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I jolted out of bed, making me feel a bit dizzy. Glancing at my clock, I discovered it was 5:23 in the morning. I ran through the door, and down the hall, I saw my mom and brother leaning on the door to my sister’s room. I heard growls coming from inside the room. Quickly looking up at my mom, I asked her what was going on. Between her sobs, she told me to get a knife from the kitchen.

My eyes widened, and I knew exactly what was happening.

There were tears streaming down my face as I hurried downstairs to the kitchen. Did this cruel fate really have to take my sister away? I wiped my face and opened the knife drawer. I grabbed the biggest, sharpest knife in there. After a moment’s hesitation, I held the knife up to my neck, ready to cut. Before I could, though, my brother ran in the room, half covered in blood. I dropped the knife, and collapsed onto the floor, hysterical. My brother picked up the knife, and hurried it upstairs.

Seconds later, I heard a piercing scream, which echoed throughout the house.

Chapter 1

The date was August 27. It had been two months since my sister had been taken away by the horrible disease that was now spreading across North America. Zombification. Almost a quarter of the population had been turned. There was no where I could go without seeing one of those horrible beasts. The police were heavily guarding my town, though, wiping out every zombie that crossed them. That didn’t help much, as many of the police were turned too. I hated seeing everyone being brutally murdered. But if we didn’t keep the zombie population down, then they would kill us. We had to do it.

I was lucky to still have power and internet connection in my home, though there wasn’t much. Every time I got the chance, I would go on my computer. I needed to stay updated on everything that was going on. I found out that zombies had reached Europe, and there were signs of them in England, along with France. One story that caught my eye was one that told of a walker caught in Bristol attempting to attack a citizen. That citizen’s name was Duncan Jones. I gasped at the thought of my favorite member of the Yogscast being attacked by one of those monsters. Reading on, I learned that he survived, but had many cuts and wounds. Luckily, he wasn’t bitten.

Suddenly, my computer monitor had gone black. I looked at the power button, which was lit a bright white, meaning the computer was still on. Confused, I stared at the monitor. About fifteen seconds passed, and then something appeared on the screen. It was a message.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to arrive to Bristol, England in order to aid the completion a top secret operation which will rid the world of all the walkers that inhabit it. You will not be alone on this mission. Seven other individuals apart from yourself will be taking part in this mission as well. We will pick you up as soon as we can.

Ron Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

SipsCo Headquarters

I stared blankly at the note. What was going on? Why had I been chosen to help with this? As my mind was attempting to process everything, the message disappeared, and the monitor returned to normal.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar of an engine, getting louder as it approached. I looked out my window, which was covered in thick smoke. The noise ceased, and the smoke started to clear up. Right there in my backyard was a massive jet plane. On the side of it, in large golden letters, was the word SipsCo. A dark-skinned man with a dark black tuxedo and sunglasses, and an impressive afro, emerged from the vehicle. He introduced himself as Ron Johnson, and before I could say anything, I was quickly urged in the plane, and we were flying off.

After trying to figure out what had just happened, I looked around the room. It was dimly lit, but there were various expensive-looking items. I looked down at what I was seated on, a luxurious couch which was seemingly made of silk, and was a brilliant shade of white. I had no idea what was ahead of me, and I shoved my face in my hands, terrified.

Before I could cry, though, the door to the room opened. There in the doorway stood a boy who looked about the same age as me, and just as clueless. He asked my name.

“I’m Neena,” I told him.

His eyes widened. “No way!” was his reply. He chuckled. “What are the odds…”

“Sorry, who are you?” I was more puzzled than ever.

“It’s me, Gamer. From the Yogscast Wiki.”

At this, I was completely surprised. He was right, what were the odds that both of us would end up on this mission together? Nonetheless, I smiled, and hugged him as tight as I could, glad I had a friend by my side. I didn’t care what my future held anymore. We would go through this, together.

“Who else is here?” I asked him, after coming out of the hug, but still smiling.

He responded, “So far, just us.”

As time passed though, everyone else boarded the plane, and soon enough, all eight of us were present. I knew all of them from the Yogscast Wiki. I realized, this mission must have been exclusively set up for members of the wiki. But, why?

Chapter 2

The hours droned on as the plane flew towards Bristol, with all eight of us inside. America had been almost completely taken over by zombies, along with Australia and most of the United Kingdom. During our departure to Bristol, Ron Johnson entered the room.

“How are you all?” he asked us. Seeing that we were all extremely confused, he quickly cleared his throat, and began to explain the situation.

