This is a story written by a fan named Kalse1229

Part 1

Duncan, Simin, Lewis, Sjin and Sips are in the brewery.

Duncan: Sips, Sjin, for working here for as long as you have without betraying us, you two have earned drinks.

Sjin: Okay

Sips: Bottoms up.

Duncan prevents Lewis and Simon from drinking.

Sjin: Ugh, I think I'm drunk.

Sips: Me too.

Duncan: Why don't you two go and have a lie down for the rest of the day in your compound.

Sips: Sure. Come on Sjin, lets go sober up.

Sips and Sjin leave.

Simon: Why didn't you let us drink?

Duncan: I needed them out of the way so they didn't notice us sneaking off.

Lewis: Sneaking off? To where?

Duncan: My castle. Follow me guys. I have some people you might want to meet.

Part 2

Lewis and Simon apprehensively follow Duncan to his castle. When they get close, they hear two familiar voices.

Strippen: For the last time, unless Duncan says otherwise, I'm not letting him in here.

Hannah: I trust him with my life, even though he's brokenn my stuff countless times.

Strippen: you know who he's friends with. You don't know where his loyalties lie.

Duncan, Lewis and Simon approach the castle steps to find Strippen, Hannah and Nilesy waiting there. They see the three flying towards them.

Strippen: Oh, for the love of God! First Hannah brings Nilesy, and you bring these two?

Duncan: First, if Hannah trusts Nilesy, he should be let in. I trust her judgement. Second, these two are my bosses, and it killed me not bringing them in. I trust them even more than you two. They can be of help.

Lewis: Wait, what the h*ll is going on here? Stripped! Hannah? And trust us with what?

Simon: And more importantly, why is Nilesy here with all this breakable stuff?

Nilsey: Hey!

Duncan: Lewis, Simon, welcome to the Anti-Rythian Sqaud, we have much to discuss.

Part 3

Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, and Strippin sit around a table. Duncan sits at the head.

Duncan: Rythian has been acting up as of late. I put a nuke underneath his house just to show him I don't take crap from him, and it hasn't phased him.

Lewis: What's this have to do with the anti-Rythian Squad?

Duncan: When I realized intimidation wouldn't work, I figured that we had strength in numbers. Sitting at this table are people that I trust and have skills that could prove useful in the upcoming war-and Nilesy.

Nilesy: I'm sitting right here you know!

Simon: What's your plan of action?

Duncan: Before we can even think of a plan to defeat Rythian, I need to discuss a topic that will be very unpopular with everybody at the table.

Hannah: There isn't any decision you can make that ALL of us won't like.

Duncan: I want to allow Sips and Sjin to join us.

Everyone except Duncan: WHAT?!

Meanwhile, in the Brown Mushroom Stronghold, Zoey talks to a red mushroom and a brown mushroom:

Zoey: Look, Barry Jr. I know the death of your older brother Eggbert on Jeff's orders was tough, but you and Melinda need to tell her father Jeff of your affair...forget him if he can't except that. I'll hide you two and help you elope.

Teep walks in. Zoey hastily picks up the mushrooms.

Zoey: Hi Tee. What's's time? You know what, no! Look, I decided what Jeff is doing is wrong. He can go ahead and storm Blackrock and take out the red mushrooms if he wants, but I won't break into Blackrock. Ry-I mean Barry is my friend and I won't betray him.

Teep: (calmly) Then you will never leave here. (takes out Super Jim)

Zoey: Wait you can talk? What th-(get's knocked out by Teep)

Part 4

Everyone is shouting reasons at Duncan why Sips and Sjin shouldn't join the anti-Rythian Squad.

Hannah: Sjin caused you to help destroy the old server!

Strippin: He separated me and Benji for months!

Simon: Sjin made me think he was a god with a giant head!

Lewis: Sips beat me with high quality dirt!

Nilesy: They suffocated me inside a wall!

Duncan: I know Sips and Sjin don't have a perfect record, but they've been working for Honeydew Inc. They haven't betrayed us yet, even though they (destroys wall to reveal Sips and Sjin eavesdropping) LISTEN IN ON PEOPLE!

Sjin: Sorry, but we carry Terrawart around with us wherever we go. We saw you tried to get rid of us, so we couldn't help but follow.

Sips: I know we haven't been the nicest people on the server-

Nilesy: (mumbles) That's for sure.

Sjin: But we both want to stop Rythian, so we want to help.

Lewis: What do you think Duncan?

Duncan: Okay, but you two are on different teams for our upcoming misson.

Lewis, Simon, and Nilesy: What mission?

Hannah: Two actually.

Strippin: One team is to scout out Blackrock to see what defenses there are.

Duncan: And one team finds the one person who will be able to talk some sense into Rythian.

Simon: Who's that?

Duncan: Zoey Proasheck.

Part 5

While all the drama is going on at Duncan's castle, Farther away, at Blackrock, Rythian is trying to destroy the forcefield around Duncan's nuke. Rythian: (while furiously hitting the forcefield with his red matter pickaxe) GOD D****T DUNCAN! (Stops) You know what, I'll leave it for now.

Rythian goes outside and looks at all the mobs.

Rythian: Look at this land. Duncan would destroy it as soon as he destroyed the last world. It's sickening.

One of the mobs he's zoomed in on gets hit by an arrow and dies.

Rythian: What?

He goes down to the forest and looks for who shot the arrow.

Rythian: IT'S YOU! I KNEW YOU WOULD-(sees it's Teep) oh, it's you. What do you want?

Teep: No friendly greetings? You sounded like you were about to give out some.

Rythian: I always knew you could talk. I never had the heart to tell Zoey you were faking your muteness. Why don't you go tell her she can stick her "Super Jim" up her-

Teep: She's dead.

Rythian: (shocked) What?

Teep: She'd dead. Sjin and Duncan. They teamed up and broke into the Stronghold. They gave her a slow, gruesome death. I remember watching her blood run through the floor, although there was just enough left to form a puddle around the body. Oh the body was so-

Rythian: (close to tears) STOP! Stop. Please. What do you want.

