours and works well with Nilesy.

Martyn: THAT'S IT! We can find someone to come on and help Nilesy. But who?

Toby: I'm not sure. *looks at computer* Oh look, a new Hybrid panda video.

Martyn: Panda! That's who we can get to come on.

Martyn opens gmail and starts an email like this:

Dear Panda,

         There's a...problem we require help with.....

And now a break with our sponsor:

Ravs is standing outside the Crooked Caber.

Ravs: Hi, I'm Ravs, owner of the Crooked Caber, a Scottish pub on the outskirts of the world.

Nilesy walks in.

Nilesy: And I'm Nilesy, CEO of Nilesy's Best and Greatest. In between lawsuits, I like to assist my good friend Ravs any way I can.

Ravs: Over here at the Crooked Caber, we give you the service you desire, the quality you crave, and, most importantly, in a healthy, germ-free environment.

Just then, Simon bursts out of the pub, throws up, and collapses. Panda rushes up to him.

Ravs: He's just drunk from having so many awesome drinks.

Panda: I'm not getting a pulse-

Nilesy: Such a joker, you are *glares at Panda menacingly*! Let's move on!

Ravs and Nilesy are in the bar.

Ravs: In here, we give you a friendly, warm environment. You're treated as family, because you're a part of one, as are our lovely, well-treated workers.

Martyn appears from the basement, all beaten, chained, and dirty.

Martyn: (in a weak voice) Please, can I at least call my family and tell them I love them?


Ravs: *uneasy laugh* Moving on.

They are now in the basement, where there is a pool in the middle.

Ravs: Here at the Crooked Caber, we use the freshest ingredients, and absolutely no trace of squid ink-

A squid comes out of the pool.

Ravs: Okay, only a little bit of squid ink-

Many more squids surface.

Ravs: Well, looks like they WEREN'T neutered. At least the ink isn't contaminated with disease-

Toby's dead body surfaces from the pool.


Panda: I thought you meant the health inspector's body.

Nilesy: But why'd you have to put the body where the liquids for our drinks come from, you idiot?! This is worse than when the teenagers snuck into the pool to-

Ravs: I think that's good for our ingredients!

Ravs and Nilesy are at one of the booths in the pub.

Ravs: Let the Captive Creeper have those "hardcore badasses". This is where families come to hang out.

Nilesy: In a totally family-friendly environment!

Just then, a truck comes through the other side wall. Zyluss comes out, all dazed and confused.


Ravs: *facepalm*

Ravs and Nilesy are now outside the pub.

Ravs and Nilesy: The Crooked Caber: The place where everything totally isn't illegal.

Panda: (carrying Simon's body). Where do you want the body to be dumped, boss?

Ravs and Nilesy: *turning to Panda* PANDA, YOU MORON!

Hope you enjoyed. New episodes Thursday and Friday :). PS Thanks Adamo Magus for suggesting I do the Crooked Caber

Part 17:

Rythian and Zoey are staring at KP's body. He's breathing, but only just.

Rythian: What do we do? He'll die if we don't heal him.

Zoey reaches into her alchemical bag.

Rythian: NO SHOVELS!

Zoey puts it back in her bag, a sad look on her face.

Rythian: I know! *takes out lifestone* We can use this to heal him!

Zoey: That's much healthier than hitting him in the head with a shovel.

They heal KP, and his eyes begin to open.

Rythian: Hold onto my lifestone. You never know when you'll need it.

KP wakes up.

KP: (in a weak, tired voice) Who…what…who are you?

Rythian: *pulling down mask to show he's smiling* It's okay. We're your frie-

KP starts attacking Rythian.


KP attacks Rythian, but then Zoey hits him over the head with the shovel, knocking him out.

Zoey: *grimacing* Sorry!

Rythian: (on the floor, panting) Thanks.

Rythian just lies on the floor.

Rythian: I*pant*need a minute.

While he is recovering, Zoey takes the lifestone to KP.

Zoey: Let's try this again.

KP wakes up, and sees Zoey holding the shovel above his head.

KP: Who are you people?

Rythian: *getting up* We're friends of Lewis and Simon's. We're…from another world, with different versions of them.

KP: Why should I believe you?

Zoey: I saved you from falling into the lava.

KP: Still doesn't make me believe you.

Rythian: Look, honestly, it doesn't look like you have much choice right now, am I right?

Zoey: Besides, don't forget my shovel-

KP: Okay, okay, I believe you. But what do you want.

Zoey: Well, getting back to our universe is the ultimate goal.

Rythian: However, we need to get out of this sentinel.

KP: Well, I think it's one of the freezing periods, so we have time to catch up.

Zoey: Freezing period? Is that when a girl is trapped in ice and-

KP: NO NO NO! It's when Lewis and Simon mysteriously disappear and things keep going on. However, each one only lasts for 10 minutes, so we need to hurry to catch up.

Rythian: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Gonna have part 18 tomorrow :). BONUS ENDING

Nilesy and Panda return to Rail Bros with Daltos. They open the door to see Benji standing over Martyn, Toby, Gamechap and Bertie's tied up forms.

Panda: Uh…

Nilesy: Hey Benji. Lost your temper?


Nilesy: Understandable.

Bertie, who had his mouth gagged, spit it out.

Bertie: Benji, I forgot to tell you, there's a bomb on delay-

There's an explosion in the basement.


Benji: Oh, for f***'s sake!

Benji goes downstairs to find out what happened. Nilesy takes the gags out of Martyn and Toby's mouths.

Martyn: So Panda, I take it you got my email?

Panda: Yep. *turns to Nilesy* Martyn was the one who sent me the email to come over here.

Nilesy: Martyn, I love you so much.

Martyn: Thanks Nilesy.

Panda: So, Martyn told me about the Teep and Maide thing. Who are the others that need to be rescued?

Nilesy: Well, Strippin is the ultimate goal, but he's last because he's gonna be the hardest. Ravs will also be well defended because he holds 1/3 of Plan #69 with Simon and Bertie, and Zylus is still held somewhere-

Panda: ZYLUS!?!?!?!?!

Nilesy: Yes, he's captured as well-

Panda grabs Nilesy and runs out the door at a very fast rate.


Benji comes back.

Martyn: Sorry he removed our gags.

Benji: That's okay. As long as-

Benji looks in horror as Gamechap and Bertie are missing, leaving a pile of ropes in their wake.

Benji: Oh God…

Toby: Quick, look everywhere!

The 3 split up and look throughout the building.

Sorry for no back-to-back episodes, I didn't realize how busy I'd be with petsitting this week. Nevertheless, here we go!

Part 18:

Hannah is heading towards Blackrock Castle, which is still cobblestone. She sees Duncan putting dirt in the condenser.

Duncan: hehehe


Duncan: *turning around* Hannah, when did you get here?

Hannah: Doesn't matter! What in the sodding hell are you doing?

Duncan: It was just a harmless prank! I just wanted to make them think Sips Co found them.


Duncan: What?

Hannah: Minty has a photo of herself with Sips and Sjin. Sjin's head started to disappear! I don't think collecting some copper is gonna cause bad things to happen to Sips and Sjin!

Duncan: Okay. Here's what I'll do.

Duncan puts a diamond into the condenser. The dirt disappears and there's a new diamond. Duncan takes both diamonds.

Duncan: There. Evidence destroyed. Sjin's safe. Happy?

Hannah: Far from it. Do you ever show remorse?

Duncan: I have nothing to be remorseful for.

Hannah: (with a look of pure venom) I trust you. I trust you with my life. But you're a selfish bastard who is always looking for a fight.

Hannah walks away. Duncan stands there, confused and hurt.

Meanwhile, in the mine:

Minty is hiding in the Honeydew Inc quarries, hoping to not be noticed.

Minty: Okay Anya. Think. They'll stop recording soon. I just need to hide here until they do.

Minty waits for about an hour, and then they start disbanding. Minty tries to sneak out, but she trips on her bad leg and almost falls into the quarry. She screams and grabs the edge. Someone comes down to pull her up.

Minty: Oh sweet Lord, thank you. (looks at savior and stumbles back)

The past Sjin looks at her with a confused expression.

past-Sjin: What's wrong Minty? And why are you down here?

Minty stares at him with an almost hungry expression.

Minty: My leg's hurting a bit again.

Sjin: I'm sorry Minty.

As he says that, Minty hears another voice in her head say that. That voice sounds a lot like Sjin. He sounds like he's in pain.

Minty: Sjin…

Part 19 next week, and a new commercial on Tuesday. BONUS ENDING

Benji is looking through the Rail Bros basement for Gamechap and Bertie. He's jumpy, expecting an explosion at every step.

Benji: Gamechap? Bertie?

Gamechap stumbles out into Benji's view.

Gamechap: I say, good to see you chap! Do you have any lotions, per chance? The ropes were very irritating on my-

Benji: Where's Bertie?

Gamechap: Oh, that reminds me. There's something we found. Bertie! Benji's coming over to see the wall!

Bertie: Yes! Bring him over!

Benji follows Gamechap over to where Bertie is standing. There is a wall right next to him, which has a hole in it.

Bertie: Hello there, good chap!

Benji: What's so special about a wall with a hole in it the wall?

Gamechap: Well, take this brick and chuck it into the hole!

Benji takes the brick, puts his hand into the hole, and flings the brick a few feet. He hears glass shattering.

Benji: There's glass in there!

Gamechap: Yes. We think there's something on the other side of the wall. The only question is this: what?

Benji: Well, I can go get Daltos, Martyn and Toby, and we can bring down pickaxes-

Bertie: No need! I brought some TNT with me, and I'm gonna blow the wall sky high! The wall seems strong enough to protect what's inside though.

Gamechap: In that case, we can-(looks behind him and sees Benji running as fast as he can) Oh, he's so excited he couldn't wait to run and tell everybody!

Bertie: Bless him. Anyway, where did I put the safety shields?

And now a break with our sponsor:

Nilesy and Panda are sitting at a table, eating dinner.

Nilesy: Did you remember to get dessert?

Panda: Oh shoot! I forgot to get it. I'll go out tomo-

Nilesy starts to beat Panda senseless.


Lewis's voice is heard while Nilesy continues to beat Panda.

Lewis's voice: Oh no! You forgot to buy dessert for your slightly bi-polar boss again. You'll have to deal with his rage all night again.

Simon's voice: No you don't!

It changes to Simon, Lewis, and Duncan outside the Jaffa Factory.

Simon: Welcome to Honeydew Inc, home of all Minecraft desserts. We export Jaffa Cakes and just regular cakes around the world. This…is where progress is made!

Duncan: Creeper!

Simon: AGH OH SH*T!

The three run away.

It cuts to a wall inside the factory. Simon punches through the wall.

Simon: My dwarven strength makes it so I can make awesome entrances. Anyway, over here, we make our fine products with the best tools and equipment available!

An iron golem is seen crushing the ingredients. There are flecks of iron all over the mixing bowl.

Simon: LEWIS! I thought I told you to get the golem out of the mixing bowl!

Lewis: You were the one who left his door open!

Cuts to Simon punching through the wall next to the condenser.

Simon: At Honeydew Inc, we don't cut corners. We don't condense ingredients.

Lewis: We only condense materials needed to harvest the ingredients-

Simon: We don't need the condenser at all actually *smashes condenser*.

Lewis: What the hell are you doing?!

Simon: Making progress. Who needs the condenser when we have a pickaxe?

Cuts to Sjin on a toilet. Simon punches through the wall.

Simon: Here at Honeydew Inc, we have one of the best-


Duncan's voice: I'm in the next room!


Cuts to Duncan by a computer. Simon busts in.

Simon: We have one of the best Tekkit experts in the world: Duncan. He always knows what he's doing, and if something goes wrong, he knows how to fix it-

The doors suddenly start opening and closing repeatedly.


Duncan, Simon, and Lewis run around in circles

Cuts to Panda hiding in a corner. Simon bursts in with a crate of Jaffas.

Simon: And because of my flying ring, I get there in 30 minutes or less.

Panda: (in a small voice) God bless you.

It's a pitch-black room, where you can hear moaning. Simon bursts into the room.

Simon: Honeydew Inc: where-

Two people in the room scream.

Simon: Oh sh*t sorry!

A man with a voice that sounds like Rythian's: YOUR ROOM IS NEXT DOOR!

Lewis's voice: I'm over here dumbass!

A woman with a voice that sounds like Zoey's: GET OUT!

Simon: Okay, okay. Let me get the lights-

Simon turns on the lights, and there is an empty bed with purple sparkles above it.

Simon busts into the right room.

Simon: Honeydew Inc: where we pay for your wall repairs if you pay 30 pounds or more!

Simon, Lewis, and Duncan give a thumbs up.

Thank you, and come back Friday :)

Part 19:

Sips and Sjin curl up in their respective corners. They both cry themselves to sleep, convinced the other hates them.

They both go to sleep, and they both have a shared dream. They are in an all white area, with nothing aside from each other. They both avoid each other's gaze.

Voice: Ahh, my sons. I've been expecting you.

Sjin: No way….

Sips: It can't be….

Nick "the Cage" Cage steps out to meet the two lost souls.

Nick Cage: Ahh, boys. I'm so glad to see you-

Sips and Sjin faint.

Nick Cage: Well, luckily I planned for this.

Nick Cage splashes water on them. They both wake up and stare in awe.

Sips: The Cage…

Sjin: Why have you come?

Nick Cage: (motioning them to sit down) Well, my two biggest fans are fighting. And I've come to help.

Sjin: What do you ask, oh almighty Cage?

Nick Cage: Well, I would like to ask you both to both share your sides of the story. No arguing, no interrupting.

Sips and Sjin calmly tell their sides of the story. Nick Cage listens intently, only asking a small question here and there. When they finish, he sits for several minutes and ponders. After 10 minutes, he speaks.

Nick Cage: Sjin, do you know why your plans repeatedly fail?

Sjin: Why?

Nick Cage: Because you were meant to cause the war. It might seem terrible, but you were destined to steal Duncan's supplies. All you can do is try and make the future better than the past. Sips knew this all along, you just needed to learn this too.

Sjin: *looks at Sips, then back* Thank you, Great One.

Nick Cage: Now you Sips. Do you know why Sjin has constantly been trying to do change the past?

Sips: No. Why?

Nick Cage: Minty. He needs to get back to her. He needs her. And, if I'm not mistaken, she needs him. They need each other. More than you two need each other. She's the only reason he kept his sanity on the last server when you were killed.

Sips: *looks at Sjin, then back* Thank you, Great One.

Nick Cage: It's almost morning, but before I go, know this: You two will be a force to be reckoned with in the days to come. But for now, there's one person you both must vanquish: your own pride.

In a flash, the two wake up from their dream. They look at each other for a minute.

Sjin: Sips…

Sips: Sjin…

The two go up to each other and hug, and then they both burst into tears.

Sjin: I'm sorry. I was stupid, and I didn't know the truth.

Sips: We're gonna get back to the others. Get you back to Minty. I promise you.

Sjin: (through heavy sobs) I love you man.

Sips: (also through heavy sobs) I love you too.

past-Duncan: Uh…Should I come at a different time?

Sips and Sjin, just realizing past-Duncan was there, stop hugging and look uncomfortable.

Sjin: Ah, yes, we were just, um-

Sips: Getting ready to mine.

past-Duncan: Well, there's no need. I got it working. However, I don't know for how long. We need to hurry, or you two are stuck here for even longer, and God knows what would happen.

Sips: Well, let's hurry up.

Part 20 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Panda and Nilesy are outside a fortress. Zylus is being held in there.

Panda: I still have some TNT left. Want me to use it to save Zylus?

Nilesy: Fine, but you need to use it strategically. We need to be-

Panda blows a giant hole in the wall. He then proceeds to fight more mobs.

Nilesy: *sigh*

Nilesy fights alongside Panda in an effort to save their old friend. They finally make it over to Zylus. Although there is no Enderman guarding, there are a couple of blazes. Nilesy splashes water on them, dousing them, and Panda snipes them with arrows.

Panda: I'm coming Zylus!

Panda busts down the door with the last bit of TNT. Zylus comes out.

Zylus: Well, you two are a sight for sore eyes!

Panda: Good to see you two, buddy!

Zylus: As glad as I am to see you Panda, there's no time for pleasantries. I heard the guards saying that they plan on killing Ravs in order to stop some sort of Plan #69 that he, Bertie, and Simon came up with it. We need to get there sharpish. I heard the guards say it was out in the east.

Nilesy: Well, let's find the nearest stream, and then let's run like hell over there.

The three friends run like the wind out of the building.