“As you all know, walkers have been taking over the globe for the past few months. It started in the United States, generally near Neena’s location. Since then, they have spread, and now they are wherever we turn. It will only be a matter of time until the remainder of humanity is dead, or undead, for that matter. That is where you come in. It has been decided by my partner and I that we need a trustworthy team to help us conquer these walkers. We will give you a week in training, as that is all we have time to give you, and then you will be sent out to kill them all. It is your duty to save the world.

“You have probably figured out that you are all familiar with each other by now. My partner has decided that we would pull eight people from the wiki based off of the organization that he takes part in, also known as the Yogscast. There is a chance that you will later find out who my partner is, but for now on, he will be known as The Commander, and you will refer to me as The Director. Also, from this point on, you will each be considered an agent, and your code names will be your user names from the wiki: Totallyneena, Gamerboy555, OrangeStripes Jr, Dark9876, BLACK OUT, Soldier Elite, DJ Snax, and Supertoastfairy.

“Now, I must go, as we are due for our arrival in three minutes. If you have any questions, you will have to ask after we land,” The Director told us, and left the room. Minutes later, we had landed behind what looked like a regular office building. It was no more than two stories high, and it stretched out to the end of the block. The Director escorted us out of the plane and into the building. We found ourselves crammed in a dark hallway, which he urged us down. It turned out that the hallway wasn’t the only dark spot, and there was no light in the building whatsoever.

The Director stopped abruptly at the end of the corridor, and crouched down. He pulled a small bronze key from his pocket and placed it in a hole in the ground. A trapdoor opened up, and he told us to go in it. We climbed down a ladder that lead to a room a lot larger and brighter than the rest of the rooms in the building. There were a lot of futuristic things, and high tech machinery. There was a round desk in the center of the room, and above it was a sign that read “SipsCo Headquarters”. Sitting at the desk were two very familiar looking people, who The Director introduced us as MintyMinute and Ridgedog. He whispered something to Minty, and then she led all of us to an office in the back of the room, labeled “The Commander”. Inside of that room sat a group of five people who I would have never believed I would ever have the chance to meet.

Those five people were Lewis Brindley, Simon Lane, Duncan Jones, Paul Sykes, and Chris Lovasz. The Commander, sitting behind the large desk in the middle of the office, introduced himself and the four others around him by their codenames: Xephos, Honeydew, Lalna, Sjin, and himself, Sips.

Chapter 3

It had been approximately four months after we had been recruited by The Director and the Yogscast to fight against the walkers. Everyone had almost lost hope by now, as the zombies were literally everywhere. Even with our intense four-week-long training, it was noticeably getting harder and harder to ward them off. So far, all eight of us were still alive, and surviving fairly well. Toast and Elite had taken charge, and we had found a old-looking shop, which was run down and dark, as there was no where for light to come in except for the two windows in the door. Thanks to the Yogscast, we had been supplied with several guns, knives, and other weapons, along with health supplies, water, and food (Jaffa Cakes courtesy of Honeydew). We had also been equipped with a single radio for communication between us and the Yogscast, and a tracking device each, in case any of us got lost.

“So, what day are we on?” Junior asked Toast, who had been keeping track of how many days had gone by.

“Day 88, October 26th,” Toast responded, almost no expression in his voice. His voice brightened a bit when he said, “If I’m keeping track correctly, Halloween should be coming in a few days.”

None of us could hold back a small smile when he said this. “Hey, maybe we can celebrate,” exclaimed Gamer, who was sitting beside me.

“Yea, we should,” I agreed, slightly blushing beneath the dirt covering my face. Everyone was completely filthy. We decided that we would rarely clean ourselves, as it wasted valuable water.

“And exactly how would we do that?” retorted an enraged Elite, who was organizing the weapon inventory behind the counter. “Dress like zombies? That shouldn’t be so hard, I dare one of you to go out there, you’ll be one within seconds. Go trick-or-treating? That should be FUN, with all of them out there!” After an awkward silence, he turned back around and continued his work.

“Elite?” Toast asked cautiously. “Are you okay, friend?”

“I’m fine,” murmured Elite. We all stared at him, knowing that wasn’t true. Eventually, he gave in. “They’re all dead. Everyone. Our families. Our friends. Everyone we knew and loved. They’re all gone. Forever.” He was quiet for a few seconds. “I had a ferret. His name was Winston. I’ve had him for years, and he was one of my best friends. And I watched him get consumed by one of them!”