Teep: I want to help you destroy them. I know how they think. I know lots of vital info. We can avenge her Rythian. What do you say?

Rythian: (calmly) can I have some time alone?

Teep: Sure. I'll be back in 4 days. I have some things to tend to. I will come back for your answer.

Teep leaves. Rythian goes inside until he goes to B.A.R.R.Y. He then starts destroying the place in rage.


Meanwhile, at the Brown Mushroom Stronghold, Teep walks into his room and goes over to his secret room:

Teep: He he he. For a master of sorcerey, he sure is a moron.

Teep activtes a hidden pressure plate to reveal Zoey in a cage.

Zoey: You're a monster! I should've let Sjin destroy you!

Teep: To late for that. Soon I will be the most powerful person on the server, and I will have the only person who can stop me at my beck and call! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Part 6

At Duncan's Castle, the 8 players prepare to depart for their respective missions: Duncan: Okay, let's go over the plan: I'm taking Simon, Lewis, and Sips to go look for the "Brown Mushroom Stronghold" as it's called to look for Zoey.

Strippin: Meanwhile, Hannah, Sjin and I will be doing some recon at Blackrock while Nilesy distracts Rythian, seeing as Nilesy is still on good terms with Rythian.

Nilesy: To be honest, I ended my alliegence when Zoey left, because what Rythian's doing is just wrong.

Duncan: Rythian still doesn't know I work for Honeydew Inc, so he won't destroy it immediately. We'll meet back there when we finish. Good luck team Beta.

Hannah: (mumbles) I wanted us to be Alpha.

Beta team is in a desert not far from Rythian. Nilesy is not present:

Nilesy: Okay guys. Duncan gave me a one-way radio. I can't hear you, but you can hear me. I'll use the word "Pools" when it's safe to enter Blackrock. I'll use "Bargains" if he's coming back. And one more thing: stay away from Newpool if you can. (To Rythian) Hey Rythian!

Rythian: You've come to betray me too?

Nilesy: No, of course not. I wanted to show you my new stand. It's actually in a snow biome not far from here. Follow me.

Rythian: What do I have to lose?

Nilesy: I can show you all the new prices on POOLS and POOL accessories.

Sjin: That's our cue.

Strippin, Hannah, and Sjin go to Blackrock (making a wide berth around Newpool) and are surprised at what they see.

Strippin: Dear God! Dragonfire?

Sjin: Just ignore it for now. We have a mission.

They walk up to the door.

Hannah: I once heard somewhere that bad ideas are disguised as good ideas at the time.

Strippin: Pray this isn't one of those times

The three enter Blackrock.

Part 7

Back at Duncan's Castle, Duncan, Lewis, Sips, and Simon wait for the Beta team to leave.

Simon: Why do they get to fly?

Duncan: They don't have to worry about their cover being blown. We need to find out where Zoey was last spotted.

Lewis: We know Sjin dino-napped Teep at the Captive Creeper, and Zoey broke him out.

Simon: But who would've seen. Sjin didn't see, and Rythian is obviously not gonna help.

Sips: Minty!

Lewis: Sorry?

Sips: Minty works at the Captive Creeper. She could've seen where Zoey went.

Duncan: Yeah... What are we waiting for? To the Captive Creeper!

Alpha team is almost at the Captive Creeper from the long walk from the castle:

Sips: So Robocop says "Hahaha. Do you honestly think whipping will hurt me?" and then the guards are like "We need to whip this Jesus guy harder then." End of act 1.

Simon: Thank God! The Captive Creeper is over there!

Sips: But I haven't started act 2 yet!

The 4 go over to the bar. They see Minty over the counter.

Minty: What'll it be boys?

Duncan: Sorry Minty, but we're here for information. When's the last time you saw Zoey?

Minty: (sigh) I know this day would come. I was working the counter that night when I saw Zoey and Teep escape from Sjin's prison. I wanted to warn him, but I had Martyn and Toby at the bar, and Sjin told me not to let anyone interfere.

Lewis: Where did Zoey and Teep go?

Minty: There's a hill over by the water that way. I faintly saw Zoey and Teep over there.

Duncan: Thanks Minty. You've been a huge help. Come on guys. Let's go searching.

Simon: Actually, I need a drink after all that. My little Dwarven legs need refreshment.

Lewis: Fine.


Simon: I'm back.

Sips: Good. We found the entrance to the Brown Mushroom Stronghold.

Duncan: Simon, do you still have the guns I told you to hold on to?

Simon: Yep.

Simon gives guns to Lewis and Sips.

Duncan: Just a little, ah, insurance should things go sour with the brown mushrooms.

Lewis: Well, as they say, geronimo!

The four enter the Brown Mushroom Stronghold.

Part 8

Hannah, Sjin, and Strippin enter Blackrock.

Sjin: Aw, I have the frequency. Just have to make one controller and BOOM!

Strippin: But you aren't, because we aren't here to destroy.

Sjin: I know. But I could if I wanted to.

Hannah: I see what Duncan meant by intimidation. Any second he could pull the trigger, but didn't. Anyway, let's move on.

The 3 move on through Blackrock, finding nothing but sadness in it.

Hannah: This was somebody's home. It feels-abandoned.

Strippin: All the more reason Duncan's looking for Zoey.

The 3 finish a sweep of the top floors, and see the entrance to the mine. They enter. They go down to where Barry was crowned, only to find a giant mushroom head and no stem.

Sjin: He killed Barry!

Hannah: Oh, God. Wait, what's that behind him?

They go down and eventually find B.A.R.R.Y.

Strippin: This place looks wrecked.

Sjin: So much for no magic.

Hannah: Let's see where it goes.

They continue through, and eventually come to the control room. Sjin switches on the lights, and all the monitors with information on them blare back to life.

Sjin: He was spying on us!

Hannah: No... This is called the Mushnet. Rythian had nothing to with it. Zoey did it for his benefit. Duncan told me.