Sorry guys, but I've been having a rough week and have been too tired and busy to write a new part. Part 20 is postponed until next week. Again, sorry guys. If anyone needs me, I'll be watching Yogscast vids and playing Mass Effect

I still haven't really been feeling it. School and all. However, here's a commercial to keep you occupied until next week :)

And now a break with our sponsors:

Sips and Sjin stand outside of the dirt factory. They look like tough guys.

Sjin: You want dirt, right?

Sips: Of course you do!

Sjin: Then where do you go?

Sips: Right over to Sips Co, motherf***ers!

Sips and Sjin appear inside the factory.

Sjin: We don't tolerate any crap with our dirt!

Sips: We have a sucker to get all of the crap out of our dirt!

Cuts to Rythian removing crap from a block of dirt.

Rythian: *mumbles* I'll get Sjin one day…..

Cuts back to Sips and Sjin.

Sjin: We have all of our blocks of dirt cleaned thoroughly and carefully! BY HAND!

Sips: Aw yeah Sjin! We're the bosses of this goddamn server!

Sjin: You couldn't ask for a tougher pair of mothertruckers to make your high-quality dirt!

Minty walks in

Minty: Sjin, you forgot to bring your lunch. I cut the crust off of your PB&J sandwich, because I know you cried last time I forgot.

Sjin: (in a whiney voice) Minty, we're making a commercial!

Minty: Oh, sorry. I'll put it next to Sips's "My Little Pony" dolls.

Sips: They're not dolls! They're collectables!

Sjin: Cut to the next bit!

Cuts to a pool with an amazing deck. Sips and Sjin seem to have regained their manliness.

Sjin: We don't just make the best f***ing dirt around!

Sips: We also build badass decks to go with your new pools!

Sjin: It was a risky move, but we're risk-takers! That's how tough we are!

Sips: You can't get any manlier that us!

Toby's dead body floats to the surface to the pool. Sips utters a high-pitched scream and runs. Sjin hides behind a lawn chair.

Sjin: (in tears) Minty! Get the dead thing out of the pool!

Cuts to Lewis, Simon, and Duncan outside the Jaffa Factory.

Duncan: Our creeper holes were getting unbearable. We couldn't go anywhere without tripping. Fortunately, Sips Co was able to fill them up!

Simon: Well maybe if someone didn't make the quarries too close to the surface, we wouldn't have needed to spend that money!

Lewis: Well, it's not like you were mining for materials!

Simon: I'm a dwarf! If you wanted me to mine, I would've mined!

Cuts to Nilesy standing outside his jungle base.

Nilesy: You want me to say something about their dirt? NICE things? NO! I WON'T DO IT! *takes camera and holds it right to his face* THEY SUFFOCATED ME IN A WALL FOR HELPING THEM!

There is some static, and then you can see Nilesy being dragged away by mental-health facility workers.

Cuts to an old, innocent woman sitting in an armchair.

Old woman: I'm Grandma Sjin, stockholder of Sips Co. My front lawn was a mess of rabbit holes and my garden was dry and lifeless. However, my amazing mothertrucker of a grandson and his best friend, the Magnificent Bastard, fixed it up. Thank you Sips Co.

Cuts back to Sips and Sjin outside of the Dirt Factory, looking all tough again.

Sips and Sjin: Sips Co: badass dirt and decking for dirt-cheap prices.

The camera goes to the left to show Grandma Sjin showing pictures to Rythian and Minty, who are laughing.

Grandma Sjin: And this is Halloween when Sjin was five, and he dressed up as Cinderella. He looked so pretty in his royal gown-

Sjin: (in a whiny voice) GRANDMA!

I really do appreciate your patience. New episode next week, I promise.

Part 20

Sips, Sjin, and past-Duncan stand inside past-Duncan's house. There is a giant machine inside of the house.

past-Duncan: Now, when I pull the switch, the portal will open. I don't know for how long, so get in there as fast as you can. I'm not sure where you'll come out, but I know it's a point in the future. After the portal closes, I'll dismantle this and wipe my memory.

Sips: Sounds like a solid plan. I hope it's a world where we don't exist, because that way we don't have to sneak around.

past-Duncan goes over to the switch.

Sjin: Did you test this?

past-Duncan: Nope! *flips switch*

A giant blue portal opens in the machine. It starts to suck stuff in in giant gusts of wind.

Sjin: (shouting over the gusts) WAS THE WIND NECESSARY?



Sips gets sucked into the portal.

Sjin: SIPS!

past-Duncan: NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!



Sjin remains silent. The winds start to pick up in intensity. Blocks start coming out of the walls. The portal increases in size.




Sjin: BUT-

past-Duncan: GOOOOOO!

past-Duncan pushes Sjin towards the portal. A gust picks him up and drags him in screaming.


past-Duncan fights his way to the switch and turns off the portal. Blocks on their way to the portal fall right to the ground. past-Duncan leans on the control panel, exhausted.

past-Duncan: (breathing heavily) That went well.


Sjin is flying through the very fabric of time. He can see many major Minecraft events unfolding before his eyes.


Sjin is suddenly shot out of the timestream. He lands in a sand dune in an odd desert. Sips is running towards him.

Sips: Sjin! Sjin! Are you okay?

Sjin stumbles out of the sand dune.

Sjin: (dazed) Peachy.

Sips and Sjin stare at each other for a moment.

Sjin: YEAH!

Sips: AW YEAH!


Sjin and Sips are celebrating. They're hugging and dancing on the spot.


Sips: (in the same euphoric voice) WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?

The smiles on Sjin and Sips's faces disappear. They stop dancing and look around.

Sjin: That….is a very good question.

Sips: Well, I for one ain't letting myself get buried in sand. Come on, Sjin, let's go exploring.

Sjin and Sips travel for miles under the desert sun until night arrives. They see some sort of flag in the distance as the sun sets..

Sips: I think I see something!

Sjin: Let's hope it isn't abandoned.

Sjin and Sips head for the flag. They then see it's Verigan's Hold, all buried.

Sjin: Oh my God….

Sips: NO! It can't be abandoned!

Sjin: No. That's not our problem.

Sips: Then what's our problem?

Sjin: Sips, the nukes didn't just send us to other times in Tekkit. They sent us to major Minecraft worlds related to the Yogscast.

Sips: What?

Sjin: There were four groups of us in the nuke chamber. Therefore, there are members of the Yogscast scattered throughout time.

Sips: Well, what times would they be.

Sjin: Well, we were sent to the first tekkit server obviously. I'd be right to think that one group was sent to the second server.

Sips: There are two other worlds though.

Sjin: Yes. I think….I think that we're in the SOI world.

Sips: (looking around at the sand and Verigan's hold) That would be a safe guess. But what about the fourth world? These are the main worlds.

Sjin: I can't think of anything. Unless….

Sips: Unless what?

Sjin: (to himself) It's the only logical choice. It's the only world left. I can't think of another one-

Sips: WHAT?

Sjin: Sips, I think the fourth group is stuck in our Minecraft world. The world where we have our Minecraft series.

I thank you for your patience. Part 21 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Martyn and Toby are dragging Benji to the wall where Gamechap and Bertie are.


Martyn: Relax. Bertie already blew up the wall. And he and Gamechap found something amazing that might help us all.


Benji sees a giant underground room with a large amount of weapons, armor, and gear (not to mention 2 broken windows).

Benji: What on God's green earth did you guys find?

Gamechap: Ah, yes. You see, we were looking around, and we think this was an old underground base for a member of the server. We're not sure who, but we figure that they weren't using it anymore.

Bertie: Yes. Whoever left it won't need all this crap anyway, so we decided to loot what we can.

Benji: Oh. So that's what you guys wanted. I thought it was rigged to explode.

Bertie: Oh, it is, but I promised to wait until we looted the place.

Gamechap: BERTIE!

Benji: (to Martyn and Toby) Grab what you can and run like your lives.

The 3 loot the place and leave Bertie to blow up the place.

Bertie: This is a great way to cover our tracks!

Gamechap: Wait until I'm out of the blast radius, you bloody fool!

And now a break with our sponsor:

Hannah and Nilesy are on the stage, talking to someone off-stage.

Hannah: We're really doing this then?


Nilesy: Okay. We accidentally revealed the shoddy workmanship of Nilesy's Best and Greatest, and the poor quality of Ravs's drinks. Let's not let our abusive nature be seen-is that guy recording? IS THAT MOTHERF***ER RECORDING?

Nilesy dashes to the camera. There's static, followed by brief images of someone getting beaten by a stick and Lewis and Simon riding through a desert on pigs.

Simon: Webley's shelter's in sight-

It cuts back to Hannah on stage.

Hannah: Hello, I'm Hannah, owner of Lombucket.

Nilesy walks in, throwing a stick off-stage

Nilesy: And I'm Nilesy, owner of Nilesy's Best and Greatest. In between helping out my buddy Ravs at the Crooked Caber and running both Nilesy's Best and Greatest and from the law, I am a mere head-worker at Lombucket.

Panda comes in, bearing many stick wounds.

Panda: Help….


Hannah: (mumbles to herself) This is going well so far.

Cuts to the underwater base.

Hannah: Over here, we give buckets to our friends, and until we get rid of all the glass I accidentally condensed, we're having a sale on that too. Seriously, it's practically coming out of our asses over here. Take a look.

Cuts to a giant statue of Nilesy made entirely out of glass. It is over 20 feet tall.

Nilesy: This is merely a fraction of all the glass we have.

Suddenly, Zylus's truck loses control and it crashes into the statue's foot. The statue shatters and millions of pieces of glass fall at Nilesy's feet.

Nilesy starts to cry. Panda comes up and starts to pick up the pieces of glass.

Panda: Where are the gloves master?

Nilesy: What gloves?

cuts to Hannah

Hannah: This is also a sanctuary for owls. Owls come here on the landing platform looking for safety and comfort.

Nilesy: *walking in* Hell, the owls are treated better than the workers.

Hannah: You aren't supposed to say that!

Nilesy: Oh sh*t, are we recording?

Hannah: No, I told you to not to say the workers are abused because I don't feel like it. Yes, we're recording!

Nilesy: Well, you should have bloody-

Cops burst out of a barge.

Cop: Freeze! You two are under arrest for abuse and possible murder.

Nilesy: We never murdered anybody!

Toby's body floats up from a pool.

Nilesy: Sh*t. I told you we shouldn't have let the high schoolers come. When high schoolers come to a forest, couples sneak off and see something they shouldn't.

The cops come to cuff Hannah and Nilesy. Hannah complies, but when one cop tries to handcuff Nilesy, he stabs him with a shard of glass and runs off.

Nilesy: You won't take me alive suckers! HAHAHAHA!

Nilesy runs off the island and swims to his pool shack. Just then, the screen cuts to a picture of Nilesy.

Announcer: This man is a crazy, angry Scotsman prone to fits of psychotic rage, and is considered extremely dangerous. He seems to be going on about "2 morons who suffocated me in a wall".

The TV zooms out to show Minty watching it.

Minty: Did you hear about the lunatic on the TV?

Sjin and Sips are boarding up the door and windows in a frantic space.

Sjin: Hadn't even crossed my mind.

Bit of a doozy this week. New episode Friday :)

Part 21:

He stared at the man in the double bed, fast asleep. He waited all night for someone whom he did not know would never come home. He just stared at him for the whole night.

Finally, dawn broke, and his companion got up.

Sjin: Sips!

He was overjoyed that the man could see him. If he were to be dead, at least his best friend could see him.

Lewis wakes up.

Lewis: What the hell? Hello? Anybody there?

He hears Simon in the distance.

Simon: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lewis runs over to where he hears the squealing. He sees a giant compound made out of cobblestone. He runs inside and he sees a pig and a cow in what looked like cells.

Lewis: Simon?

Simon: (in his pig voice) LEWIS! LEWIS, IT'S A PIGU!

Lewis: Well, I can see that. But why are they in cells? And, more importantly, why in the name of all things are we here after the nukes exploded?

Simon: (reverting back to his regular voice) I'm not sure man. All I remember was me trying to attack the walls when Sjin told us we shouldn't.

Lewis: Ah, yeah. By the way, glad YOU were listening to Sjin.

Simon: Hey, I was panicking. Logic would dictate that I'd be vaporized in the next half a minute.

Lewis: Well, we're here, and seeing as there are other living things, we aren't dead.

Simon: Then where the hell are we-

Just then, they hear voices.

Lewis: Oh crap. Hide!

Simon: Why?

Lewis: Because we're trespassing on their property! Think they'll take kindly to that?

Simon: How do you know it's their property?

Lewis: There's no civilization for miles around! Who else's compound would this be?

Simon: You make some very good arguments.

Lewis: Let's hide in here!

The two hide inside an underground tunnel with rail-tracks leading underground. They can watch the two figures trying (and repeatedly failing) to put a duck in one of the cells. Finally, when they did it, they went back inside and went to sleep.

Lewis: (realizing what's going on) Simon, I figured it out!

Simon: Why they're kidnapping innocent animals?

Lewis: No. Well, yes. We were somehow sent back in time to Sips and Sjin's Minecraft world!

Simon: That's preposterous. It looks nothing like their world.

Lewis: Have you actually watched their videos?

Simon: Well….no

Lewis: *facepalm*

Part 22 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy, Panda, and Zylus get ready to bust into Ravs's castle. Nilesy is filling his bucket.

Zylus: According to the mobs, we have only a matter of minutes to save Ravs. We need to go in and quickly save him.

Nilesy: Perfect. You guys cause a distraction, and I'll head over and find him.

Panda: (lighting the TNT by the wall) Let's do this!

Zylus, having stolen a sword from a fallen zombie, charges in and starts swinging madly at any nearby mobs. Panda stays at a distance, firing arrows to make it easier for Zylus and Nilesy.

Nilesy bolts into the building, swinging Gretta at any mob in his way. He finally makes it over to where Ravs is. He is suspended above a pit of lava.

Ravs: Nilesy! Help!

Nilesy: Hang on Ravs! I have an idea!

Nilesy walks backwards from where he was, facing Ravs.

Ravs: (realizing what Nilesy's gonna do) Uh, Nilesy, isn't there another way to do this?

Nilesy: Sure, but this way is more awesome!

Nilesy runs to the edge and jumps, catching Ravs. As Ravs is screaming, Nilesy pours the water below them, creating obsidian. The two land on the obsidian.

Ravs: (breathing heavily) Never. do. that. again.

Nilesy: Sure thing buddy.

The two suddenly hear slow clapping. A panel in the wall slides open, revealing Teep, Maide, and Skylord Valetius inside a nook.

Valetius: That's him! That's the guy who took me armor and bucket!

Nilesy: I said to you I'd bring the armor back when I'm done! Granted, you were unconscious-

Teep: Enough!

A hoard of creepers drop down onto the obsidian platform.

Maide: No water to push them into the lava.

Nilesy: I don't need water!

Nilesy goes ballistic with Gretta and the bucket and murders all of the creepers.

Teep: Impressive. Most impressive. Alas, it shall all be in vain when we unveil our master plan.

Nilesy: (with tons of sarcasm) Well, I can hardly wait! What is this master plan you speak of?

Teep: Now now now. That would be spoilers, now would it? However, it has to do with dealing with the eventual return of our friends.

Nilesy: (suddenly paying attention) What? What do you know about my friends?

Teep: They thought that we didn't know about what the 50 nukes did-

Maide: Well, I didn't know, to be fair.

Teep: I merely wanted to get a rise out of them. Make the last moments before they were sent through time painful. Also, I wanted to make Maide as happy as possible in that time, for it was our first big success.

Nilesy: What the hell are you talking about? 50 nukes? Scattered through time? What kind of bullsh*t are you pulling?

Teep: Nothing our double agent won't be telling you soon-

Nilesy: Okay, now you're just being cliche!

Teep: Am I?

Nilesy stands there looking stunned.

Maide: I think the guests will be here soon. I'll-

A glass bottle shatters next to him. Another nearly hits Teep in the head.

Ravs: Have some love, courtesy of Scotland!

Nilesy: Hell yeah!

Teep: *dodging glasses* This isn't over! You still need to rescue Strippin!

Nilesy: *joining in with Ravs* Only thing left before I smash your face with my bucket!

Teep and the others retreat. Panda and Zylus run in.

Nilesy: Zylus, lead Ravs out of here. Panda, stay here.

Zylus and Ravs leave.

Panda: What's wrong?

Nilesy: We need to discuss a few things that might be trouble later on.

Part 22:

Minty sits with past-Sjin. He is changing her bandages.

past-Sjin: What are you doing down here exactly?