“A ferret?!?” I shrieked in response to this, quickly jumping up and walking straight to the counter, towards Elite, rage in my eyes. “I watched my family die! My mom had to stab my sister to death, and I had to listen to her screaming, screaming to death! And then I had to kill my own mother! Do you know what that feels like? Having to kill your own mother!? I bet you don’t. You’re too busy grieving over your stupid ferret. A ferret!” My face, inches away from Elite’s, was beet red and I had tears in my eyes. I had a knife out, pointed directly at his neck, and his arms were raised. I quickly noticed what I had almost done, and quickly took back the knife and wiped my eyes. Staring at the ground, I muttered a brief, yet sincere, “I’m sorry.” Dropping the knife, I turned around and began to head toward where I had been sitting, between Gamer and Dark.

Elite stopped me before I could reach my spot though. “No,” he blurted. I turned around, and our eyes met. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have freaked out that much. I didn’t know what you have been through. I really should have considered everyone else’s losses. I mean, we pretty much all lost most of the people we cared about. Now, all we have is each other, and we wouldn’t want to jeopardize that. We need to stick together, no matter what.”

Everyone murmured in agreement, and I quickly made my way back to where I had been seated. Gamer put his arm around me, and told me that everything was going to be fine. I looked over at Dark, and saw that he was on his Nintendo DS.

“How do you get that thing to work?” I asked him. Without looking up, he pointed to an outlet, which his charger was plugged into.

“Kieran found out how to get us some electricity,” he responded, eyes still glued on the screen.

I chuckled, and then I let my eyes wander around the room. Junior was seated on the opposite side of Gamer, and he was chatting with Black Out, as they worked on counting and organizing the food supply, sneaking a bit of it every so often. Toast was seated in a chair, leaning over a book on a table, which he seemed to be writing in. Elite was placing the weapons in very organized groups, refilling the guns and sharpening the knives while he was at it. Kieran, a.k.a. DJ Snax, was making sure the radio and tracking devices were still in working order.

I felt my eyes getting droopy, and looked up at the analog clock above the counter, which was on the opposite side of the room. It read 9:56, which was pretty late for us. We had to make sure to wake up bright and early at six every morning, as that was when most of the walkers started coming out.

“It’s getting late,” I told everyone, “We should head to bed.”

Elite turned around to look at the clock. “Ah, yes. Who has the first shift tonight?”

“That would be me and Gamer,” announced Junior.

Every night, we had four shifts, two people working per shift. Those two people had to stay up for two hours and stand guard outside of the shop. Since there weren’t too many zombies out at night, they weren’t in too much danger, and they just had to shoot every one of them that came into sight.

Every second Saturday, the Yogscast would deliver fresh supplies to the front of the shop, and the people working the first shift would need to bring it into the shop. Today must have been one of those Saturdays, because when Junior got up and looked out the door, he announced, “Supplies are here!”

Gamer rose soon after him, his arm coming off of my shoulders, and they headed to the counter together for some weapons. Everyone else began to stand up and head toward a room in the back of the shop, which we slept in at night. Elite remained at the counter, ready to receive and organize the supplies after they were brought in. As everyone else left, I strode toward Gamer, who was checking that his BB Gun had full ammo. When he noticed me standing in front of him, he put his gun down, and we gave each other a hug. A hug that I never wanted to end, and that I wish never ended. While we hugged, I whispered, “Be careful,” to which he replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” After we came out of the hug, I started to drift away to the back room. My eyes widened and I ceased walking as I felt him grab my hand, and I turned around.

“Don’t be so worried about me,” he told me comfortingly. “You know I can fend for myself out there.” That was true, Gamer was one of the strongest in our group, and had perfect aim with his gun. He could easily take out dozens of zombies within a matter of seconds. “Now, goodnight.” He smiled, and stroked my hand before letting go. I returned the smile, and then meandered into the back room.

Sleeping wasn’t very comfortable, as we had only been supplied with sleeping bags and had to sleep on the cold, hard tile floor. Nevertheless, sleep was vital, so we had to deal with the aching stiffness that we felt when we woke up.

I lay in my sleeping bag, and tried to calm myself down, telling myself that my friend would be fine. It was just another normal shift. Nothing bad was going to happen. He said so himself. He knows what he’s doing. No matter what I tried to tell myself, I couldn’t push down the feeling that something bad was going to happen. It seemed like forever before I finally fell asleep, a deep fear still lingering in the pit of my stomach as I did.

Chapter 4

I had only been asleep for a few minutes, when Elite ran into the room, screaming that we were under attack. Everyone immediately woke up and rushed into the shop to grab weapons. I grabbed a pistol for long range, along with a machete, which had become my preferred weapon. Elite stopped us before we could go outside, and he looked, in a slight panic, out the door. I could hear shrieks of pain coming from Junior. I glanced outside, and saw a giant horde of zombies chasing Gamer and Junior. Junior seemed as if he was barely able to walk, and Gamer had to pull him away from the horde.