Strippin: Anyway, let's go.

Before they leave, the space behind them explodes and caves in.

Hannah: We're trapped!

Sjin: Must've set of a delayed trap for anyone who didn't have a flying ring. Strippin doesn't have one.

Strippin: (mumbles) Sorry.

Hannah: Let's get out of here. We don't have much time.

The radio blares to life.

Nilesy: Wait. Rythian. I can show you all the new BARGAINS the stand has.

Sjin: Correction, we don't have ANY time.

Part 9

Simon, Lewis, Duncan, and Sips move through the Brown Mushroom Stronghold.

Sips: These mushrooms staring at me are giving me the creeps.

Duncan: Not much farther guys.

They continue until they find 2 parallel rooms.

Lewis: Okay, one must be Teep's, the other Zoey's.

Simon: (who has constantly been looking behind himself the whole time) Zoey's room is a good start.

Sips: I found a secret room in here.

Duncan: Let's go.

They move forward until they find Zoey's giant cage.

Lewis: Zoey!

Zoey: Look Out!

Teep comes in with his shotgun.

Teep: Drop the weapons, or Red-head gets it!

Not willing to let Zoey die, the 4 give up there weapons. Teep takes them away and blocks up the cage with cobblestone.

Duncan: What do you want, Teep?

Teep: Revenge, Duncan. On you and Sjin. You two destroyed the last server. You started a new one as if nothing happened. I ended up meeting Rythian, who was waging the same Cold War I was.

Sips: Then why are we here now?

Teep: Zoey leaving Rythian moved up my plans. Rythian is a great wizard, and very powerful. There's only one thing he has that makes him weak: emotions. He was crazy and war-mongering before. When I told him Duncan and Sjin killed Zoey, he lost his mind completely. He will be easy to control. He won't even care I spawned in mob spawners to help with the fight.

Lewis: You're insane.

Teep: Yes, but at least I have the prize.

As soon as he finishes saying that, a shotgun round bounces off the wall next to him.

Teep, Duncan, Sips, and Lewis: What the fu-

Another round hits the wall. This time it's closer to Teep.

Minty: Unless you want to become extinct, step away from the cage NOW!

Part 10

Hannah, Strippin, and Sjin are trapped within the catacombs of B.A.R.R.Y.

Strippin: We need to get out of here. Pickaxes?

Sjin: No, not even my mining laser. Hannah?

Hannah: No, I-Wait a minute!

Strippin: Pickaxes?

Hannah: No, but I have obsidian and flint and steel!

Sjin: We can make a Nether Portal to get out of here. Aw, but the portal under Honeydew Inc was destroyed.

Hannah: It's the best plan we have, so we'll take our chances.

Strippin: (finds trapdoor) We'll do it down here. He won't see.

They go down there and build a portal.

Above Blackrock:

Nilesy: Oh, by the way, did you see I've built a flying ring?

Rythian: You're flying, so I assumed you made one.

Nilesy: Oh, ok. (leans into radio) Beta team, withdraw. Repeat, get the hell out of there.

Rythian: Who are you talking to?

Nilesy: I-myself! I talk to myself when I'm bored.

Suddenly, the radio blares to life

Sjin: Hey, Nilesy. Hannah found a way to override the one-way communication. We just escaped Blackrock, so you can stop distracting Rythian now if you still are. Repeat, we are out of Blackrock, our mission is done.

Awkward pause where Rythian stares at Nilesy.

Nilesy: Well, I must be going. Thanks for visiting the Pool Sa-


Nilesy flies over the Nether Portal that Rythian's used, and finds Beta Team.

Sjin: Where were you?

Nilesy: No time! We're on foot or he'll see us!

The 4 manage to outrun Rythian.

Rythian: (forced calm) I need to find a healthy way to release my anger.

Rythian flies over to Newpool, where Zylus and Daltos are still fighting.

Rythian: Your fighting's pointless. I'm giving you 5 minutes to escape before Newpool's ash.

Zylus: What? What do you me-

Rythian: 4:55, 4:54

Daltos: See you later sucker!

Zylus: You'll pay for that one! Get back here!

Rythian destroys Newpool.

Part 11

Minty has just come into the Brown Mushroom Stronghold to help the Beta Team (Lewis, Simon, Duncan, and Sips) brandishing a musket and telling Teep to leave.

Teep: You are forgetting I have the prize, are you.

He removes the cobblestone and finds the cage empty


Zoey then shows herself behind Minty.

Lewis: Wait, woah, what the f***'s going on

Minty: What's going on is if Teep doesn't leave this cave, I blow his brains out and sell the rest to a museum.

Teep: Okay. I'm not an unreasonable reptile. I'll leave. But I will see you in the upcoming war. Goodbye for now. Honeydew Dink.

Teep leaves the cave.

Teep leaves the Brown Mushroom Stronghold. Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sips, Zoey, and Minty stay.

Duncan: Okay, now that that's-


Zoey starts attacking Duncan. He isn't hurt because of his armor.

Duncan: Zoey, what the hell?


Duncan: No, Zoey, you don't understand! I was never gonna detonate it!

Zoey: Why should I believe you?

Duncan tosses the controller to her.

Duncan: Because I'm giving the controller to you. Look, you heard Teep. Rythian's lost without you. He will destroy this world out of insanity. I sent a team to Blackrock to see if there was something that could help him come to his senses and (just in case) see what kind of defenses there were. I haven't heard back from them yet.

Lewis: What I'm more interested in is how Minty knew to free Zoey.

Minty: It's because of Simon

Lewis: What?

Simon: I figured we needed someone to help out should things go bad. When I went for the drink, I remembered Minty's loyal to Sips and Sjin-

Sips: She helped us with our excursion to the Nether and almost interviewed for pool boy.

Simon: So I gave her a gun and some ammo (Duncan let me hold the guns against his better judgment) and told her to hang back.

Minty: I hung back a little bit until I saw Teep and Zoey in the cage. I dug under and saved Zoey.