Minty: Believe me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Sjin: Hey, I once encountered and evil futuristic Sips in the first server. I can believe-

Minty: What?

past-Sjin: I thought I told you the story. There was some futuristic-looking person who for some reason looked and sounded just like Sips trying to destroy my pipes.

Minty: When was this?

past-Sjin: Around the same time Duncan started the Tekkit War-

Minty: OH MY GOD!

past-Sjin: What is it?

Minty: What was Sips's Minecraft skin at the time?

past-Sjin: He was a lumberjack at the time. Why do you ask-

Minty: Was his spacesuit blue?

past-Sjin: Yes, but Minty, why are you asking these questions?

Minty: You really want to know?

past-Sjin: Sure.

Minty tells the story of what happened on the two servers. She ends it with the nuke explosion.

Minty: And that's how I'm risking the space-time continuum by telling you all this.

past-Sjin starts laughing uncontrollably.

past-Sjin: Minty, you've told some good ones in your day, but oh my God, that was amazing.

Minty: (with indignation) It's true!

past-Sjin continues laughing

past-Sjin: Good one! Anyway, I have to go.

Minty: But-

past-Sjin: *pats Minty on the head* Think of some more good ones if you get the chance.

past-Sjin starts to disconnect.

Minty: (under her breath) I'm glad I wasn't dating him at this time. He was a bit of a moron.

When past-Sjin disconnects, a small portal opens. A disconnection rift. Minty pays this no mind.

Minty: I wonder how my Sjin is doing.

Meanwhile, in SOI

Sips and Sjin are approaching Verigan's Hold.

Sjin: We should be careful. We may not exist in this world, but we could affect the time-stream in this world in a negative way.

Sips: Yeah. I'm sure the people sent here are smart enough to know this.

Sjin: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Lewis and Simon were sent somewhere else-OH GOD!

Sips: What?


Sips: Oh sh*t, it's like you back in the first server all over again.

Sjin: This could be bad, oh God, this could be-

The two hear the banging of metal, followed by a fervent cry of "ZOEY!"

Sips: Wait….

Sjin: Zoey doesn't exist here.

Sips: Could Rythian and Zoey be in this world.

Sjin: That's a possibility. That's one problem solved.

Sips: Should we go and find them?

Sjin: It's too dangerous now. I can see Lewis, Simon, and KP coming in the distance. We need to hide as well.

Sips: Okay. Can we contact them once we aren't jeopardizing the timeline?

Sjin: Sure. Until then, what could possibly go wrong?

Part 23 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Teep, Maide, and Valetius are walking towards the crater where the original nuke incident occurred.

Teep: Valetius, go back to base and prepare for the visitors.

Valetius: Aye Aye cap'n!

Valetius leaves.

Maide: So, did the nuke thing send them all to separate universes?

Teep: Yes. Zoey's library came in handy after all. Of course, Sjin ended up reading it, but he's long gone now.

Maide: But, if what you said is true, then not only did it send them out-

Teep: But it brought others in. Another alternate universe was affected. It was one Sips and Sjin unknowingly connected to our universe as well. Oh, and it looks like the first visitor has arrived.

Standing in the crater, amongst a blue portal, is spaceman-Nilesy.

spaceman-Nilesy: Oi! I know why I was sent in first! Well, it didn't bloody kill me, so joke's on you!

Maide: (whispers to self) The day Ridgedog hacked the server to allow Equivalent Exchange back in was a confusing day indeed.

Hey guys, I just wanna say that there won't be a commercial this Tuesday, instead I'm gonna try something new. I will come back to commercials eventually (I still need to do Rail Bros and Inthelittlecorp), but I wanna do some different things that will still make you laugh. I hope you guys will like the change :)

I figured my idea should be a separate fic on its own. Nevertheless, you came for a new TTR episode, and gosh darn you're gonna get it :).

WARNING: This episode contains mild language and facepalming

Part 23:

Rythian, Zoey, and KP secretly follow Lewis and Simon.

Zoey: Oh look, the cloning chamber!

KP: The what?

Rythian: (patting him on the back) You'll see.

Lewis and Simon find the cloning chamber. Avoiding all precautions, Simon decides to climb in and makes Lewis pull the lever.


Rythian: I know. You should see them in our tekkit world, where there isn't a plot.

Zoey: I thought you and I agreed that we're in a fan fic-

Rythian: (interrupting) Moving on!

They see Lewis and Simon accidentally clone Simon twice, and they chase them throughout the machine.

They watched Simon and Lewis blow up a puzzle they couldn't be bothered to solve. KP was facepalming hard.

KP: Those two, God love them, are absolute morons sometimes.

Rythian: Believe me, we know.

They continue through, where they run into the heart chamber, kill the first evil Honeydew, and go on the railtracks to chase down the second one.

Rythian: We're about to run into Webley soon.

KP: Look, would you guys please try and not spoil anything for me? Don't forget, I don't know the story. Hell, Lewis and Simon don't even know I'm alive.

Zoey: Sorry KP.

The heroes run into Webley, rescue him from the machine, and take him on a (very long) cart ride out of the Jade Sentinel. They manage to break out, and Rythian, Zoey, and KP get ready to follow. Zoey hears a noise behind her and turns around to investigate. She thinks she sees someone vaguely familiar.

Rythian: Zoey, you okay?

Zoey: Yeah, just thought I saw someone who looked a bit like Sjin….

Rythian: Probably just a zombie-Lalna or something.

Zoey: Yeah….

Rythian, Zoey, and KP leave the sentinel.

12 hours earlier, in a dune by Verigan's Hold:

Sips and Sjin watch as Lewis, Simon, and KP leave Verigan's Hold. Rythian and Zoey follow suit after a brief interlude with Adaephon where Zoey whacked him over the head with a shovel. They watch the duo leave and head towards the giant hand.

Sips: We should follow them.

Sjin: It would seem best. We need to contact them once they're safely away from an important even in SOI.

Sips: How do we do that?

Sjin: Well, you remember how they came out near that cactus forest? Well, maybe one of us could head them off, while the other follows behind them just in case they freak out and try and run from you, or provide backup in case Israphel attacks or something.

Sips: So, who goes in the cactus forest?

Sjin: (looks and Sips)

Sips: God dammit Sjin. You owe me 8 now.

Sjin: Good luck.

Sips: (mumbling) And I thought I was the CEO.

Part 24 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy, Panda, Zylus, and Ravs go back to Rail Bros. They find the top floor deserted.

Nilesy: Benji?

Panda: Martyn? Toby?

Ravs: Is Bertie here?

Nilesy: Yeah, he and Gamechap have been here for a while.

Ravs: Great. All we need now is Simon, and Plan #69 is a go.

Panda: What's plan-

Benji calls up from the basement.

Benji: Guys! Guys! Come downstairs!

The guys go downstairs to find Benji, Gamechap, Bertie, Martyn, Toby, and Daltos decked out with all sorts of enchanted armor and weapons.

Gamechap: We figured that you had enough to deal with already-

Martyn: So we decided instead of you and Panda sneaking in to save Strippin-

Daltos: We attack the fortress together.

Toby: We have armor you guys as well.

Panda, Zylus, and Ravs get enchanted armor and swords.

Nilesy: I'll stay with Gretta and my bucket.

They all prepare to march to Strippin's prison.

Nilesy: For our friends, gone but not dead!

  • mumbling*

Nilesy: (whispers) Bear with me.

The mass shouts.

Nilesy: For our lost servers, in the hope this one doesn't end up like them.

The mass shouts.

Nilesy: For anyone wronged by Teep and Maide, in the hope that they are saved!

The mass shouts.

Nilesy: CHARGE!

The mass charges in the direction of Strippin's fortress.

Who wants a double length episode? Just me? My dad? If you want it, well, today's your lucky day. If not, too bad ;) Part 24:

Nilesy sits at the edge of a lava pool near the camp where the resistance members are spending the night. He is writing in a diary.

Nilesy's voice in head: Day 2 of charging the base. When we originally charged, we forgot how far the base was in the euphoria of charging. We've been walking for 2 days. We're almost there, though. I can see it on the horizon. However, this traitor business has been bugging me for the past few days. I know these people. They would never betray me. No one. It's just my fear and self-doubt that's giving me these thoughts. Also, the trip up here also took a toll on the group. Martyn found the burning forest, and that took forever to sort out. Bertie accidentally blew up a jungle temple, and Gamechap got mad at him. And I think no one will soon forget when Benji suddenly went missing, and it turned out he fell in a hole he didn't see and was stuck there for two hours. It's been rough. But we have to be tough. I have to be tough. And a good leader, which I haven't been able to do thus far. Hell, why am I writing in a diary? It's only proving that I'm a stupid idiot who can't lead a-

At this point, Nilesy gets so mad he throws the diary in the lava and puts his head in his hands. Panda, who was watching the whole time, gets up and walks over to him.

Panda: I know you're nervous. No sense denying it.

Nilesy: I haven't commanded these people yet. I've only commanded you, and we know each other's every move. You and Zylus work well together as I saw during the Ravs mission, but I just don't know.

Panda: Niles, you can do this. I don't know anyone else who could've taken the 8 most insane people on the planet and rallied them against a single cause.

Nilesy: Thanks Panda. Panda?

Panda: Yes?

Nilesy: If this traitor thing is true, who do you think it is?

Panda: We can't afford to doubt each other. We need each other. However, if I had to choose, my thoughts would be on Bertie. We all know he's part-creeper. The videos are proof. How do we know that part-creepers don't follow Teep as well?

Nilesy: Bertie is a moron, that much we know. And he is part-creeper (it's obvious). However, I don't think it's him. He found the armory. He is one of the three people in on Plan #69. However, like I said, this traitor thing is all bullsh*t. *getting up* Come on. We need sleep. Big day tomorrow.

Panda: You're right. Goodnight Nilesy.

The following morning, in Strippin's fortress, where Teep and Maide have finished verbally abusing Strippin.

Teep and Maide are lounging in the armchairs by the fire.

Maide: Man, I'm so excited for what's coming.

Teep: Yeah.With the help of our friends, we will have total control over the server.

Maide: Yeah we-*stops* Do you hear that?

Teep and Maide go to a nearby balcony, where they see the rebellion marching towards the fortress. Nilesy is at the head, wearing his dark matter armor and holding Gretta and his bucket. The rebellion is singing a battle song.


Maide and Teep burst out laughing.

Maide: (through his laughter) What the hell are they singing?

Teep: (also through laughter) Nilesy's stupid outro song! How pathetic. They try to honor their precious little leader-

A zombie comes up with an arrow through his head, clearly using all his strength to stand upright.

Zombie: Master, I hate to inform you, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

The zombie falls over the balcony to the ground below, clearly losing his strength and dying.

Teep: (practically boiling with rage, but in a calm voice) Send out the mobs. Now!

Down on the ground:

Nilesy talks to the soldiers.

Nilesy: Okay. Martyn and Daltos will provide cover fire with their bows. Each of you was given an enchanted bow and a stack of arrows just in case. You saw Martyn shoot that arrow at that zombie though. He's one to rely on. The rest of you just go nuts!

Soldiers: YEAH!

The mobs pour out.

Nilesy: CHARGE!

The two armies meet, and war ensues.

The battle goes on for ages. Neither side gains leverage, although if the battle progresses the way it does, Nilesy will win. However, something happens that changes the battle.

Nilesy hears a loud cry of pain.


Nilesy runs towards the source and sees Panda shot in the arm.

Nilesy: PANDA!

Panda: It wasn't a skeleton. This arrow was enchanted. It was the traitor, Niles!

Nilesy: (picking Panda up) Come on. I'll deal with the traitor after I get you to safety.

Panda: No, just leave me a sword and some TNT. I'll take as many of them with me as I can.

Nilesy: Not a chance in hell, Panda. We're outta here.

He takes him ten feet before Panda shouts.

Panda: I see him! The traitor!

Nilesy: Who is it?

Panda: I can just see. It's-OH SH*T NILESY BEHIND YOU!

Nilesy turns around to see a creeper behind him. He pushes Panda several meters away and takes the explosion. He is blasted off his feet.

Nilesy is barely able to stand. His vision is foggy and his ears are ringing. He sees the battle unfolding around him.

He sees a pair of feet right in front of his eyes. He makes a grab for either Gretta or his bucket, but he can barely move. The man standing above him speaks.

Voice: I'm sorry Nilesy, but I have to do this.

The person kicks Nilesy hard in the stomach. The armor is badly damaged after the explosion, so it hit 100% flesh. Nilesy sputters in pain, and everything goes black.

Meanwhile, on Sips and Sjin's server:

Lewis and Simon are in a cave. They appear lonely.

Lewis: How many months has it been?

Simon: About four. No sign of Sips or Sjin in those four months.

Lewis: You'd think we'd be insane by now.

Simon: I know. It's like-

They hear scratching.

Simon: What was that?

Lewis: Let's go check it out.

The two go to the surface through Camelot's rail system. They find giant holes in the prison cells where the cow and pig used to be.

Simon: They busted out of prison! But, how?

Lewis: Must be someone digging. But-wait, there's something else.

Lewis and Simon go by the pit of doom, where a lava bucket was spilled over the side into it. They see past-Sips digging at the edge, singing.

past-Sips: (singing) Ten blocks is the magical total, as that's enough to build up my portal-

Simon: (ignoring Lewis's attempts to shut him up) Hi Sips!

past-Sips stops singing and sees them.

past-Sips: Lewis? Simon? What the hell are you guys doing here?

Simon: Well, come on up here and we'll tell you!

When Sips isn't looking, Lewis punches Simon in the arm.

Lewis: You idiot! Don't you know you aren't supposed to interact with people in the past?

Simon: I'm sorry! What do you expect though? We've been stuck in this hellhole with only each other to talk to for four months! Think of how many episodes of the Yogpod we could've done!

Lewis: Even if we were stuck down there with enough time to do two episodes of the Yogpod, that's still no excuse to-oh hello Sips.

past-Sips climbs up to join his friends.

past-Sips: So, how'd you guys get here?

Simon: Well, we-

Lewis cuts him off

Lewis: Were given the IP by Sjin.

past-Sips: Oh, I thought Sjin said he would give the IP to you a while ago. Glad to have you here. Do you want the grand tour?

Simon: Oh, we've had enough of-

Lewis: Just staring into this pit. Let's have the tour.

past-Sips: Well, here we have the pit of doom. Over there we have-


Simon runs away, but knocks into past-Sips. Past-Sips loses his footing and falls.

past-Sips: AGH!

Lewis makes a grab for past-Sips, but he's too late. He can only watch in horror as past-Sips falls into the lava pool from the spilled bucket. Lewis stands over the pit with a horrified expression on his face. Simon comes back laughing.

Simon: Turns out it was just a cactus. What are the odds. Lewis, what are you looking at?

Lewis has been looking over the pit with the same expression.

Lewis: Simon, you just killed Sips!

Simon: (looks over). It appears I have.

Lewis finally loses his mind.


Simon: (pauses) Think any of his stuff survived?

Lewis takes Simon's iron shovel, holds it like a lightsaber, and hits himself in the head with it until he passes out.

Simon: (pauses, looking over Lewis's unconscious form) Why do I have the feeling that this isn't the first time someone was knocked out by a redhead's shovel?

Part 25 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Teep and Maide drink mugs of beer with a spaceman Lewis, Duncan, Hannah, Nilesy, and Rythian (who is wearing a grey spacesuit). They all appear pleased with themselves.

Teep: Again, I apologize for that ugly little incident this morning.

spaceman-Lewis: It's quite all right, Mr. Teep. How many did you catch again?

Maide: Just the two, although they've been the ones freeing the prisoners. I contacted the traitor. He'll be taking over affairs over there. We also have the one called "Ridgedog" in our custody.

spaceman-Duncan: Most excellent.

spaceman-Hannah: So, let's discuss the deal we have made.

Teep: Right. Now, eradicating the final members of this server is a mutual goal, we know that much.

spaceman-Rythian: Yes. Well, our people have grown too much in too little time. We need a place for everyone to go.

spaceman-Lewis: And your world will be the perfect place to keep the dregs of our society.

Maide: And if we allow them into our world?

spaceman-Nilesy: Well, you get to rule over them.

Teep: I like the sound of this deal.

spaceman-Hannah: There is a….catch however.

spaceman-Lewis: We need to convert this world into one habitable for our people. Short-term exposure is fine, but there are many changes that are needed for our people to live here.

Teep: Changes?

spaceman-Duncan: First of all, these "trees" need to go. We need to burn them. The CO2 will make the atmosphere perfect for us.

Teep: Um, well….

Maide: What else?

spaceman-Nilesy: The water. We have no use for it. We know that your machines can be powered by it, though, which is why we will harness all of the water and replace it with liquids from our own bodies-

Maide: Disgusting, but workable.

Teep: Now now, see here-

spaceman-Rythian: Now, we're gonna need resources. We need to drain the ground of any and every piece of stone and mineral. We'll replace it with dirt so you don't fall out of the world.

Teep: Now, wait just a minute-

Maide: And we get total control?

spaceman-Duncan: Plus implants so you have immortality and powers to control the riffraff.

Teep: Maide, can I see you for a minute?

Teep and Maide step in the corner:

Maide: (whispering) Personally I don't see a problem with this. We get control, and our enemies are vanquished.

Teep: I don't like the fact they're gonna destroy the server in order to help us. If we allow them to destroy this server, we'll be no better than Rythian. We'd be no better than Sjin. Hell, we won't even be better than Duncan. Duncan!

Maide: So? It's not like you helped to destroy a server.

Teep flashes back to Sips Co, Castle Duncan, and Honeydew Inc from the second server.

Teep: (pauses) I will allow this to commence. For now.

Maide, clearly ignoring the final two words, shouts to the spacemen.

Maide: We accept.

The spacemen get up.

spaceman-Lewis: Good. We'll leave you too your prisoners for now. I'll leave Nilesy here with you.

Maide: This idea will change our lives!

Teep: (mumbles to himself) For better or worse, though?

Part 25:

Duncan sits on a rock all by himself. He looks sad.

Duncan: Why must I try and pick fights? All that ends in for me is pain and suffering. It caused me to incite Sjin to war. It caused Rythian to be weak to Teep. It caused this whole thing. If only I had just let it go. Now Hannah hates me, we have no idea where Minty is, Teep's running rampant on the server-OH SH*T!

Duncan gets up.

Duncan: Where the hell is Minty!

Duncan runs back to where Hannah was. She had taken refuge in Teep's old cave. She seems unhappy that Duncan has come to see her.

Hannah: What do you want? I was taking a nap.

Duncan: Where the hell is Minty?!

Hannah: (suddenly alert) Oh crap! The mine!

Duncan: What mine?

Hannah: Remember when you asked us to go mine? Well, Sjin started disappearing from her picture because of the dirt in the condenser. So I left to find you-

Duncan and Hannah together: SHE'S STILL IN THERE!

They start to panic.

Duncan: What the hell are we waiting for?! Lead the way!

Hannah scrambles back to the mine, with Duncan following her closely. They run into the mine and find the hole Minty made into the quarry. They look all around in the quarries and the basement, but there's no sign of her.

Duncan: Hannah, over here!

Hannah joins Duncan by the ladder.

Duncan: There's a rung on it broken. And this looks like a bit of her leg cast.

Hannah: Oh crap. We've lost Minty. What's Sjin gonna say?

Duncan: Is Sjin even still alive?

Hannah: Please. We should've died, but we didn't. He's still alive somewhere. We just need to find him.

Duncan: AFTER we find Minty.

Hannah: Okay, I'll check by your castle and the surrounding area here. You head by Sips Co and look over there. Meet back here in 2 hours.

Duncan: (once Hannah is out of earshot) This is all my fault. If I didn't fill the condenser with dirt, Hannah wouldn't have left Minty. This is a disaster.

Duncan solemnly heads towards where Sips Co lays.

Part 26 next week. BONUS ENDING:

He sees a giant explosion in the base used by the enemies. He sees a scientist trying to close a portal. He sees four of his friends fighting a losing battle with a pale-faced man. Worst of all, he saw himself, wearing some sort of green spacesuit, reaching into his pocket and- A loud crash wakes Nilesy up.

Voice: Sh*t!

Nilesy feels pain all over his body, so he doesn't get up to see who's with him. However, as he begins to fully awaken, he recognizes the two voices.

Panda: Sorry about kicking the table.

Strippin: It's okay. It means you have good reflexes. Now, that arm's gonna take a while to heal unless you get some healing potions.

Panda: I understand.

Nilesy: Ugh….

Strippin: Nilesy!

Panda: Oh thank God!

Strippin and Panda rush to Nilesy's aid.

Strippin: We thought you were gonna die!

Panda: It's my fault, if only-

Nilesy: Don't go playing the "what if" game. It wasn't you who messed up. It was the traitor. He took a shot at you and I tried to get you out of there. The explosion was pure bad luck. I don't regret saving you.

The door opens. Maide and Teep enter the room.

Maide: Well, well, well. The two people who have been causing us a ton of trouble finally in our clutches.

Panda: We're already planning our escape you know. We're gonna get out of here.

Maide: Teep, you wanna bring him in?

Teep: (sounding as though he has a cold) My heart's not in it right now.

Maide: Okay. *turns to the captives* You can break out if you want, but it won't change the fact that the others don't know that we have a certain someone on our side.

The door behind Maide and Teep open. A person steps out.

Panda: Oh my God….


Strippin: No….

Before the three captives stood the man who sold them out. The man named Benji.

Part 26:

Maide, Teep, and Benji stands before Nilesy, Strippin, and Panda in their cell.

Teep: Maide, I need to talk to you privately.

Maide: Very well. We'll leave you four to yourselves.

Maide and Teep leave. No one speaks for several minutes. Finally, Benji, sounding as though he has something in his throat, speaks up.

Benji: I know it looks bad, but-

Strippin: BENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strippin charges at Benji. He forgets he's in a cell, and ends up trying fruitlessly to grab Benji through the gaps in the bars.

Benji: Strippin, I-

Strippin: GET OVER HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Nilesy: Strippin, get a grip on yourself-

Strippin: (rounding on Nilesy) NO! I WON'T! HE SOLD US OUT TO THEM! I WANT HIM TO DIE! I WANT TO KILL HIM!

Benji looks like someone he loved has just died.


Fed up, Panda punches Strippin in the face, knocking him out.

Nilesy: Thank you Panda. Can you please put him on the bed?

Panda drags Strippin out of sight, leaving Nilesy alone with Benji.

Nilesy: (in a voice both calm and full of anger) Explain.

Benji: Look, I didn't mean harm-

Nilesy: A little late for that.

Benji: They came to me as we were captured. They gave me to some zombies and told me that they would put me in a place you'd come to look for someone. It was Rail Bros. They wouldn't come to find us. They'd wait for us to come to them.

Nilesy: Why?

Benji: They told me that they put something in Strippin. Something that when activated, it will tears his insides to shreds.

Nilesy: And you believed them?

Benji: They had the technology. They demonstrated on zombies and Endermen (I was glad about that. They wouldn't shut up about some half-breed deserter). I only did it for Strippin. If I fed them information and kept us from gaining steam, then they'd let him live.

Nilesy: And I suppose getting us captured and nearly killed was a part of the deal?

Benji: They wanted you captured. I told the mobs to not kill anyone. I shot Panda in the arm so you'd go back for him and I could take you. That creeper got carried away when he snuck up on you.

Nilesy: You know you probably broke a rib when you kicked me, right?

Benji: (extremely uncomfortable) I need to go.

Nilesy: You know we're gonna break out, right?

Benji: I hope to be long gone when that happens.

Nilesy: (looking over at Strippin, then back to Benji) Me too.

Benji leaves

Outside the room a few minutes before:

Teep and Maide leave Benji with the prisoners. Teep turns to Maide.

Maide: What's up?

Teep: It's about the spacemen.

Maide: What about them?

Teep: (hesitates) I don't agree with draining the world of its natural resources and completely destroying it. Hell, anyone with half a brain wouldn't agree with this.

Maide: Well, I agree with it.

Teep is shocked.

Teep: Wha-what?

Maide: Well, we'll be immortal, and we'll have total control over the lesser beings, so what's wrong with that?

Teep: Are you insane? Are so power-hungry that you'd want our world to become no more than an empty shell just so you could control your own group of peons?

Maide: Well, the others did it, remember?

Teep: Yeah, but I-I mean they moved to this world when that was over-with. This would be us living in a world with nothing left to offer for the rest of time itself.

Maide: But we'd be in total control.

Teep: You seriously don't get it.

Maide: I get what you're saying. I just don't agree with it.

Teep: Well, I'm not going to let you go through with it. No one will. We're going to see them again and renegotiate-

Maide suddenly draws a sword on Teep.

Maide: No! I won't let you ruin this for us.

Teep: (menacingly) Put this sword down now.

Maide: Big words for someone on the wrong side of the blade.

Teep: We've been through a lot old friend. Don't ruin this now.

Benji walks in.

Benji: Guys?

Maide puts the sword away.

Maide: Think of where your loyalties lie, "old friend".

Maide leaves Teep standing there, looking as though he has no idea who the man walking away is anymore.

Part 27 on Friday.

Part 27:

Lewis and Simon are in Camelot. Lewis is pacing frantically, while Simon is calmly watching him.

Lewis: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! We killed Sips! WE KILLED SIPS!

Simon: What's all this "we" business?

Lewis: You're right. YOU killed him!

Simon: Yes I did. And it's okay.

Lewis: (looking slightly crazy) Okay? OKAY?! WE F*CKING KILLED SIPS!

Simon: He was supposed to die.

Lewis: (breaking from his rant) What?

Simon: Remember in his series? He fell in lava and died. Only Sjin was able to see him.

Lewis: Oh yeah…. I saw him hit his head on the way down. That should cause some memory loss.

Simon: Well, there we have it. All's well that ends well. Now you can stop b*tching.

Lewis: Why? We're still stuck in the middle of goddamn nowhere, with no one who knows what the hell they're doing. Forgive me if I want to b*tch a little.

Simon: It's not that.

Lewis: What?

Simon: You aren't complaining because of that. There's something more.

Lewis: I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

Simon: Look, Lewis. I've known you for years. We played WoW together. We built 2 factories together with Duncan. Hell, one of these days we're gonna defeat Israphel. I know you. I know something's bothering you.

Lewis: Nothing's bothering me. I'm fine.

Simon: (in a tone that clearly states he doesn't think so) Okay. Well, time for some sleep. Goodnight Lewis.

Lewis: Goodnight Simon.

Simon goes to sleep, but Lewis lays awake.

Lewis: I can't do it….I can't….

Meanwhile in the 2nd server:

Duncan walks over to the dirt factory in a depressed state.

Duncan: This is hopeless. I won't find Minty anywhere.

Minty (Duncan's Minty) then turns up right next to him.

Minty: Hi Duncan!

Duncan: MINTY!

Duncan runs up and hugs Minty.

Duncan: Oh thank God!

Minty: Oooookay. I promise to not tell you-know-who about this.

Duncan: *letting go* Sorry. I just thought you went missing and something bad happened.

Minty: Well, your fears are baseless. I am perfectly fine. Hell, my hunger's back up to full, which means that my leg's been healed.

Duncan: Awesome. But why are you here?

Minty: I don't know. I just….you know….felt drawn here.

Duncan: It's weird, you know? Seeing it here, all normal.

Minty: Before Teep and Rythian destroyed it.

Duncan: Yeah. Remember how Sjin fainted when he saw it.

Minty: Yeah. It was after Sips died.

Minty starts tearing up.

Duncan: It's okay Minty. Sjin's smart. He'll figure something out.

Minty: I know. I just can't help but feel that he's going through a rough time.

Hannah runs up to them.

Hannah: Minty! Oh, thank God!

Minty: Han-

Hannah: Quick! There's no time!

Duncan: Hannah, what's wrong?

Hannah: There's no time to explain! Minty, you need to come and help me.

Without waiting for a response, Hannah runs off. Duncan runs after her.

Duncan: Hannah! Wait!

Minty follows behind, muttering under her breath.

Minty: 'Glad you're okay Minty. Duncan and I should check your leg before I make you run off on some sort of emergency.' Glad to see that I'm loved.

Sorry for the late episode. Better late than never. They will be back on Fridays regularly. Part 28 on Friday.

Part 28:

Rythian, Zoey, and KP get out of the Sentinel and go behind the portion sticking out. They watch as Lewis and Simon try and make a shelter for Webley. After they failed miserably, they watched as Webley retreated back into the Sentinel. Lewis and Simon then go and look for a way to save Webley.

KP: So, what happens now?

Rythian: We need to follow them. They will lead to Swampy.

KP: Swampy? What does that idiot have to do with anything?

Zoey: That idiot might be the one who can save Webley's life.

KP:…Oh. What do you mean "might"?

Zoey: Well, in this universe, the farthest we've seen of it is when Lewis and Simon get the cure from Swampy. There's nothing past that besides fanfic.

KP: So, my universe past that point is unpredictable?

Zoey: Unless you're a fanfic reader or writer, then yes.

KP: What's a-

Rythian: Never mind that now. The point is that we need to ensure that nothing goes wrong due to our presence in time.

KP: Wait….Then how will me being alive not affect the timeline?

Zoey: People think you survived the fall in the radioactive lava.

KP: That's preposterous!

Rythian looks uncomfortable

Rythian: Zoey, can I have a word in private?

Zoey and Rythian head a few meters away and talk in whispers.

Rythian: Zoey, I know it's really awesome that we're in SOI and with Knight Peculier, but you can't just tell him what's supposed to be happening. It could have bad affects on the timeline.

Zoey: Oh. I'm sorry Rythian. I'm just a big fan of Shadow of Israphel.

Rythian: *smiling* It's okay hun. I'm a big fan too, and despite being worried about us and our friends, deep down I'm excited at the prospect of traveling with KP.

Zoey: *embarrassed* But at least you haven't been a geeky fangirl.

Rythian then hugs Zoey

Rythian: But you're MY geeky fangirl.

Zoey seems happy to be with Rythian.

Zoey: At least I'm not an idiot.

Rythian: No you are not. All it would take is one to jeopardize our current standing. Imagine 2 idiots-

Just then, they hear voices coming nearby. Rythian and Zoey hide in a sand dune and listen to the voices.

Voice 1: Although I don't think it's safe to be out where we can be seen, I love this idea you have.

Voice 2: Just think, we'll be able to compete with those cookie-munchers in the consumption market.

Realization then dawns on Rythian's face.

Rythian: Oh no. Oh God no.

Voice 2: That Mountain Dew reservoir might have been the best thing to ever happen to the company.

Rythian: *looking up to the sky* I know that we haven't spoken in a while, but what did I do to deserve this?

Zoey: Rythian, what's wrong?

The two people see Rythian and Zoey.

Voice 1: Rythian? Zoey!

Voice 2: Oh my God! You guys made it out alive.

Rythian: Remember what I said about 2 idiots?

Zoey: Yeah?

Sjin and Sips run into view.

Zoey: Sips! Sjin!

Zoey runs over to hug them. KP comes running in.

KP: I heard shouting! What's going on?

Rythian: The beginnings of something catastrophic.

Part 29 next week.

Part 29:

Benji is sitting in his room, looking downtrodden. Maide walks in.

Maide: Hey Benji. How's it going?

Benji: I'm regretting turning on my friends. Turning on Sam.

Maide: Benji, you did the right thing. Our benefactors will reward you greatly for your contributions.

Benji: Yeah, about that. Who are they? When do I get to meet them? And what are their goals in this world?

Maide looks uncomfortable.

Maide: Wow. Sooooo many questions. Tell you what. I will get things ready for your next big performance.

Benji: What's my next big "performance"?

Maide: I'll let you know when it comes around. In the meantime, I will find something to cheer you up. How about I hire a stripper?

Benji: (tearing up) Strippin….

Maide: Okay. Bad idea. How about I let you build some rails?

Benji: Railbros….

Maide: (slightly annoyed) I'll let you make your own fun then.

Maide exits the room.

Meanwhile, in the cell:

Strippin is banging on the walls and shouting.


Nilesy and Panda are sitting on the bench in the corner.

Nilesy: Calm down Strippin. We know you're p*ssed.


Panda: It seems he skipped denial and is just going with anger.

Nilesy: No sh*t. How do we deal with him?

Panda: Easy.

Panda goes up to Strippin and punches him in the face, knocking him out.

Nilesy: Panda, we can't just do that all of the time. We need a plan.

Panda: They took a lot of things, but they didn't take everything out of our inventories. Let's see what we have in ours.

Nilesy and Panda check their inventories as well as searching through Strippin's.

Nilesy: All I found was some sticks, a wooden plank block, and a few pieces of string.

Panda: All Strippin had was a piece of rail and a piece of flint. I only have some-SCORE!

Nilesy: What?

Panda: TNT!

Nilesy: Awesome! We can blow up the door!