Simon: I'm having a look around while you grown-ups talk.

Duncan: Okay. Come on Zoey, we need your help to help Rythian and stop Teep. We can't do it without you.

Zoey: (pause) I want you to know I don't trust you. At all. However, I owe Simon and Minty my life, and they'll fight for you, so I'll come and help.

Sips: Now all that's left to do is take all these mushrooms with us.

Simon: I found a secret panel in Teep's room:

Zoey: Oh no.

Lewis: What?

Zoey: That's Teep's TNT stash.

Simon: OH MY GOD!

Simon faints

Duncan: We have a few minutes until he wakes, so pick up any mushroom you see.

Part 12

Nilesy, Hannah, Strippin, and Sjin run to where the border between the snow and jungle biomes end.

Sjin: I think we lost them.

Hannah: Well, at least Nilesy didn't do anything stupid that would hurt us in the future.

Nilesy: Uh...

Hannah: Oh God, what did you do?


Nilesy: Hannah showed me that...Hannah taught me this...Hannah helped me with that...Did I mention I work with Lombucket now?

(Back to the present)

Hannah: D***** Nilesy!

Strippin: Shh.

Hannah: What? Nilesy revealed-

Strippin: Shh. I hear voices.

Sjin: It's coming from that campsite.

Martyn: Hello everybody! I'm inthelittlewood, AKA Martyn, and Toby and I are finally continuing our Tekkit series. Now we want to-

Toby: What's that over there?

Martyn: Wait. Nilesy? Hannah? Strippin? Sjin? What the hell are you doing here?

Hannah: Rythian's insane. A lot has happened since October. We needed to scout out what we could do to help restore hs health.

Toby: And what's that.

Sjin: Zoey. I reported all this to Duncan. He said to meet back at Honeydew.

Martyn: Me and Toby can be of help. Just give us a gun and we'll do anything for you.

Strippin: Okay. Let's go.

Back at Honeydew Inc:

Zoey: He really did all this because of me?

Duncan: Afraid so. And me and Sjin don't exactly help matters.

Strippin: Benji just called. A big force is heading our way, and Teep's at the head.

Duncan: We can't get to Rythian until Teep's out of the way. Sjin, Zoey and myself are needed alive so we can reason with him. Sjin and I have Quantum armor, so we'll be fine. However, Zoey isn't as well protected as us, so she'll need to hide in the basement.

Minty: I can help guard her.

Zoey: If I must.

Duncan: We now have Martyn, Toby, Zylus and Daltos as a part of our army, so we should be evenly matched.

Sjin: I see them coming.

Duncan: Let the battle begin.

Part 13

Part 13:

Everyone is gearing up for the war with Rythian. The legions of soldiers are collecting firearms and ammo.

Duncan: All right everyone, battle stations! Teep has mob spawners, so he'll be trying to attack us with everything he has.

Simon: Before we begin the defense, there's one thing left to do.

Lewis: What's that?

Simon brings over Sips and Sjin

Simon: I know we've had our differences in the past, but you guys helping us out has been the most productive time in Honeydew Inc. (holds out hand) Friends?

Sips: Friends.

Simon: Now then, two others need to make peace.

Lewis and Simon push Duncan up, and Sips pushes Sjin up.

Duncan and Sjin are uncomfortable at first, but then they shake hands.

Sjin: Let's kick Teep's a**.

And with that said, the monsters invade Honeydew Inc.

Meanwhile, in the path that leads to Pig Island, Minty and Zoey are hiding there. Many explosions occur.

Minty: (sigh) That's an awful lot of carnage up there.

Zoey: Don't worry. He'll make it. He has quantum armor.

Minty: Yeah.

Zoey: I'm gonna talk to the mushrooms now.

Minty: Knock yourself out.

Zoey takes out a brown and a red mushroom.

Zoey: I'm sorry your father wouldn't see sense, Melinda....I couldn't stop Simon from blowing it up. I saved all the other brown mushrooms though.....Well, you heard Jeff. He didn't accept your relationship and chose death....Why does it bother you? You wrote him off as not you father years ago...Wait, did you just say what I think you said... Your pregnant? Congratulations! I'll go tell Minty.

Meanwhile, above ground:

Simon backs into the main Honeydew complex where Duncan is treating Nilesy's wounds.

Duncan: Take some bread and that will heal you. (Turns to Simon) Simon, how's it going out there. Nilesy was close to death so I needed to get him out.

Simon: Toby and Daltos are dead. Daltos went down saving Zyluss, and Toby charged them at a bad time. The rest need to withdraw.

Duncan: I'll give the order. (Goes outside) RETREAT! RETREAT INTO HERE!

Everyone goes and runs into the factory. The mobs outside are not going anywhere and are breaking in.

Sjin: Down to the tunnel!

Part 14

Zoey, Duncan, Sjin, Lewis, Simon, Sips, Hannah, Nilesy, Strippin, Martyn, and Minty head to the underground tunnel to Pig Island. About halfway, Strippin calls for everyone to halt.

Strippin: I have something to help keep Zoey safe (destroys a dirt wall)

Behind the dirt wall is a set of 5 railtracks and Benji waiting.

Strippin: Zyluss, Martyn, come with us and help guard Zoey. We'll meet at Sips Co. We have rail tracks to every major company,.

Duncan: God speed, guys.

Strippin, Zoey, Benji, Zyluss, and Martyn ride off.

Lewis: We still need to get out of here. I hear monsters coming.

They keep going until they're almost to the island.

Sjin: I have an idea! We can go down to the oil chamber I fell down. Remember.

Simon: Oh, yeah.

They break into the tunnel and hide in the chamber. However, Teep expects this and sends monsters down the tunnel. He then flies off, thinking the job is done.

Nilesy: No worries, we can just fly out the hole up there.

Minty: But I don't have a ring.

Everyone feels uncomfortable.

Sjin: Here, you can take mine.

Minty: But don't you need to survive? Your Quantum armor will run out after a while.