Panda: There's a catch though. We don't have anything to ignite it.

Nilesy: Well, what do we do?

Panda: (looking through the bars) Well, I can see that there is a chest on the other side of the bars with our stuff in it. If I can fit through the bars, I might be able to get something we can use to craft something to activate the TNT.

Nilesy and Panda try and fail to get to the chest through the bars. Nilesy gets angry.


Nilesy, in his rage, hits the unconscious Strippin in his head.

Nilesy: Oh sh*t!

Strippin turns over and continues sleeping.

Panda: Man, that guy sleeps like a rock.

Nilesy's face lights up.

Nilesy: Panda, you and I have done many stupid things together. This might just be my worst idea yet, but it could work.

Panda: I'm game.

Part 30 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Teep is sitting in his lounge. He is looking at a picture of himself with Rythian and Zoey. They all appear happy. Maide comes in, and Teep hastily hides the picture.

Maide: He's weak.

Teep: Benji?

Maide: (sarcastically) No, Ridgedog. Yes, Benji. He feels regret. He feels fear. He is spineless.

Teep: You can't expect this change to be easy. I mean, he did just sell out his friends. People who trusted him and cared about him.

Maide: He didn't seem to care about them.

Teep: Don't you remember? We threatened to blow up Strippin with some sort of device.

Maide: And that device wasn't even real. He betrayed them for nothing.

Teep: He doesn't know that.

Maide: Well, I don't plan on telling him. Do you?

Teep:…No. I don't.

Maide: Good. Then there's no problem.

Maide begins to walk out.

Teep: Maide?

Maide: (stopping) Yes?

Teep: You know I didn't mean that stuff I said earlier. About wanting to back out.

Maide: Of course not.

Teep: I was just nervous.

Maide: It's fine. This is literally a world-altering change. It's okay to feel some trepidation.

Teep: Okay. Glad we're on the same page.

Maide walks out. As soon as he walks out, Teep takes out his phone and calls his most trusted adviser: a wither skeleton.

Wither: Hello?

Teep: Hey, WIther? I'm gonna need a copy of the notes from the last meeting.

Wither: Sure thing. May I ask why?

Teep: Let's just say someone needs to know the whole story about who he is working for.

Wither: Sure thing boss.

Big one today. Part 30:

Hannah is running towards something. Duncan and Minty are behind her, looking tired.

Minty: We've been running for miles. What is the problem?

Duncan: I'm a scientist, not a track star!

Hannah: It's okay. We're almost there.

Duncan: Why can't you just tell-wow!

They look at Blackrock, which is now at the scale it was at when it was destroyed.

Minty: How long was I gone?

Hannah: I was able to make a replica of our world, complete with people made out of wool, on the Mushnet computer a half-hour every day in Minecraft.

Duncan: Wow. I moped for that long?

Hannah: Well…sometimes I would inject you with tranquilizers that lasted for a few days in an act of revenge.

Duncan: WHAT?!

Minty: Never mind that now. Is this what you wanted to show us?

Hannah: No. Look.

They see Teep in his tower, looking happy and reading a book out loud to a mushroom.

Teep: This is cool. Just as with over-worlds, there are alternate versions of the Nether that go with them. So, if ghasts in different universes hit the same spot, and it's a weak point in the fabric of time, matter in those universes at that spot get transported to one of those different spots.


Teep: I know! Alternate universes are fun. Except when you use 50 nukes. *shudders*.

Minty: Look at him. He is still scarred from the incident, but overall he seems happy.

Duncan: Wait, what? What was that about 50 nukes? And where are Rythian and Zoey?

Hannah: Look down there!

Rythian and Zoey are with Nilesy. They are planning to make the pool. However, they need a lava bucket. Rythian and Zoey take Nilesy into an underground cavern (Teep pretends to be mute).

Duncan: Oh no.

Minty: What?

Hannah: Remember what happened when Rythian and Zoey were off with Nilesy?

Duncan: Sjin kidnaps Teep while they are gone, remember?

Minty: Oh my God. You're right.

Hannah: That's why I brought you down here. We should try and stop him.

Duncan: We can't.

Minty: What?

Duncan: We can't alter the timeline. We need to let the war happen.

Hannah: You are unbelievable!

Duncan: What?

Hannah: After all of this, you STILL want this war to happen!

Duncan: No! It's not like that! It's-

Hannah: Now why should I believe you?

Duncan: Because-you see-time and space-unpredictable-

Hannah: Save it, d*ckweed! I've had it up to here! Why can't you think about-

Minty: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan and Hannah stare at Minty.

Minty: What the hell is wrong with you two?!

Minty runs off crying. Duncan and Hannah just stand there in stunned silence.

Meanwhile, in Sips and Sjin's Minecraft world:

Lewis and Simon watch as past-Sjin talks to ghost-Sips. They discover the tunnels where the cow and the pig escaped through and follow it. Lewis and Simon trail behind them at a safe distance.

Simon: In hindsight, we probably should have seen that.

Lewis: Well, we were hiding in Camelot because you killed Sips.

Simon: Oh, who cares about details?

Lewis and Simon continue to follow ghost-Sips and past-Sjin through the tunnel. Eventually they get out and see the Beafather's mansion. ghost-Sips and past-Sjin enter the mansion, and after several minutes, Lewis and Simon sneak in. They see ghost-Sips and past-Sjin talking to Guy the Sheep, whom they just rescued. They now go into the basement while Guy goes upstairs.

Lewis: That's where the Nether Portal they go through is. Maybe we-

Lewis sees Simon go upstairs to where Guy is.

Lewis: (whispering) Oh sh*t. Simon, no!

Lewis sneaks upstairs and peeks through the door. He sees Simon hiding in the corner, while Guy is rummaging through the drawers.

Guy: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Come on, there has to be SOME clue as to whom the Beafather is in here)

Simon sees Lewis and mouths words to him.

Simon: (mouthing) Be quiet!

Lewis: (also mouthing) Simon! We need to get out of here!

Just then, they here the door close downstairs. Lewis, Simon, and Guy are transfixed.

Guy: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (I'm not letting them get me again!)

Guy breaks the window and jumps out of it. Lewis quickly enters the room and silently closes and locks the door behind him.

Simon: (whispering) I was wondering what he was doing up here. Fans speculate he is the true Beafather.

Lewis: (also whispering) Well, obviously he is not! But who's in the house?

Two voices are conversing downstairs.

Voice 1: Sir, there is some lovely oak outside should you get hungry.

Voice 2: Thank you, Lenny. Did you guys bring your money?

Lenny: I brought mine. Paulie, Smith, did you bring yours?

Two grunts indicate that Paulie and Smith brought their money.

Voice 2: Excellent. The poker game shall commence momentarily.

Simon: (whispering) Who are these guys?

Lewis: (whispering) Simon, I think it's the Beafather and his entourage.

Simon: (whispering) We're screwed.

Part 31 next week. BONUS ENDING

Sips and Sjin finish explaining the 50 nukes situation and what happened to them on the first server to Rythian, Zoey, and KP.

KP: (whispering to Rythian) Where do Lewis and Simon find these people?

Rythian: Well, Sips is here because Lewis called him and asked him why they haven't had sex yet.

KP: Um….Come again?

Rythian: It's a long story.

Sjin: And I followed you out of the Sentinel. I met up with Sips, and Sips showed me an awesome area where there are minecart tracks.

Sips: The rails were near a pool of what tastes like Mountain Dew.

Sjin: Sips has been chugging it since he got here. I haven't tried it yet though.

Zoey: Awesome! Can I have some?

Rythian: Wait….Show me this Mountain Dew pool.

Sips: Follow me! I'll lead the way!

Sips leads Sjin, Rythian, Zoey, and KP towards a section of the desert where there is green liquid with Rail Tracks leading all over the place.

Zoey: Um, never mind about tasting it.

KP: Oh my God….

Sips: What's wrong?

Rythian: Sips, that's not Mountain Dew. That's radioactive waste from the Sentinel.

Sjin: Oh crap! How many buckets did you drink Sips?

Sips: (swaying slightly) about 23 buckets of it.

Sips collapses.

Sjin: SIPS!

Rythian: Well, this can't get worse. We're stuck in SOI world with no way to get out, We've completely lost Lewis and Simon, and now Sips is dying of radiation poisoning. Can this get any worse?

A bunch of zombie templars rise from the ground and slowly make their way towards the group. Zoey screams, and KP draws his sword.

Rythian: I hate my life.

Part 31:

Strippin's unconscious body is flung up against the bars of the cell. Nilesy and Panda pick up his body and fling it again.

Nilesy: My God, he is a heavy sleeper.

Panda: If he wakes up while we're doing this, I'm gonna kill you.

Nilesy: Relax. He hasn't woken up from the first 30 something throws. I doubt he'll wake up now.

Strippin's eyes dart open.

Strippin: *mumbling* Ugh, why do I hurt everywhere?

Out of shock and fear, Nilesy and Panda drop Strippin and back up against the wall.

Strippin: Ow! Why was I in midair?

Strippin gets up and see Nilesy and Panda all tired.

Strippin: Hey guys! What have you been up to?

He turns to see the dented bars behind him. In what appears to be in a split second, he sees the bars, Nilesy and Panda, and feels his back. He starts to look mad.

Nilesy: Now, it's not what it looks like.

Strippin: (seething with barely-contained rage) Well, it looks like you two were throwing me against a wall to bend the bars so you can get our stuff and break us out!


Nilesy: (sarcastically) Good to know you have my back Panda.

Panda: That's with Teep's forces.

Strippin: NILESY!

Strippin grabs Nilesy and holds him against the wall.

Nilesy: Strippin, I want you to calm down-


Panda: I think I can fit my arm through the bars, and-yep. Got it.

Strippin lets Nilesy down.

Strippin: You got lucky.

Nilesy: What's lucky is that after all of this time, no guards have come to see us.

Panda: Yeah, I was wondering that myself.

Strippin: Nevermind that now. We need to bust out of here. What was in the chest?

Panda: Some cobblestone. Between the two of us, Nilesy and I almost had enough to make an activator for TNT.

Nilesy: The guards probably got lazy or something.

They get ready, and they activate the TNT. When it goes off, they go running to see what's in the chest.

Strippin: Let's see. We have a few iron swords, some pork, my crowbar, and a stack of TNT.

Panda: Oh yeah!

Nilesy: Is my bucket in there?

Strippin: No. Maybe someone took it?

Nilesy: Valetius probably wanted his bucket back. We need to find him in order to get the bucket back.

Panda: Fair enough. Now, let's get out of here before the guards start swarming.

Nilesy, Panda, and Strippin make a run for it. No guards ever show up, however.

Part 32 next week. BONUS ENDING:

   *12 hours previously*

Benji is still looking sad in his room. A wither skeleton comes into his room.

Benji: What?

Wither: I have a package for you.

Benji: Leave it there.

The wither skeleton leaves the package at Benji's feet and exit. Benji picks it up.

Benji: Who would've sent this to me?

Benji opens it. Inside is a folder. Pictures of Spaceman-Lewis, Spaceman-Duncan, and Spaceman-Hannah fall out.

Benji reads what's in the folder.

Benji: Oh my God.

Benji opens his dresser, picks up his crowbar, and dashes out of his room.

Part 32:

Minty looks at the picture of herself, Sjin, and Sips. A single tear falls on the picture in a cave.

Minty: I miss you guys. You two are total idiots, but you're my total idiots.

Hannah knocks on the cave's wall.

Minty: Go away.

Hannah: I wanted to talk to you.

Minty: I said go away.

Hannah sits down next to Minty.

Hannah: I'm sorry. Duncan and I should not be having at each other. It's immature, and I'm a little emotionally unstable at the present time.

Minty: That's no excuse. I know about what you two were originally fighting about. Duncan told me. You two were behaving like children.

Hannah: I know. I'm just….mad, y'know? I mean, Lewis, Simon, and Nilesy are gone. All of our friends are out there somewhere, and we have no idea where. This thing with Duncan made me, just, snap.

Minty looks once again to the picture, and bursts into tears. Hannah comforts her.

Minty: Any ideas about how to find the others at least?

Hannah: No, but Rythian, Zoey, and Teep aren't in Blackrock right now. Duncan's looking through the house now for some idea. Let's go and help him.

Minty: *wiping face* Okay. Can I have a minute. I need to pull myself together.

Hannah: Of course. I'll be outside.

Hannah goes outside. Minty looks at the picture again.

Minty: Wherever you are, I'll find you. I'll find you and Sips.

Minty puts the picture away and exits the cave.

Part 33 next week. BONUS ENDING:

  • 9 hours previously*

Benji is sneaking down a hallway, avoiding the gazes of several mobs. He then darts into a door, where there are stairs leading to a basement.

Benji: I hope it's down here.

Benji sneaks downstairs and find an old computer. He transmits a message to the RailBros computer in the basement, hoping against hope that someone is there to see it.

Benji: If anyone reads this, please reply.

Benji waits for a minute, and he finds a reply that makes him ecstatic.

Unknown: Who is this? How did you find this computer?

Benji: It's me. Benji. I've hacked a computer over here.

Unknown. Traitorous bastard! I saw what you did! You shot Panda in the arm and killed Nilesy! You deserve to die!

Benji: I will not deny that I am the traitor, nor that I am a bastard. However, Nilesy is still alive. I saw him. He's locked in the same cell as Panda and Strippin. I want to break them out, but I need you guys to come over and help me break them out.

Unknown: Why should we believe you? You kidnapped Nilesy and Panda, you made it so we were forced to retreat the battle, and we're in complete disarray.

Benji: You don't need to believe me. I just want you to believe this: I will meet you at RailBros in a few hours. I think I can sneak out. I will come with no weapons and no armor. I will come alone. I promise this on my life.

Unknown:…..Fine. We will be awaiting your return. Don't expect a warm welcome.

Benji: I won't. Just one last thing. Who am I speaking to?

Unknown: You don't need to know.

The unknown person disconnects.

Benji: I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

Benji sneaks back upstairs and goes back down the hallway.

Part 33:

Teep is looking rather happy with himself.

Teep: I did it. Benji knows the truth, and now he's gonna put a stop to all of this.

The Wither Skeleton comes in.

Wither: Um…sir?

Teep: What's wrong?

Wither: Is it true that those folders you gave me caused Benji to sneak out?

Teep: Why do you ask?

Wither: Because the Spaceman-Duncan is here to talk to you about that.

Teep: Oh…

Wither: I presume he would like to know the truth. I told him you would be here.

Teep: What?!

Wither: I'm sorry, sir. I'm loyal to the cause. Not you. Had I known what you were doing, I would have spoken earlier.

Spaceman-Duncan comes in.

Spaceman-Duncan: Ah. Hello there, Teep.

Teep: Um….hi. How-

All of a sudden, Spaceman-Duncan grabs Teep by the throat.

Teep: Ack…ack.

Spaceman-Duncan: Your Wither-boy over here told me about some sort of copy of the notes from the meeting. Is this true?

Teep: Ack…Yes!

Spaceman-Duncan: Oh? And what did you do with them?

Teep: I…ack…

Spaceman-Duncan: You gave them to Benji, didn't you? Oh, man. I know you did. I wonder how many stabs it will take to make you say it.

Spaceman-Duncan takes out a knife.

Spaceman-Duncan: Will it be one? Two? Three? I'm in no-

Voice: Brother! Stop!

Spaceman-Duncan lets go of Teep and turns around to see a Spaceman version of Zoey wearing a purple spacesuit.

Spaceman-Duncan: Zoey? What the hell are you doing here?! You should be cleaning my room like the worm you are!

Spaceman-Zoey: I was the one who wanted the notes. I wanted to know what you were planning, so I asked Teep for some notes.

She holds up a folder exactly like the one Benji received. Spaceman-Duncan goes up to her and grabs her face gently. He speaks to her in a tone that is both soft yet patronizing.

Spaceman-Duncan: Oh, you have such a pretty face. Why ruin it with worry for your dear older brother?

Spaceman-Zoey: I wasn't worried about you. I was just wondering what you were planning. I wanted to know what was going on with the people of the lower class. Some of them are my friends.

Spaceman-Duncan: We don't need scum like them as friends. Just thought you should know.

Spaceman-Duncan lets go of Spaceman-Zoey's face, then proceeds to slap it. The slap knocks Spaceman-Zoey to the floor. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes and a look of complete hatred.

Spaceman-Duncan: My room better be spotless by the time I get back tonight, or there will be worse.

Spaceman-Duncan walks over to the WIther Skeleton.

Spaceman-Duncan: So, you thought you could earn a little power huh? You thought if you turn your boss in, you get a higher position, didn't you?

Wither: I didn't-you have to understand-

Spaceman-Duncan: I don't have to understand anything.

Spaceman-Duncan cuts off the head of the Wither Skeleton. It twitches for a minute, and then lays still. Spaceman-Duncan smile.

Spaceman-Duncan: Ah, I love the squirmers.

Spaceman-Duncan leaves the room. Teep is breathing heavily.

Teep: Dear God. What's wrong with him?

Spaceman-Zoey: (getting up) He's evil. He's insane. He's my brother.

Teep: Thanks for saving my ass. Sorry about him hitting you.

Spaceman-Zoey: You're welcome, and don't worry about him. He would've tried to find an excuse to hit me anyway.

Spaceman-Zoey gets up.

Spaceman-Zoey: I've been watching you. You seem to show regret for all of your sins and want them to fail.

Teep: Was it that obvious?

Spaceman-Zoey: I want to help you. If you discreetly sabotage them so that they continue to fail, I'll give you information that can help you do so. Maybe you can even kill my brother.

Teep: I don't know. You saw what happened because of the Benji thing.

Spaceman-Zoey gets a pleading look in her eye.

Spaceman-Zoey: Please. This is the only way I'll be free. How my friends will be free. I need your help, and you know you need mine if you don't want Rythian and my twin in this world to come back to something you created.

Teep looks shocked that she knows this much.

Teep: *sigh* Fine. I'll help you.

Spaceman-Zoey: Thanks. We have a lot to discuss, and not enough time. I'll meet you back here later tonight.

Spaceman-Zoey leaves.

Part 34 next Friday

Part 34:

Sjin is shaking an unconscious Sips while KP and and Zoey fight back the undead.


Sips: Ugh……

Rythian flies back after scouting the landscape.

Rythian: Okay, I found a safe place up ahead that we can fly to. Sjin, you and Zoey need to fly Sips over. I'll take KP.

KP: Wait, you guys can fly?

Rythian: Only if we wear rings. Now, Sjin, are you guys ready?

Zoey goes over and grabs Sips's legs.

Sjin and Zoey together: Ready.

They lift Sips into the air.

Rythian: KP, you might want to prepare yourself.

KP: (fighting back hordes of zombies) Now, wait just a minu-

Rythian lifts KP into the air. KP nearly drops his sword in shock.


Rythian takes KP over to where Sips, Sjin, and Zoey are. He sets KP down gently, but KP starts getting a bit wobbly.

KP: Please, don't do that again. I'm not as young as I once was, and the Taint doesn't exactly help me.

Rythian: (smiling) Okay, old man.

Zoey: I think Sips is getting worse.

Rythian and KP rush over to Sips's side.

Sips: Ugh…..

Sjin: What are we going to do? I can't lose him!

KP looks a certain way with a look of horror on his face.

KP: Guys….

Rythian: One second KP.

Zoey: I have an idea.

Zoey reaches into her inventory and pulls out a piece of dirt. She waves it in front of Sips's face. Sips suddenly wakes up.


Sjin: SIPS!

Sjin hugs Sips.

Rythian: Are you serious? You drank radioactive waste, and we had to protect you from a hoard of the walking dead, and all it took to revive you was a piece of dirt?

Sips: Well, maybe the radioactivity was pretty much decayed. I mean, look at KP. He fell in, and he hasn't grown a giant hand out of his ear or anything.

KP: Guys……

Zoey: One second, KP. (to Rythian) Rythian, what's your problem?

Rythian: My problem? My problem is Sips nearly died on us, we were attacked by zombies, we're stranded in the middle of a cursed desert, we're separated from our friends, and worst of all, I've-


Rythian, Zoey, Sjin, and Sips all turn around.

Rythian, Zoey, Sjin, and Sips: WHAT?!

They see KP staring directly at Israphel, who is looking at the 5 of them with equal shock.

Rythian: Today is officially the worst day of my life.

Part 35 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Benji walks the familiar path to RailBros. He goes to the building, where Ravs, Martyn, and Zyluss wait for him.

Martyn: Traitor!

Ravs: Easy now. Let's hear him out.

Benji: So, I talked to you Ravs?

Ravs: That you did. I've sort of taken over as leader since Nilesy….left.

Zyluss: You killed him!

Benji: I didn't kill him! I just incapacitated him.

Benji explains what happened when he was first approached by Teep and Maide, what happened when he brought in Nilesy and Panda, and the folder he received.

Benji: The folder told me that the nuke explosion that apparently killed the others didn't kill them. It sent them to an alternate universe. There are spacemen from another universe here, and they are going to drain our resources and send their lower class citizens here, as some sort of prison or killing ground.

Ravs: We can't let them do that!

Benji: Also, apparently the thing they stuck inside Strippin was a fake!

Martyn: So, essentially, you betrayed us for nothing?

Benji: No, no no! You see, they told-

Ravs: Details don't matter. Point is, they lied to you, and you want to help us again.

Benji: Yes. Now, I understand you're probably very suspicious of me, but I assure you, I will not attempt to sabotage you guys in any way. RailBros promise.

Ravs stands there for several minutes contemplating.

Ravs: I want you on me at all times. You are to stay near me and fight with me. If you leave my sight, I will give the order to kill you.

Benji: Fair enough.

Ravs: Good. Now, let's go.

Benji: Where are we going?

Ravs: We have a break-out to plan.

Ravs leads Benji inside, while Martyn and Zyluss follow.

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Part 35:

Lewis and Simon are still in the bedroom. Lewis is pacing frantically, while Simon is looking out the window.

Simon: Well, it looks like as soon as Guy ran off, a group of beavers came in and are now guarding the house. Looks like the Beafather is a pretty important guy.

Lewis: No sh*t!

Simon: Why are you panicking? It's like when we killed Sips. You just go on and on about how something bad is going to happen.

Lewis: Simon, we are in the same house as a criminal mastermind and his lackeys!This is not a good situation to be in! Literally no one would want� to be here!

Simon: It could be worse. We could accidentally run into Israphel.

Lewis: We've dealt with that kind of stuff before! At least we had help. It's all us!

Simon: Lewis, calm down. We had this same argument the other night.

Lewis: So?

Simon: There is something nagging at you. Something's driving you crazy.

Lewis: F*ck you! I'm fine!

Simon: Lewis, it's me. You can tell me anything.

Lewis: *sigh* Fine.

Lewis sits next to Simon.

Lewis: I'm always looked up to to become the leader. I'm the one who usually has to get us out of a tight situation.

Simon: Well, you are pretty smart. You usually know what to do.

Lewis: But I don't know how to do this. I don't know how I can get us out of this situation. We're stuck here with no friends and a bunch of crazed gunmen downstairs.

Simon: Look, Lewis, you're my best friend. If there's one thing I know about you, it's that you will always find a way, no matter what situation.

Lewis: You think so?

Simon: I know so.

Lewis feels happier with Simon's confidence in him.

Lewis: Thanks man.

Simon: Let's see if we can have a peek and find out if we can sneak downstairs.

Lewis: Sure thing.

Lewis goes over to the door and opens it. He sees the Beafather and his cronies staring at him and Simon. Lewis promptly slams the door shut.

Lewis: Oh sh*t!

Simon: Your shouting must have alerted them.

Beafather: Open up, or we become the crazed gunmen you think we are!

Part 36 next week. BONUS ENDING:

Nilesy, Panda, and Strippin find Valetius's room after much searching. Strippin and Panda guard the door, while Nilesy goes inside.

Nilesy: Where is it?

Voice behind him. It's right here.

Nilesy turns around and sees Spaceman-Duncan holding his bucket and Gretta the sword.

Nilesy: Duncan? Is that you? Why are you wearing that weird outfit?

Spaceman-Duncan: I'm not familiar with your version of me, but I am familiar with you're counterpart.

Nilesy: Counterpart? What? Duncan, where are the others? And how did you get here?

Spaceman-Duncan grins his evil grin.

Spaceman-Duncan: It appears that you, unlike your friend Benji, are unaware of us. All for the better I expect.

Spaceman-Duncan spits in Nilesy's bucket. Nilesy lets out a roar of outrage.

Spaceman-Duncan: Aw, you wike you wittle bucket? Me spitting in it is a justice compared to Valetius's use of it as a toilet.


Nilesy rushes Spaceman-Duncan, but he sidesteps Nilesy. Nilesy turns around.

Spaceman-Duncan: If you like your bucket so much, why don't you go and get it?

Spaceman-Duncan smashes a window and throws it out the window.

Nilesy: NO!

Panda's voice from outside is heard.

Panda: Nilesy, you okay in there?

Spaceman-Duncan: It's been fun, and I'd love to tell you all we have in store, but I think your reactions of surprise will be so much better.

Spaceman-Duncan climbs onto the window sill of the broken window.

Spaceman-Duncan: TTYL

Spaceman-Duncan jumps out the window. Panda and Strippin enter the room.

Strippin: Who were you talking to?

Panda: And where is your bucket?

Nilesy looks at them in complete shock.

Nilesy: Guys, prepare for a mindf*ck.

Now's the time for some predictions. In the original TT, Duncan, Zoey, Sjin, Minty, Nilesy, Lewis, Simon, and Hannah all survived to the end. One of them will not make it to the end of this story. Place your bets as to who it is. Also, any other death predictions you have, place them as well.

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Part 36:

Rythian and co. stare at Israphel, who stares back at them.

Rythian: (whispers to KP) Have any ideas?

KP: (whispers back) Stand and fight!

KP draws his sword. In one movement, Israphel cuts the sword in half. The top half falls lamely to the ground.

Sjin: Is running still a viable option?

KP: Yep.

Rythian, Zoey, Sjin, Sips, and KP run as far as they can. Israphel bounds after them at inhuman speeds. He trips KP and continues for the others.

Israphel: I will return for you afterwardssssssssssssss

The four get cornered. Rythian and Sjin hastily draw their swords try and fight Israphel. He knocks their swords out of their hands and slowly moves towards them.

Rythian: This is it, guys. Zoey, I-

Sjin pushes Rythian out of the way. Rythian catches a brief glimpse of Sips, but does not see Zoey. He looks at Sjin and Israphel.

Sjin: Leave them alone. Take me.

Sips: Sjin, no! What about Minty?!

Sjin: (looking resigned to his fate) Tell her….tell her I lo-

Israphel is about to make his strike, but just then, an iron shovel hits him in the head, dazing him. Rythian, watching this unfold, turns to where the shovel came from and sees Zoey.

Zoey: Take that, you white little-


Zoey: No, but he can!

KP, having clearly caught up to them, slashes Israphel with the remains of his sword. While the old man and the demon from hell duel, Zoey makes a Nether Portal with some obsidian she found in the Sentinel.

Zoey: We can escape through here!

Rythain: What about KP?

KP: I'll be fine! GO!

Rythian: (reluctantly) Fine. Best of luck old man!

Rythian, Zoey, and Sips run to the portal (but not before Zoey gets her shovel back). Sjin stays standing in his spot. Sips calls for him.


Sjin comes to his senses.

Sjin: I'm coming!

Sjin joins up with them, and the 4 enter the portal.

Part 37 out next week. BONUS ENDING:

Duncan is looking through B.A.R.R.Y. for some clue as to how to get home.

Duncan: Dear God. I knew this place was huge from what I've heard of it, but this puts my castle to shame.

Duncan continues through until he finds the monitors.

Duncan: Man, she has information about everyone here! I don't see Rythian tho-

Duncan suddenly hears the alarm upstairs go off. Nervous, he hides in the corner.

Rythian enters and walks around. He looks at the monitors with info on Zoey and Teep. He has a shocked, betrayed look on his face.

Rythian: Well, I guess I'm alone again.

Rythian takes his katana and throws it at the monitor for Sjin. He takes his red-matter pickaxe and starts to smash the outside of the monitor room in a fit of rage. Duncan waits until the sounds of smashing died down before he snuck back out unnoticed.

Duncan: This war…This whole damn conflict caused this. It caused Rythian to lose his mind. It caused the destruction of this beautiful castle and that amazing interior. And I wanted this to happen. It made me…happy.

Duncan kicks a block of sand in disgust.

Duncan: Hannah's right. I'm ridiculous.

Minty: Duncan?

Minty and Hannah come towards Duncan.

Hannah: What's wrong?

Duncan: Nothing. I couldn't find a way to get back to our friends though.

Minty: That's okay.

Hannah: DAMMIT!

Duncan: What?

Hannah: I just looked in my alchemical bag, and we're out of glowstone. I was going to use it for our camp tonight.

Minty: Isn't there a Nether Portal somewhere around here?

Hannah: Yeah. We could get some there.

Duncan: Well, let's go.

The three set off towards the nether portal.

Part 37:

Lewis and Simon were panicking.

Lewis: This is very bad!

Simon: How are we going to get out of this?

Lewis: I don't f*cking know!

Beafather: This is the final warning!

Lewis: I'm going to let them in-


Lewis: (whispering) No, hear me out. I'm going to let them in, and try to talk them into letting us go.

Simon: We're going to get f*cking killed.

Lewis: No we won't. Just relax and let me do the talking.

Lewis lets the Beafather and his cronies in.

Lewis: Hello. How are you this fine day?

Beafather: Who the hell are you? Are you affiliated with those two morons who keep kidnapping my lieutenants?

Lewis: No. Well, kinda. They're our friends, but-

Beafather: AHA! So you two thought you'd come in here and assassinate me for them.

Lewis: NO, NO, NO! We came here following them and-

Beafather: So you are admitting you came with them.

Lewis: No! Well, yes, but they didn't know-

Simon: (muttering to himself) 'Let me do the talking'.

Lewis: (turning on Simon and adopting a sarcastic tone) I'm sorry. Would you like to talk to the gang leaders?

Beafather: Your position can't get much worse, can it?

Lewis looks furiously annoyed.

Lewis: Fine. Give them a f*cking speech. If they put a bullet in your head, I'm not going to your funeral!

Simon goes up to the Beafather.

Simon: We hail from another universe. You see, we don't exist here, nor should we. In our world, we are frenemies with Sips and Sjin. However, there is trouble there. A madman named Teep has sent us to this world, and we do not know how. We're separated from all of our friends, and who knows what Teep's been doing? We need to get back to our friends, stop Teep, and restore peace to our server.

Paulie, Smith, and Lenny are teary-eyed. The Beafather blows his nose and cries.

Beafather: That was beautiful. You two can go on ahead. Go on and save your world.

Lewis: Well, that's the problem. We don't know how to get back.

Beafather: What?

Lewis: We're not sure how we can get back, so we can't at the moment.

Beafather: Is this just a cover story? Were you lying to me so you could try and escape?

Simon: GG Lewis.

Lewis: No, I mean-

Beafather: GET THEM!

Simon sets the floor on fire to distract the Beafather and his cronies. Lewis and Simon dart through the door.

Simon: You HAD to mention we didn't know where we're going!

Lewis: Just run!

They head into the basement and find the Nether Portal.

Lewis: That's the Nether Portal. Sips and Sjin probably have been in there for an hour or so by now.

Simon: Well, I'm not going in there!

An arrow just misses Simon's head. The Beafather is hot on their heels.

Lewis: Have any other ideas?

Simon: Sometimes I f*cking hate you.

Simon and Lewis jump into the portal

Part 38 next week.

Part 38:

12 hours earlier:

Sjin has been following Rythian, Zoey, and KP throughout the Sentinel the entire day. He snuck around them and got out of the machine. Other than thinking Zoey spotted him at one point, he got in and out almost unnoticed.

Sjin: God, I'm tired.

Sjin makes a small shelter and is instantly asleep.

He's in a place of complete blackness. Nothing else is around him.

Sjin: Hello? Is anybody there?

The world suddenly forms. It's charred. Burned. There is no life around. Sjin: Where the hell am I?

Voice: Our world…

Sips suddenly comes into view.

Sjin: Sips? Where the hell are we?

Sips: This is our world. The one we left behind when Teep forced us out.

Sjin: What? It was more….alive when we left.

Sips: Your actions….They caused this. They will set in motion the ultimate demise of yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

Sjin: No, that can't be! I'm going to help save it!

Sips: Just listen to the others….

Rythian suddenly appears.

Rythian: You caused Zoey to die. She could've been saved, but you let her do something that she couldn't handle. You sicken me.

Sjin: What. what- Duncan suddenly appears.

Duncan: You motivated me into war in the first place. I thought you changed. However, because you tried to "find another way", we lost a great person. I lost my sanity due to you.

Sjin: No! I couldn't have!

Lewis suddenly appears.