Sjin: But I need you to survive.

Minty: What will we do? We can't both leave.

Sips: Oh, yes you will (gives his flying ring to Minty and the rest of his crap to Hannah because of her alchemical bag)

Sjin: But-

Sips: No argument. Just kill Teep for me. Minty, take good care of Sjin:

Minty and Duncan pull Sjin out kicking and screaming

Sjin: SIPS!

Sips's final possession, a diamond sword, comes out. He fights until he is killed by a creeper.

Part 15

Zoey, Strippin, Benji, Zyluss, and Martyn are riding the minecart to Sips Co. They stop in a tiny cave.

Strippin: It's a bit of a climb, but Rythian can't find us down here.

Martyn: Ah, Lapis!

Benji: Funny. I didn't see that Lapis when I was mining down here.

Zyluss: (realizing) MARTYN LOOK OUT!

Zyluss punches Martyn just as he destroys the block, but accidently falls into the lava pool underneath.

Zoey, Strippin, and Benji: Zyluss!

Martyn: My Lapis!

The three glare at him.

Martyn: Oh, uh, why God why? How's that sound?

Zoey: D***! They've been here!

Strippin: Hurry up the ladder!

Zoey, Strippin, Benji, and Martyn climb up the ladder. They come up and find Sips Co in ruins.

Strippin: Holy crap.

Meanwhile, Duncan, Hannah, Lewis, Simon, Sjin, Minty, and Nilesy are en route to the compound. Minty's practically carrying Sjin.

Sjin: (heavily sobbing) why?

Duncan: It's okay. We're almost at the compound.

Sjin: (sobbing) I seriously can't take another blow to the heart.

They come up to find the compound destroyed. Sjin faints, but his flying ring keeps him alive.

Strippin: Down here guys! I'm sorry about the compound Sips.

Hannah: Sips is dead. He died in the oil chamber under Pig Island.

Strippin: No!

Zoey: We need to find a safe place to hide. The Castle?

Duncan: Too dangerous.

Zoey: Lombucket?

Hannah: Rythian knows my allegiance because SOMEBODY blabbed about it.

Zoey: Strippin's Alcove?

Strippin: Minetracks aren't connected properly. We couldn't get there without being discovered.

Zoey: Come on. There has to be a place to hide and regroup.

Sjin: (coming too) mountain...nuke facility...swamp...

Minty: He must be talking about the underground nuke facility he and Sips built!

Lewis: Let's go.

Nilesy: But we don't know the way.

Lewis: We'll find it sooner or later.

An arrow comes out of nowhere and kills Benji.

Simon: I like the sooner option, if it's all the same to you.

Part 16

Rythian and Teep set up the last Nova Catalysts Under Honeydew Inc.

Rythian: I'm not sure about this Tee. Are we any better than Sjin and Duncan if we destroy this server?

Teep: They killed her, imprisoned me in a giant cage above lava, and left you to die in a giant forcefield. Have you done anything remotely that bad on the server.

Rythian flashes back to killing Barry, destroying B.A.R.R.Y., and destroying Newpool.

Rythian: Still, they're gone. How do you expect to find them now?

Teep: Watch. It's my dino-sense. I destroyed Sips Co, and they must've realized it by now (flies over to hill and shoots an arrow. The screen says "Benji was shot by Teep"). See? Now they'll run to the last place they have, which we'll know soon enough. I'll kill the rest, while you settle the score with Sjin and Duncan.

Rythian: I suppose.

Teep and Rythian set off the Catalysts, destroying Honeydew Inc.

Meanwhile, in the jungle biome, Duncan, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Strippin, Nilesy, Martyn, and Minty still carrying Sjin find the hill:

Duncan: Here's the pressure plate.

Duncan opens the hill.

Sjin: (almost recovered) As soon as we are all in, destroy the plate and activate the Tesla Coils. I never told Sips I put those in. (starts sobbing)

Duncan does this, and asks Martyn to stand guard. The rest go downstairs.

Lewis: This is impressive. This is very impressive.

Simon: Uh, why do you guys have a shared bed?

Sjin: It gets cold down here at night.

Zoey: Fair point. I'm going into the cave to look for lava. I'll be back in a bit.

Hannah breaks the bed into two. She gives one bed to Sjin, and the other to Duncan.

Hannah: You need rest too. In fact, I have some wool and wood, I can make beds for all-


Nilesy: Zoe!

Nilesy and Strippin get Zoey and bring her back.

Zoey: Oh, my God! I found a tracking device on me! I threw it in the lava, but that's how Teep kept finding us.

Simon: That's how he knew we'd be at Sips Co.

Strippin: He tracked the minetracks. That's how he knew where the Lapis should be.

Minty: (realizing) Oh my God! Martyn!

Minty and Duncan rush upstairs to find a chest with a stack of saplings, a stack of Lapis, and a book. Minty takes the book.

Minty: (reading) You think Tesla Coils will stop me? Rythian gave me Red Matter Armor.

Nilesy: Lombucket's looking pretty sweet right now.

Sjin shows them the back exit he built, and they escape before Teep comes back.

Part 17

Duncan, Zoey, Sjin, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Strippin, Nilesy, and Minty go into the underground bunker of Lombucket.

Zoey: We're safe for now.

Hannah: Safe? They know Lombucket is a part of the alliance! They'll strike any moment.

Sjin: We got rid of Zoey's tracking device, so that'll buy us some time.

Nilesy: (mumbles) we would've had more if you didn't blow our cover.

Sjin: I'm sorry, what was that?

Nilesy: I said we would've had more time if you didn't blow our d*** cover during the mission!

Sjin: I did not blow your cover!

Nilesy: "Hi Nilesy, Hannah found a way to contact you. You can stop distracting Rythian because we're done pilfering all his crap."

Sjin: I didn't say it like that!

Nilesy: You basically said it like that.

Sjin: Do you know how much I've sacrificed? Sips Co is destroyed! Sips is dead!

Nilesy: And Teep's still manipulating Rythian. Face it. It's all your fault!