Lewis: I lost confidence. I didn't think I could do what was needed to be done. Instead of helping me, you took initiative and led our friends to their demise.

Sjin: I don't even know what I did!

Sips: And finally, the one you love most…

Minty suddenly appears.

Sjin: Minty!

Sjin runs over to Minty, and she grabs him by the spacesuit. Sjin: Minty, what-

Minty punches Sjin in the face.

Minty: You caused all of this to happen. Every bit. The choices you make are going to make in the next few days will end in pain. I hate you.

Sjin: No!

Sips: This is how your story will end. Abandoned by your friends, hated by those you loved, you'll be alone.

Rythian, Duncan, Lewis, and Minty: Alone….

Sjin: No! That's not how it ends! It can't be!

Sips starts laughing. Sjin: Stop!

The others start laughing.


Suddenly, Rythian's robes switch to a grey spacesuit. Then Duncan's coat changes to a purple spacesuit. Then Lewis's jacket changes to a red spacesuit. FInally, Minty's dress turns into a pink spacesuit.

Sjin: STOP!!!!!!

Sips's voice is heard from somewhere.

Sips: Sjin!

Sjin bolts upright.


Sips: I'm not laughing. Sjin, what the hell was going on?

Sjin: *breathing heavily* It's nothing. Just a dream.

Sips: Oh. Okay.

Sjin gets up.

Sips: Sjin, I found something awesome outside when I was circling the hand.

Sips shows Sjin the "Mountain Dew". Sjin momentarily forgets his dream.

Sjin: Holy sh*t! That's awesome!

Sips: Girl-Guide Corporation won't be able to compete with us once we put this on the shelves.

Sjin: Aw, cool! Let's go see this!

Sips and Sjin leave the shelter.

Part 39 next week. BONUS ENDING:

As Rythian, Zoey, Sips, and Sjin enter the portal, the battle between KP and Israphel continues. The old man's skill makes up for his pitiful weapon, but neither of them can gain leverage. Israphel draws back from KP.

Israphel: Give up, Antioch. Die with sssssssssssome dignity!

Israphel lunges at KP, but KP is quicker and stabs the remains of his sword into Israphel's stomach.

KP: Not today!

Israphel draws back from KP and flees into the sky.

Israphel: We'll meet again, old man!

Israphel disappears.

KP sits down and rests for a couple of minutes. Finally, he gets up and sees something moving in the distance. He gets closer.

He sees Lewis and Simon riding towards the Sentinel on horses. They have a pipe and some medicine, presumably for Webley. Smiling, KP goes off and follows them.

KP: A new day, another story.

BTW, that ending is for a possible SOI spinoff based on the events that have happened. If you like the idea or not, let me know :)

Part 39:

The remaining members of the resistance are moving back to Strippin's prison. Ravs is leading the charge, with Benji next to him.

Ravs: We're almost there, if my memory serves me right.

Benji: Yeah. It's just over that hill.

The group climbs the hill. Martyn calls out to the others.

Martyn: Ravs! Over here!

Ravs and Benji run to Martyn and find a bucket with filth in it.

Ravs: Good God! That smell!

Benji: Where'd you find it?

Martyn: Over there.

Martyn points to an area at the base of the hill, underneath a smashed window.

Ravs: Hold on a minute….

Ravs takes the bucket and looks at it. He shows it to Benji and Martyn.

Ravs: I think it's Nilesy's bucket. Look here.

Ravs points to an area on the bucket where the name "Nilesy" has been carved into it with a little heart underneath.

Benji: Oh my God. What's it doing out here?

Ravs: I don't know. Maybe it fell out by accident or something.

Benji: What do we do?

Ravs give Benji the bucket.

Ravs: I want you to clean it.

Benji: What?

Ravs: I want you to clean it. If you truly are willing to help us win this, then clean the bucket so Nilesy can use it.

Benji: (skeptical) What if I refuse?

Ravs: Nothing. I'll clean it then.

Benji looks from the bucket to Ravs for a moment, then takes the bucket to a nearby pond. He then begins to clean the bucket.

Martyn goes over to Ravs.

Martyn: I didn't think he'd do it.

Ravs: I did.

Martyn: You do realize trusting him is the biggest risk you could take right now, right?

Ravs: I do. Sometimes though, the biggest risks are the ones worth taking.

Zylus comes over.

Zylus: Ravs? What's going on?

Ravs: We found Nilesy's bucket. Once Benji's done cleaning it, we're going to advance.

Zylus: Yeah…there's a slight problem with that.

Ravs: What's wrong?

Zylus: Oh, nothing. Just a giant horde of the undead coming from the prison complex.

Benji comes back over.

Benji: It's clean.

Ravs takes the bucket.

Ravs: Sparkling.

Ravs puts the bucket in his inventory. Benji looks over and sees the undead breaking out.

Martyn: Man, they look pissed.

Benji: Probably because I locked them in a basement.

Ravs: You locked them in the basement?

Benji: Hey, made life easier for Nilesy and the others.

Zylus: Wanna go fight them?

Ravs cracks a smile.

Ravs: Time to do things the Scottish way.

Meanwhile in the prison.

Nilesy, Panda, and Strippin are sneaking their way through the prison. After a while, they rest in a closet. Strippin sits on a bucket in one corner, while Panda and Nilesy talk in another.

Panda: So, if I'm hearing you correctly, you met Duncan, but you didn't…?

Nilesy: This guy wasn't Duncan. He didn't know where the others were. He was wearing some sort of purple spacesuit.

Panda: Spacesuit?

Nilesy: From Sips and Sjin's Spacemen series. This isn't the first time though. I've been having a recurring nightmare of myself as the green one.

Panda: Well, maybe they're-

Strippin: GOD DAMMIT!

Strippin throws the bucket against the wall and curls on the floor.

Nilesy: (whispering to Panda) What's wrong with him?

Panda: Think about what's he's been through. He's been kidnapped, forced into a cell, and his best friend's betrayed him.

Nilesy: Think we should talk to him?

Panda: You should. You're our only hope in getting out right now, so I think you should give him some words of wisdom.

Nilesy: Okay.

Nilesy goes over and sits next to Strippin.

Nilesy: Hi Strippin.

Strippin: Go away.

Nilesy: What's wrong?

Strippin: What's wrong is in a minute I'm gonna hurt my hand on your face.

Nilesy: Now Strippin. That's no way to talk to your friends.

Strippin: I'm not a 5-year-old. Talk to me like an adult.

Nilesy: Then do the same.

Strippin sighs, sits up, and faces Nilesy.

Strippin: Benji. I still don't believe he would do such a thing like that.

Nilesy: I would never have thought it.

Strippin: Do you think there's a chance that, somewhere deep down, he regrets what he did?

Nilesy: I…I'm not sure. I don't know if he regrets what he did.

Strippin: I like to think he does. I like to think that maybe, one day, he'll come back and redeem himself.

Nilesy: Never lose hope, Strippin. It's what got us this far. (in head) It'll probably be snowy in hell before that happens though.

Panda: Guys? Do you hear that?

The three go over to the door and listen to the outside.

Nilesy: Are the monsters…dying?

Panda: What the hell's going on? We're inside.

Strippin: Well, time to go and see.

The three exit the closet.

Part 40 next week. Also, pay attention to the parts, as they are a hint to which one will end True Tekkit: Rebirth.

Part 40:

Nilesy, Panda, and Strippin leave their closet and look for the disturbance. Just as they poke their heads out, they hear an explosion and are blown backwards.

Strippin: (recovering) What the hell was that?

Very posh British accent: There is plenty more where that came from, you rogues!

Nilesy: Was that Bertie?

They see mobs leaving through a pair of doors towards the explosion. The trio sneak by them.

There is a giant hole in the wall where there was once a room.

Panda: What the hell happened here?

Strippin: Look down there!

The three look down and see the resistance fighting the horde of the undead.

Nilesy: They came! They came for us!

Panda: I knew they would!

Strippin: (squinting in the distance) Is that-

Ravs sees them in the hole and calls to them.


Strippin: You bet your ass we are!

Ravs: Come on down here and fight with us!

Panda: We're coming!

Strippin grabs his crowbar and jumps off the edge of the hole. He positions his crowbar so he chokes a zombie with as he lands, cushioning his fall. Panda takes two pieces of TNT, lights one, and is propelled with the second one, jumping off right before the second explosion. Nilesy just stands there.

Nilesy: I can't get down!

Ravs: Here! Catch!

Nilesy, unprepared, catches something metal in his stomach. It knocks the wind out of him. When he gets up, he looks and sees what hit him.

It's his bucket. All clean.

Nilesy: How-?

Ravs: Doesn't matter! Find some water and get down here!

Nilesy finds a small puddle nearby from a broken pipe. He scoops up the water, makes a waterfall, and rides it down to the ground.

The resistance members stop for a minute to stare at Nilesy. Nilesy stands motionless for a second.

Nilesy: Well, what are you waiting for? CHARGE!

The two sides meet, and battle ensues. Far away from Nilesy, Strippin, and Panda, Ravs and Benji are fighting an army of creepers.

Benji: (looking towards Strippin) I think he's getting overwhelmed!

Ravs: Go over and help him then!

Benji: Will he let me?

Ravs: I don't think he's in a position to argue to be honest.

Benji hesitates a minute, and gives Ravs his crowbar.

Benji: Take this for me. I'll use my sword for this.

Ravs: Sure thing.

Benji races over to Strippin.

Strippin is starting to get overwhelmed by zombies.

Strippin: Nilesy! Help me!

Nilesy: I'm coming!

Nilesy tries to help, but gets swamped by zombies and can't get to Strippin.

Strippin: Nilesy!

Zombies begin to close in on Strippin, but one gets cut in half.

Strippin: What the hell?

The zombies start to swarm around Benji, who has just come to help Strippin. Benji cuts them down to size. Nilesy makes it over to the two.

Nilesy and Strippin: Benji?

Panda slices a path to the three. All around them, the resistance members are finishing off the zombies. Finally, Toby kills the final zombie. Everyone gathers around Nilesy, Panda, Strippin, and Benji. Everyone stares at Strippin and Benji.

Strippin: You saved my life.

Benji: I couldn't let you die then. After all I did to get you out.

Strippin: You got us out?

Ravs: Go on, Benji. Tell him your story.

Benji tells the story of how he regretted his decision to betray them the minute he did it. He told them about the mysterious file that told of the spacemen, the others getting sent to alternate universes, and there not being any weird machine in Strippin. He told them how he came back to Rail Bros to help Ravs and the resistance, and how he stayed with Ravs the whole time because of how mistrusted he was. He told them about cleaning Nilesy's bucket when it needed it.

Benji: I really, really regret what I did. If you hate me, I totally understand. I just want you to know the facts, and how I feel. *walks up to Strippin* I'm sorry, Sam. I truly am.

Strippin stares into Benji's eyes for a minute. Then Strippin punches Benji in the face.

Benji: (getting up) I deserved that.

Strippin: Benji, the only reason I'm not going all Half-Life on you is because you did all of…this to redeem yourself. I'm still probably going to kick your ass though.

Strippin looks to the group.

Strippin: Alright, I saw him use a sword. Who here has his crowbar?

Ravs takes the crowbar and tosses it to Strippin, who catches it. Strippin takes out his as wall. He now is dual-wielding the crowbars. Benji covers his face.

Benji: Please, not the face or junk.

Strippin throws Benji's crowbar at his feet.

Strippin: You're a dumbass Benji. And I will be beating you up later. But you're also a Railbro, and right now we can't afford to be fighting each other.

Strippin sticks out his hand,

Strippin: Until Teep and Maide are taken down, Railbro?

Benji smiles (despite having a black eye), and grips Strippin's hand.

Benji: Railbro.

The crowd claps.

Nilesy: I hate to sh*t on a touching moment, but what do we do next?

Ravs: Um….

Martyn: Hey, there's a Nether Portal over there!

Nilesy looks to where he's pointing and sees a Portal.

Nilesy: Wait…there's a portal near Lombucket as well. Maybe, if we travel through the Nether, we can get out through the Lombucket portal and head back to Railbros from there!

Benji: We have some time. Why don't we all catch up?

Many people mutter their approval.

Panda: As much as I'd like that, I don't think it's an option!

Mobs from the prison are now breaking out. There are hundreds of them. And they are now charging towards the group.

Strippin: I think it's best we save that stuff for later.

Nilesy: Let's MOVE, people! Don't want to be zombie food, do you?

The group, with Nilesy in the lead, make a mad dash towards the portal.

Sorry for no new episode last week. It took a LONG time to write. It'll be out on Friday. In the meantime, why not post any speculations you have? I'll see you on Friday with a new episode :D

Here's the penultimate episode (it's pretty long). Part 41:

Lewis and Simon are running through the Nether. After a while, they make it to a patch of soul sand.

Lewis: (breathing heavily) I think we lost them back at that group of blazes!

Simon: (also breathing heavily) Thank God. My little dwarven legs can't take much more running!

Lewis: We need to keep going. We might be able to find the Nether Portal Sips and Sjin come across in season 3 of their series.

Simon: Give me five f*cking minutes! We ran about 10 miles straight. Christ knows how far that is in the overworked!

Lewis: Fair enough. Can you at least clear some of this soul sand? I don't want to have to deal with it when we have to go across, and I don't have the shovel. You don't have to do all of it.

Simon: Of course. At least it's digging. I've missed doing that.

Simon takes out his iron shovel and starts plowing through the soul sand. Lewis sits down and relaxes.

Lewis: I feel kinda bad.

Simon: Don't. You need to relax. I saw you bob and weave through those pigmen earlier, and that must have-

Lewis: Not that. I mean about messing up back there, with the Beafather. We wouldn't have had to run through pigmen and blazes if I hadn't messed up your story.

Simon: Look, man, it's okay. I was just stating what happened to them. I figured that we were gonna get killed anyway, might as well be honest with them.

Lewis: I know, but this was what I was talking about. If I can't be a good leader for you and me, how will I lead the others against Teep, supposing we get back.

Simon: We will get back, and you are a good leader. You just need to adapt to this situation.

Lewis: You think so?

Simon: There's no one else in our group who can lead like you Lewis. You'll be able to do us proud.

Lewis smiles.

Lewis: Thanks man. That really-

Simon: What?

Lewis: What?

Simon: Do you hear that?

Lewis: Hear what? All I hear is a ghast in the distance.

Simon: Come here.

Lewis comes into the trench Simon has dug. Suddenly, he hears something weird.

There's a loud humming going on. The area appears to move around them, as if smoke was distorting their vision.

Lewis: What the hell is this?

Simon: I don't know. Wait, do I hear voices?

Lewis: Voices?

Lewis listens around. He hears three different voices coming from three different sections of the area they are in.

Voice 1: Look, whatever dream you had was just that. A dream, You need to put this behind you, otherwise you're only going to keep hurting yourself and possibly others.

Lewis: Wait, is that-

Voice 2: Stupid goddamn wars. That's all that there's ever been! God, I feel sick with myself. I egged it all on.

Simon: Wait, that sounds like-

Voice 3: Look, Nilesy, we've been traveling for hours. Daltos's leg is f*cking broken!…..Well, what the hell are we even going to do when we get back? We have lost all of the crap that Bertie found, half of the team is hurt in some way, shape or form, and we don't even have a damn plan!

Lewis: Nilesy? What the hell is going on here?

Lewis and Simon spend several minutes calling the names of the people they heard.

Simon: This is f*cking weird.

Lewis: I don't know what-OH SH*T SIMON LOOK OUT!!!!!!

Lewis pulls Simon to the ground just as a fireball from a ghast blows up the mysterious area.


Hannah and Minty are gathering glowstone. Duncan is looking over some notes he has. A pool of soul sand is nearby

Duncan: So, the X and Y coordinates are X:375 and Y:34, which is where we are now. So the Z will be….DAMMIT!

Hannah stops mining glowstone.

Hannah: What's wrong?

Duncan: I never told you what I was doing in Blackrock, did I?

Hannah: No. What were you doing?

Duncan: I was trying to find a way back to our server.

Hannah: You found that book that Sjin read?

Minty looks up, suddenly interested.

Duncan: Yeah. I took some notes because I couldn't take it, otherwise we would affect the time-stream because Sjin needs to see it.

Hannah: I see.

Hannah sits down next to Duncan.

Hannah: Are you okay?

Duncan: Stupid goddamn wars. That's all that there's ever been! God, I feel sick with myself. I egged it all on.

Hannah doesn't answer for a minute. Minty is looking over to the right.

Hannah: The fact you said that, the fact that you acknowledge that you are unhappy with how you were in the past shows how much you changed.