Sjin and Nilesy attack each other, but their respective armor doesn't allow the other to harm them. Strippin and Lewis pull them apart.

Hannah: Nilesy, why don't you come and help me give a tour of the island to everyone?

Minty: Duncan, Sjin and I are going to stay behind. We need to talk.

Zoey: And I need to talk to the mushrooms.

Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Strippin, and Nilesy leave.

Meanwhile, at Duncan's Castle:

Rythian: I got rid of the reinforced glass and the coolant. What's next?

Teep: We get the hell out of here.

Teep and Rythian back up and watch the Nuclear Reactor take out Duncan's Castle.

Teep: I'm going back to Blackrock to try and get rid of the Nuke.

Rythian: Very well. I have an important errand to run anyway.

Teep flies off to Blackrock, while Rythian looks past where the castle once was.

Rythian: Lombucket


Gamechap: Bertie, are you sure this is the right seed for our new Tekkit server.

Bertie: Of course. It was under the list of "Seeds you must NOT put in."

Gamechap: Bertie, you buffoon! (sees Duncan's Castle) Oh my, that's an impressive castle in the distance, I say. Is your render distance up Bertie?

Bertie: Oh, my word. That is one spiffing castle.

Duncan's Castle blows up.

Gamechap: I SAY! What in blazes?

Bertie: That was a nuclear explosion! It took out most of the castle! I swear I didn't do it!

Gamechap: We've only been on the server for five minutes and already you've wrecked it, you bloody vandal! (takes out golden sword of justice) Get back here!

Gamechap chases Bertie.

Part 18

After Nilesy and Sjin's fight, everyone except Duncan, Sjin, Minty, and Zoey leave the Lombucket secret base. Zoey is in the corner talking to Barry Jr. and Melinda, and Sjin is being approached Duncan and Minty.

Minty: Sjin-

Sjin: He's right you know. It is all my fault. I was the one who started pumping Duncan's stuff on the last server and got us into this mess.

Minty: Sjin, you might've made one bad decision, but you aren't entirely to blame (looks at Duncan), are you?

Duncan: I suppose I might've over-reacted a bit in blowing up your house. Besides, If I hadn't retaliated, we wouldn't of blown up the server.

Minty: Well, what's done is done, and all we can do now is stop Teep and save Rythian. And we can't do that without you Sjin.

Sjin: Alright, I'll bring that mother-trucker down and send him back to Jurrasic Park!

Meanwhile, aboveground, the tour is finished and Hannah, Lewis, Simon, Nilesy, and Strippin are at the dock:

Simon: Man, this is one awesome base Hannah.

Hannah: Thanks.

Lewis: But why can't I shake the feeling something bad is about to happen.

Strippin: I've had this feeling since we first arr-OH MY GOD THE JUNGLE'S ON FIRE!

Hannah: What?

Rythian: Why, hello there.

Nilesy: EEP!

Nilesy jumps into the ocean.

Lewis: What do you want?

Rythian: You see, there's the thing. I know you guys know where Sjin and Duncan are. However, I do not know where your secret bunker is, Hannah. I could find it very easily with my destructive powers, but I won't do that and ruin your hard work.

Simon: You're burning her jungle! And you don't call that ruining something?

Rythian: I shall make myself very clear. Give me Sjin and Duncan, and Lombucket is spared. You have 48 hours. So long. Make the right decision.

Rythian flies away.

Later, the four in the bunker are above ground.

Duncan: We can't talk sense into him with Teep around, even if we bring Zoey with us.What will we do?

Nilesy: Wait, what's that in the distance?

In the distance, Gamechap is still chasing Bertie. They end up on the runway.

Simon: I'm starting to get a really bad idea.

Part 19

Lewis and Gamechap stand on the cliff overlooking Blackrock with dynamite in their hands.

Gamechap: I'm quite sure I don't like this idea.

Lewis: You and me both. Then again, with Simon and Bertie making the plan, it was bound to be like this.

Gamechap: That is quite true, I say.

Duncan: (over radio) Okay, start when I say so. The others will lead Teep to the Crooked Caber and pretend to submit to his rule. Then we move in. Good luck. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, now!

Lewis and Gamechap chuck dynamite at Blackrock. After a minute, Teep comes out and chases them. They hide in the cliff, and Hannah and Simon come up.

Simon: All hail Teep!

Teep: What the hell?

Hannah: You have caused the almighty Rythian to destroy our homes, so we have realized that you cannot be stopped.

Simon: Come to the Crooked Caber for a celebatory drink!

Teep: (suspicious) well, Rythian won't need me for a minute, so...yeah. Why not? At least you now see me as your new and rightful ruler.

Teep departs for the Crooked Caber.

Meanwhile, at Blackrock, Duncan, Sjin, and Zoey prepare to enter Blackrock:

Duncan: Remember, don't come in immediately. Trust me, you'll know when the time is right.

Sjin: I thought she said she didn't trust you.

Zoey: These past few days have made me realize Duncan truly wants to help Rythian. I trust his judgment. I'll wait.

Sjin: Well, here goes nothing.

Sjin and Duncan enter Blackrock, with Zoey going in a few seconds after and waiting in the front hall.

Part 20

Duncan, Zoey, and Sjin enter Blackrock. Zoey hides in the entrance hall, while Duncan and Sjin go to the mage tower, where Rythian is.

Rythian: I've been expecting you.

Duncan: Rightly so. We've come to surrender to you.

Sjin: Here are our weapons.

They toss everything except their flying rings and armor on the ground.

Rythian: How do I know you aren't hiding any others?

Duncan: You don't.

Rythian: Fair point. Do you have anything to say, or should I destroy you now?

Sjin: Yes, we do. Teep has been lying to you.

Rythian: What bullcrap is this?

Duncan: He wants to control you and make you his pawn. He wants you to destroy us only for him to kill you.

Sjin: He's been toying with you this whole time.

Rythian: Why on God's green earth should I believe you?

Zoey: Because I'm alive.

Zoey walks in.

Rythian is speechless.

Part 21

Hannah and Simon lead Teep to the Crooked Caber where Nilesy, Strippin, Lewis, Gamechap ( who both took an underground tunnel ), and an unhappy Minty are being served drinks by Ravs.

Lewis: Look who's here!

Everyone except Minty cheers. Minty leans over to Strippin.

Minty: I'm buying drinks from my own competition. Plus Sjin's in enemy territory. Forgive me if I'm not in high spirits.

Strippin: Don't worry, Simon and Bertie's plan is bound to work. It'll wipe out the building and the competition.

Minty: When this is over, and the server's destroyed and we're on the new one, Sjin and Sips have previously offered to allow me to work at Sips Co. I think I'll take it.

Strippin: Good. They'll teach you everything you don't know about Tekkit.

Meanwhile, Simon breaks away from the crowd.

Simon: I need to get more drinks from the basement. Back in a sec.

Simon nods to Ravs, and they go to the basement. In the basement, Bertie has a lever and a nuke waiting to be detonated.

Simon: Okay. We all know the plan. Ravs-

Ravs: I'll be luring Teep into the basement.

Simon: Okay. I'll be getting everyone else out of here so they don't die. Bertie-

Berite: I'm going to set the bloody nuke off, I say.

Simon: Okay. Gentlemen, you two know that for you two, this is a one-way trip.

Ravs: We know.

Bertie: We weren't working together long, but in the new world-

Ravs: We're going to team up once again.

Simon: God speed gentlemen. See you later s**lords.

Simon and Ravs go back upstairs.

Ravs: Teep, we need help in the basement. We need help lifting the barrel.

Teep: Okay.

Ravs and Teep go into the Basement.


Everyone files out and flies to the cliff where Gamechap and Lewis first started out.

Meanwhile, in the basement:

Teep: Wait, where's Si-

Ravs knocks him in the head.

Ravs: Bertie, now!

Bertie pulls the lever and the nuke goes off. Bertie and Ravs die, and although Teep lives, his armor is destroyed and he's on one heart.

Teep: Must...get to...Blackrock.

Teep takes his flying ring and goes to Blackrock.

Part 22

Zoey has just come into Rythian's view. He is speechless.

Zoey: Uh, hi. I think my interior decorating is nee-

Rythian: ZOEY!

Rythian runs up to her and hugs you. After recovering from the shock, Zoey hugs him too.

Rythian: I've missed you.

Zoey: Me too.

Rythian: Teep said you were dead, and that Sjin and Duncan killed you.

Sjin: Teep's a lying reptile.

Duncan: That's what we've been trying to tell you.

Zoey: No, no. Duncan rescued me from Teep and he and Sjin have been making sure I live. With help from others, of course.

Rythian: So Teep has been using me as a puppet this whole time?

Zoey: Pretty much. He even spawned in mob spawners and a lapis ore block to kill a lot of people.

Sjin: Toby, Daltos, Zyluss, and S-Sips ( starts sobbing again ).

Duncan: We've also lost Benji and Martyn to him.

Rythian: I think Teep needs to die to learn his lesson.

Right on schedule, Teep flies in.

Teep: Quick, I need some healing. Those b******s tried to- (sees Rythian wiith Sjin, Duncan, and Zoey) Oh crap.

Rythian: I have deemed that Duncan and Sjin are not our enemies. I have also learned that they did not kill Zoey, but helped her get here after you kidnapped her.

Tee: (takes out mob spawners) YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!

He spawns tons of mobs. Rythian, Zoey, Duncan, and Sjin are backed into a corner.

Duncan: We can't fight them off forever.

Sjin: I think we won't have to.

Rythian: Why is that?

Sjin: Because help is on the way.

At that moment, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, Minty, Strippin, and Gamechap burst into the room.

Gamechap: We are here to help, I say!

Nilesy: Sorry for betraying you Rythian. We needed to know how to return your sanity.

Rythian: Forgiven. ( Turns to Duncan, Sjin, and Zoey) Let's end this!

While the six newcomers go to the mobs, the four go out the new hole in the wall to go after Teep.

Part 23

Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, Minty, and Gamechap fend off the mobs while Strippin prepares the TNT launchers outside. Rythian flies next to him.

Rythian: Go ahead and destroy the house. Houses can be rebuilt. Just go and kill as many mobs as you can!

Strippin: Alright.

Rythian flies off. Inside the house, things are going bad.


Gamechap fights until he is killed.


Minty: Where's Strippin?

Lewis: I'll see what the holdup with the TNT is.

Lewis goes outside.

Strippin: D****t! The redstone for the activators won't work!

Lewis: What are we going to do?

Strippin: You're going to get everyone out. I'm doing it manually.

Lewis: But you'll die!

Strippin: And so will 1,000 mobs.

Lewis: But-

Strippin: Just get them out!

Lewis reluctantly gets everyone out of the house to the Nether Portal and they watch Blackrock and Strippin blow up. Teep shows up.

Teep: Out of the way!

Everyone is so surprised, they don't fight Teep and he escapes to the Nether. Simon takes out a red matter pickaxe and destroys the portal.

Hannah: You know that there are other portals right?

Simon: F***!

Meanwhile, in the snow biome behind Duncan's Castle's crater, Rythian, Zoey, Duncan, and Sjin are looking for Teep. Sjin gets a call on the radio:

Minty: Sjin? Are you there?

Sjin: We're here. What's up?

Minty: Blackrock's been destroyed, Gamechap and Strippin are dead, and the mobs are gone. Teep's in the Nether.

Rythian: There's a nether portal over there. We'll go and find him.

Minty: Okay. You guys are going to come out of the Captive Creeper portal. We'll be there.

Duncan: Thanks Minty.

Zoey: Well, we aren't gonna stop Teep from the overworld, are we?

Rythian, Zoey, Duncan, and Sjin go into the portal.