Duncan: You think so?

Hannah: I'm going to be honest with you. You were a bastard a while ago. You've done some things that were very despicable. However, I know that deep down, you're a caring person.

Duncan: These wars…do you think they'll ever end?

Hannah: With us, no. There's always going to be war between the members of the Yogscast. We're all idiots. However, one day you'll heal those you hurt.

Duncan: What, stop a war?

Hannah: Hey, you never know.

Duncan hugs Hannah.

Duncan: You're a great friend, Hannah.

Hannah: Thanks Duncan. I-

Duncan: Minty? What are you doing?

Hannah turns her head. Minty is standing in a certain area, her arms outstretched.

Hannah: Minty?

Minty puts her arms down and comes over to them, smiling.

Minty: Found the Z.

Duncan goes through his notes.

Duncan: X:375, Y:34, Z: 160! Now I remember!

Hannah: How did you know?

Minty: I felt his presence. He's close. Closer than he's been since we were separated.

Duncan: I hear voices! It's definitely the right place.

Hannah: Voices?

Duncan: No time! Quick, get in the area and dig up the soul sand!

It cuts to Minty and Hannah sitting in a hole in the soul sand, hearing voices shouting various things. Duncan is waving his arms at a ghast, trying to get its attention. Finally, it fires a fireball at them.

Hannah: Will this work?

Duncan: (still dancing) I hope so.

The fireball explodes exactly where they are sitting/dancing.


Sjin, Sips, Rythian, and Zoey make it to the Nether. They walk a ways away from the portal until they get to a soul sand pool. Rythian and Zoey sit together at the edge. Sips goes up to Sjin and smacks him in the head.

Sjin: OW!

Sips: What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you try and get yourself killed back there with Israphel?

Sjin: I did what any noble person would do.

Sips: That wasn't noble, that was f*cking stupid! Zoey was about to chuck the shovel at Israphel!

Sjin: Well-

Sips: What's going on? Is everything alright, Sjin?

Sjin: *sigh* Last night, before you came to wake me up, I had a dream.

Sjin tells Sips about the dream he had the previous night.

Sjin: I'm worried that I'm going to something stupid when we get back. Something that will make her hate me. God knows I've done stupid things in the past, what with the stealing of Duncan's items and-

Sips: Look, whatever dream you had was just that. A dream, You need to put this behind you, otherwise you're only going to keep hurting yourself and possibly others.

Sjin: Look, Sips, you're my best friend. But you don't understand. What I did makes me sick with myself. When we went on the first server after the nuke explosion, and you suggested changing is so it never happened, the idea appealed to me so much.

Sips: After I failed the first time, and had about 30 of my bones shatter simultaneously, I then realized that we would be unprepared in a new timestream, and perhaps we wouldn't even remember anything.

Zoey comes over.

Zoey: That would effectively create a paradox. You probably would've done more harm than good Sjin.

Sjin starts to tear up.

Sjin: Why did I have to cause this? First I help blow up the old server, then I kidnap Teep and caused him to turn evil. All I've ever done is hurt people, Zoey, and you and Rythian got the worst of it.

Zoey: Rythian and I haven't been innocent either. We both killed Teep on the second server when he got out of control.

Sjin: You had to. He would've killed you without a second thought.

Zoey: We should never have done that. Rythian and I were talking before he went to go get some soul sand. He said that even after everything Teep's done, he thinks there's hope.

Sips: You really think that?

Zoey: Yes. Deep down, there's still our dinosaur there. He's just angry and upset.

Zoey turns to Sjin. Before she speaks, Rythian calls out to them.

Rythian: GUYS! Come here!

Sjin, Sips, and Zoey go over to where Rythian is.

Sips: What's u-what the hell?

Sips, Sjin, and Zoey start hearing voices.

Voice 1: DUNCAN?! SIPS?! HELLO?!

Sips: What? I don't know-


Rythian: Who is stupid enough to-

Sjin suddenly has a look of realization on his face.

Voice 3: Look, I'm doing my best over here! You think I want to lead 10 people across 500 f*cking miles of soul sand?

Sjin starts digging up some soul sand.

Rythian: Sjin, what are you-

Sjin: Stand in the crater!

Zoey: Um, should be concerned about the ghast coming our way?

Sjin: No. That's good.

Rythian: What the hell are you doing Sjin?

Sjin: Getting us home.

Sips: Was it in that f*cking book?

Sjin: Yeah.

Sjin explains how at the same coordinates in 4 different universes in the Nether, matter in 3 of those universes will go into the 4th.

Rythian: Oh my God….

Zoey: So, those voices…One of them is Duncan…

Sjin: Yeah. Duncan apparently knows as well. I don't know how though. The voices calling for Sips and Duncan sound like Lewis and Simon, so they are aware of it as well-

Rythian: And the last one is Nilesy! There are five worlds: SOI, server 1, server 2-

Sjin: Mine and Sips's world.

Zoey: And server 3! Nilesy didn't get sent to another universe, and since some of us were sent to server 2, that means that-

Sips: GHAST!

Sjin: Yes, that's the whole point of-

Sips: No, there's a ghast COMING TOWARDS US!!!!!

A ghast suddenly appears.

Rythian: GET DOWN!


Rythian and Zoey lie down and hug each other for protection in the crater. Sips and Sjin crouch down next to them.

Sips: If this doesn't work, that's it Sjin. I'm f*cking done. You're fired.

Sjin: It'll work. Trust-

The area gets blown up.

Final episode next week

Here it is…the final episode of True Tekkit-Rebirth (never mentioned this before, thanks to the user Luna Laufeyson for originally coming up with the title). Without further ado… … … … … … … … … ... JK. On with it.

The group of rebels, chased by the swarm of zombies, run towards the portal. Nilesy leads them, and Ravs is right by his side.

Nilesy: There it is. Everyone, just go-OH F*CK YOU!

A group of mobs come out near the portal.

Ravs: I'll hold them off. You get everyone safely inside!

Ravs runs to the mobs and starts brawling with them. Nilesy stops for a second.

Nilesy: Scottish love?

Ravs: Oh yeah.

Nilesy runs over to the portal and stands next to it. Zylus is the first person to get to the portal.

Nilesy: What are you waiting for? Get it!

Zylus: What about you?

Nilesy: I'm not going in until every else has! Now get your ass in there!

Zylus goes through the portal. Gamechap comes up next.

Nilesy: Get in!

Gamechap runs through the portal. Toby and Bertie follow as well, with Nilesy urging them along. Ravs is still holding off the mobs.

Ravs: I can't hold them off for much longer!

Nilesy: Faster, people! Mush!

Just as Martyn runs up to Nilesy, a creeper explodes behind Daltos.


Martyn: Daltos!

Nilesy: Oh, for Christ's sake! Martyn, stay here!

Nilesy runs through, avoiding 2 zombies and another creeper. He gets to Daltos.

Daltos: Ah, f*ck! My leg's broken.

Nilesy: Easy now, come on.

Ravs comes over and fends off the mobs.

Ravs: I'll cover you!

Ravs keeps the mobs off of Nilesy as he helps Daltos over to Martyn.

Nilesy: Get him to safety!

Martyn and Daltos get through the portal.

Strippin and Benji are running up next. They unexpectedly stop and examine their crowbars. Two zombies jump out and ambush them.

Benji: Damn, our crowbars got mixed up back there.

Nilesy: Come ON, people!

Strippin and Benji throw their crowbars at each other. They both catch their respective crowbars and swing them at zombies, launching their heads off. Strippin and Benji do this in perfect synchronization. Nilesy stops urging them on for a minute.


Strippin and Benji get up to the portal. They run through.

Nilesy: Just me, Ravs, and Pan-PANDA!

Nilesy looks fervently through the crowd. Suddenly, he spots Panda coming up to him. His arm looks like it hurts.

Nilesy: Panda, are you okay?

Panda: Just a flesh wound. I wanted to make sure no one lagged behind.

Ravs suddenly comes up. His knuckles are bruised, and he is sporting several cuts, but he is otherwise okay.

Ravs: Forget creepers. Those skeletons are a right old pain if you're not wearing much ar-

Nilesy picks him up and throw him through the portal.

Nilesy: We don't have time for this!

Panda lights a block of TNT. Nilesy and Panda scramble through the portal. The TNT blows up the portal.

Nilesy and Panda fall out of the portal to the other side. The portal goes out as soon as they land on the ground. Toby and Zylus run to their aid.

Zylus: What the hell happened to Daltos?

Nilesy: (getting up with Toby's help) Creeper. Snuck up on him.

Strippin and Benji come over.

Benji: That was AWESOME!

Strippin: Felt like we were back in our hovel, building rails.

The rest of the group comes over.

Ravs: What now?

Nilesy: Well, when I first started trying to save everyone, I was hoping that I could save Strippin, and I'd hope he'd become the leader. I thought he'd be better at leading us.

Panda: Bullsh*t!

Nilesy: What?

Strippin: Nilesy, you know why we're all here today? Why we're all not in our own little prisons, or worse?

Benji: You, Nilesy.

Nilesy: Really?

Benji: How else would somebody have gotten my crowbar back from across the lava lake?

Ravs: And who could forget that awesome dive for me with that well-timed water?

Gamechap: And I quite remember you putting out the fire that was sure to have killed Bertie and myself. Martyn told me of a similar debacle that you saved him and Toby from.

Nilesy: So I made some obsidian. I put out some fires. Big deal.

Martyn: Big deal? You saved everyone here. In the midst of battle, you refused to leave Panda to die.

Zylus: You and Panda stayed behind until everyone else had gotten through. You even threw Ravs in to get him to safety.

Nilesy: You…you really think I'm a great leader?

Toby: It's why we followed you to Strippin's prison. It's why we came back for you.

Benji: You're a hero Nilesy. I'm not just saying that because your faith in me is hanging by a thread. I mean it.

Nilesy feels elated by these facts. He stands up.

Nilesy: The portal near Lombucket is out there. It's a bit of a walk though. Zylus, help Daltos. We'll get him a crutch when we get there.

The group moves on.

3 hour later:

The group is now traversing next to a sea of soul sand. Everyone looks tired. However, no one looks more tired than Nilesy, but his will to stay upright and lead the group through is preventing him from stopping.

Nilesy: Keep going, people. Not much farther.

Panda: Come on Nilesy. We need to rest.

Nilesy: We can't. We had enough of a rest in prison.

Panda: You know what? That's it. Nilesy, can we have a private word?

Nilesy: Sure.

Nilesy and Panda go off to the side into the soul sand. They dig up the sand as the go along. The group walks beside them off of the soul sand.

Panda: I was talking with Ravs. Apparently there's no more stuff from the underground room Gamechap and Bertie originally found.

Nilesy: Well, if the condenser's still there, we can make more.

Panda: Do you expect the condenser to still be there?

Nilesy: Well….no, but we still need to do something quickly, or-

Panda finally loses patience with Nilesy.

Panda: Look, Nilesy, we've been traveling for hours. Daltos's leg is f*cking broken!

Nilesy: We need to get back. It's our only hope.

Panda: Well, what the hell are we even going to do when we get back? We have lost all of the crap that Bertie found, half the team is hurt in some way, shape or form, and we don't even have a damn plan!

Nilesy snaps as well.

Nilesy: Look, I'm doing my best over here! You think I want to lead 10 people across 500 f*cking miles of soul sand?

The group stops to look at Nilesy and Panda.

Panda: Nilesy, I-

Nilesy: Skip it. I'm sorry. I'm just tired, and I'm hungry, and I'm scared. I'm scared I-

Panda: Shh!

Nilesy: What-

Panda: Shh! I hear something.

Nilesy and Panda go over to investigate. They hear voices shouting various things.

Nilesy: Wait…They sound familiar.

Panda: Is that…Duncan?

Nilesy: Yeah! And that's Sjin!

Panda: And Lewis! Nilesy, have we found them?

Nilesy: I don't know. How would they have gotten back to our univer-

Martyn: GUYS!

Martyn points to the sky. A ghast is coming towards them.

Nilesy: Guys, get back!

The group runs. The ghast is getting closer. Nilesy and Panda can't run off of the soul sand.

Nilesy: Keep going!

Panda: We're never going to make it!

Nilesy: Oh yes we are!

Panda: We're too slow!

Panda sees the ghast launch a fireball.

Panda: I'm sorry Nilesy!

Panda pushes Nilesy off of the soul sand. Nilesy looks up as the fireball is getting closer to Panda. Martyn shoots an arrow at the ghast, killing it, but not stopping the fireball.


Panda covers his face as the explosion occurs.

All of a sudden, a blue fog appears. Several loud bangs come out of it, followed by screaming. Suddenly, the sound of bodies tumbling to the ground is heard.

Nilesy: Panda?

The fog dissipates. Panda is standing there unharmed. He looks at the scene around him. Nilesy and the group do as well.

Ravs: Oh my God….

Sjin, Sips, Rythian, Zoey, Duncan, Hannah, Minty, Lewis, and Simon are all on the ground, huddled in 3 groups. They are looking around, apparently surprised at the scene in front of them. Panda stands in the middle of them unharmed.

Panda: What the f*ck?

Rythian finally gets up after a minute. He walks over to Nilesy and touches his face.

Rythian: Nilesy? Is that you?

Nilesy: (still completely shocked) Yes, friend. It's me.

Rythian turns to Sjin.

Rythian: You've outdone yourself this time, buddy. You've done it.

Rythian begins to clap. Nilesy, recovering from the shock and realizing what happened, starts to clap too. The group does as well, and the refugees start to clap along. Soon, everyone is applauding.

Simon: F*ck yeah!

Nilesy then collapses to his knees. Panda rushes over and catches him before he hits the ground.

Voice: Out of the way!

Hannah suddenly detaches from the group that just arrived and goes to see Nilesy. He looks at her face and smiles.

Hannah: Nilesy, my old friend.

Nilesy starts to drift off.

Nilesy: I did it Hannah. I did it.

Nilesy closes his eyes.

Hannah: He's not…

Panda smiles.

Panda: No. He's fine. He's just tired. God knows he's earned a rest.

Panda gently lays down the sleeping Nilesy

The rebels and the refugees get together and start catching up.

Sips has just had a brief discussion with Simon about their adventures. He sees Sjin by himself, staring at a group.

Sips: Who are you-oh.

He sees Minty in deep discussion with Strippin and Lewis.

Sjin: What if she resents me. I know we were only gone for about a week, but they could've been gone for longer. Hell, she might have been gone for a year. A year where she has learned that she hates me.

Sips: She doesn't hate you. She wants to see you.

Sjin: How do you know that?

Sips: I know her. Almost as well as I know you. Go on. Go over there.

Sjin takes a deep breath and approaches Minty. She sees him come over.

Lewis: Well, you guys probably want to go and catch up. *sees Zoey* Hey, Zoey!

Lewis and Strippin go over to Zoey. Minty and Sjin are now alone.

Minty: Sjin-

Sjin: I am a terrible person. All I've ever done is cause pain and misery to others. I have done so many bad things in my past. Sometimes, I don't think I deserve you. You're too good for me. I don't know how long you've been gone, but if you've come to resent me, I understand. I only want you to know that I was lost without you. I need you.

Minty stares for a minute, then grabs two fistfuls of Sjin's spacesuit.

Sjin: Notthefacenotthefacenottheface!

Minty then pulls him in and gives him a large hug. Sjin is surprised, but then returns her hug.

Minty: I don't care about your past. I care about our present. You're not perfect. No one is. But you're a good person. I can't imagine a life without you. I need you too.

They continue to hug for several minutes. Sips looks on happily.

Finally, after many more tearfelt reunions, Lewis goes over to Panda.

Lewis: What's the situation here?

Panda: It's really bad. It doesn't feel right to explain without Nilesy, but I can tell you that you haven't come at a better time.

Panda gestures at Hannah to come over.

Panda: We're looking for the nether portal that takes us to Lombucket. Are we far?

Hannah: No. It's around the corner and a bit of a way. We should be there in another half-hour.

Panda: Perfect.

Panda picks up the sleeping Nilesy. His bucket falls out of his pocket.

Panda: Could one of you get that?

Hannah picks it up. She calls to the group.

Hannah: We're moving out! Follow me and Panda, everyone!

The newly-formed group, with Hannah, Panda, and Lewis in the lead, go forward.

To be continued in the next and final chapter of the True Tekkit Saga. It's been a blast, and I'm looking forward to writing more. I'm also going to be doing some more with Bath Time With Sips, and maybe a short Christmas-themed fic. I hope you enjoyed the story, and see you all soon :)

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