Part 24

Lewis, Simon, Hannah, and Nilesy sit at the counter at the Captive Creeper, where Minty shakily gives them drinks.

Nilesy: Um, Minty, I ordered a lite-

Minty: Yeah, well too bad!

Hannah: Minty, what's wrong?

Minty: I'm nervous about Sjin. Will he come back out?

Lewis: If I know Sjin, I know he's coming back out.

Meanwhile, in the Nether, Duncan, Zoey, Sjin, and Rythian surround Teep:

Duncan: It's over Teep! Give up!

Teep: Never!

They fly over to him, but he manages to avoid them and flies over to a ledge suspended above lava.

Teep: Nothing can stop me! I'm invincible!

Zoey: I don't think so. (goes into radio) Activate launch sequence!

Sjin: What launch sequence?

Zoey: I forgot to tell you-

A bunch of mushrooms launch onto Teep. He's so confused he can't stopt.


Zoey: I set up my mushroom launchers in the Nether just in case.

In Teep's confusion, Rythian sneaks up to him. The mushroom volley ceases, and Teep stares at Rythian.

Rythian: You're fired.

Rythian kills Teep with the Nano-saber.

Sjin: YES!

Duncan: Go Rythian!

Zoey: You did it Rythian! Now, come fly back over here.

Rythian doesn't move.

Zoey: Rythian?

Rythian: I have hurt too many.

Zoey: What do you mean?

Rythian: I have hurt too many on the server. I killed Barry, I destroyed B.A.R.R.Y., I obliterated Newpool, and worst of all, I drove you away because you used science.

Zoey: Rythian, you weren't right. Teep-

Rythian: Teep isn't at full blame here. Neither are Sjin and Duncan. I have done things just as bad as them, and things worse still.

Sjin: But it's all forgiven.

Duncan: Yeah, come back to the overworld. Whoever's alive-

Rythian: Will treat me like I'm no worse that Teep. Face it, you know it's true.

Zoey: So what will you do?

At this point, Rythian starts throwing his stuff into the lava. He keeps doing it until all that's left is his flying ring and some coal for fuel.

Rythian: It's the only way Zoey.

Zoey: Rythian, don't you dare do what I think your about to do.

Rythian: I must. Before I do Zoey, I want you to know that I was wrong. If it weren't for science and magic working together, Teep wouldn't have been killed. Sometimes the two must do what one alone cannot.

Zoey: Rythian, wait-

Rythian: I am sorry I hurt you Zoey, and I want you to know I loved you no matter what, and I always will.

Rythian tosses the flying ring and plummets into the lava.


Sjin: No!

Duncan: Rythian!

There is silence from the three.

Zoey: (brittle sounding) let's go h-home.

The three fly back to the portal.

Back at the Captive Creeper:

Lewis: Look!

Hannah: The portal!

The five rush outside. Sjin comes out of the portal.

Minty: SJIN! (Minty runs up to him and hugs him)

Duncan comes out of the portal.

Simon: DUNCAN! (Simon runs to him and hugs him)

Zoey comes out.

Nilesy: ZOEY! (Nilesy runs to her and hugs her, which she doesn't return). What's wrong? And where's Rythian?

Sjin: he's dead. He felt it was the only way he could make up for his actions to you at large.

Nilesy: Zoey, I'm so sorry.

Zoey: It's okay. He died after delivering the final blow to Teep. That's what he wanted.

Hannah: What now? The server's in ruins, many people are dead, and all our homes have been destroyed.

Duncan: We must start a new server now, I guess.



Duncan, Sjin, Zoey, Lewis, Simon, Hannah, Nilesy, and Minty begin to leave the old server in sadness.

Hannah: Is there a new seed?

Duncan: For some reason, this certain seed has come to mind, I don't know why.

Zoey: Well, let's go.

One by one, they go to the new server. Pretty soon, only Duncan's left.

Duncan: Goodbye server.

Duncan logs out and goes to the new server to find everyone staring at something. He then sees.

Duncan: Oh my God!

Everyone who's died except Sips and Teep are sitting there waiting for them. At their head is Rythian.

Zoey: Rythian?

Rythian: (smiling) What, you thought a little lava would kill me?

Zoey and Rythian run to each other and kiss, and don't stop for a long time. Also, a figure comes out of the forest.

Sips: Stupid trees, don't drop any sapli-(sees Sjin, and stands there motionless).

Sjin: SIPS!

Sips: SJIN!

They run to each other and hug. Minty and Duncan look on smiling.

Duncan: I guess all's well that ends well.

Zoey: Wait. There's still one last thing we need to do.

Later, everyone has gathered in the mushroom meeting hall to see a big brown mushroom, a big red mushroom, and a small red mushroom:

Zoey: Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you King Barry II, Queen Melinda, and Prince Barry III. Let us usher in a new golden age of peace!

Everyone claps wildly. Slowly, the companies file out, one by one, except Inthelittlecorp.

Rythian: Ready for me to teach you two about magic?

Zoey: And for me to teach you about science?

Martyn & Toby: Yes.

Martyn: Thanks for joining us to help us with Tekkit.

Farther away, Honeydew Inc prepares for business:

Simon: This is where we will build our factory.

Suddenly, Sips Co shows up.

Sips: I don't think so. This is Sips Co land.

Duncan: You just showed up! How is this your land?

Sjin: Gotta have a deed if you want this land.

Minty: Please, can we not fight? We can settle this like mature adults.

Lewis: Yeah Minty's right. We can find another spot.


Simon ad Sips start brawling, followed by Sjin and Duncan. Lewis and Minty try to break them apart.

Lewis/Minty: Here we go again.

Meanwhile, farther away than all civilization, someone wakes up. Other than some faintly pink skin, he is alright.

Maide: Where am I?

Teep: Hello, old friend.

Maide: Teep? What the, how the hell-

Teep: You've been gone a long time. Sjin and Duncan destroyed the 1st server, and Rythian helped them destroy the last. I want revenge on them. You in?

Maide: Sure. Someone needs to teach them a lesson.


...for now

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