Elite turned his head back to us and gave us the command to attack. We ran outside, guns ready to fire. I aimed my pistol and shot at a walker that was limping toward me. The noise from my gun attracted many other zombies, causing them to come after me. I shot off several of them in the small group I had rounded up, and for the final few, I pulled out my machete and cleanly sliced off three of their heads, slicing the final one in the chest repeatedly until it collapsed onto the ground. Still with my machete at the ready, I snuck around, checking that everyone else was okay. When I came to where Gamer and Junior were, I hurried toward them and kneeled next to Junior, who was laying almost motionless. Gamer was shooting off any zombie who tried to come near Junior. “Junior, can you hear me?” I said to him, to which he replied with a small groan, and slowly nodded his head. “What happened?” I asked Gamer.

Without turning around, Gamer responded, “One of them grabbed him when we were taking in the supplies. I sniped it and then a bunch of them started attacking.”

“He wouldn’t be laying on the ground in this much pain if it just grabbed him. What did it really do to him?”

A few seconds passed without him answering. Thinking he didn’t hear me, I repeated what I said, and he still didn’t say anything. I tried to get a glimpse of his face, but he turned away. I knew he wasn’t telling me something, and I had the feeling I knew what that something was. Gamer was trying to deny the fact that his friend, his best friend, had been bitten. I frantically searched Junior’s body for the bite, and found it on his left shoulder. For a brief moment, I was in shock to see the bite. When I came back to my senses, I immediately called Toast over. He crept over, shooting numerous walkers before arriving, and crouched on Junior’s left side, opposite from me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. When he noticed the bite, his eyes widened slightly, and he called out to Elite to get some healing supplies.

Elite returned with bandages and disinfectant. He sat next to Toast, where he could easily access Junior’s wound. He told Toast to rub disinfectant on it, and he got the bandages ready.

“What can I do?” I said, feeling bad for not helping.

Elite replied, “There’s a box of needles on the weapon counter that should help to at least slow down the zombification. Go get it.” I jumped up, machete in striking position, and sprinted for the shop, taking down a zombie or two on the way there. The horde was thinning, but there were still many of them attacking us. I heard a loud bang, and the impact of a bullet hitting something directly behind me. I quickly turned to see a walker collapsing at my feet. I looked for the source of the bullet, but couldn’t see anything. I became even more confused when I heard, in what seemed like a whisper, someone say, “You’re welcome,” in a very sarcastic tone, before I entered the shop.

I frantically searched the counter’s surface, but I was unable to find the box. I checked every shelf, but I still could not find it anywhere. I was growing more and more fearful that I wasn’t going to find it at all, that Junior was going to die, all because of me, all because I couldn’t find the stupid box. I kept desperately looking for it for a few minutes, tearing the whole area apart, but still never found it. I gave up and ran back to Elite and Toast, telling them that the box wasn’t there.

“What do you mean,” cried out Elite, “it’s not there! It has to be there!” He dropped the bandages he had ready, and prepared to run for the shop. “Neena, help Gamer keep them away from Junior, I’ll go look.” As he left, I got out my machete and stood beside Gamer.

“Ok, what’s up? Why didn’t you tell me he got bitten?” I questioned him angrily. He ignored me, and continued shooting at every zombie in sight. I caught a glimpse of his face, which seemed to look somewhere between anger and insanity. I realized that this was probably a lot harder on him than it was on anyone else. He had witnessed his best friend get bitten was one of those things. I calmed down a bit, and sympathetically asked him, “Are you alright, Gamer?”

His expression eased a bit as well, and he responded, “Fine. Just get Junior inside. I’ll keep them away from you.”

I got down back to Junior’s side, and told Toast that Gamer said to bring Junior in.

“I’m not doing that,” was Toast’s response. “What if he turns? He’ll kill us all if we bring him inside!”

“But if we don’t bring him inside, more of them will attack us! We can’t keep him out here forever, just waiting for him to turn!”

“I understand, but his turning is inevitable, and it’s going to happen pretty soon if we can’t find that box.” As he said this, Junior began to shake and moan. We both looked at him in horror. “And it looks like it’s happening right now! We have to go! Now!”

He grabbed the bandages and disinfectant, and called out to Gamer, telling him to get away from Junior, before darting back to the shop. Gamer looked back at his friend, and immediately put down his gun and dropped at Junior’s side.

“No… no…” he mumbled, throwing himself at Junior, breaking into tears.

Panicked, I called out, “Gamer, we have to go! He could turn any second!”

“I don’t care!” he yelled at me. “He was one of my best friends, and now he’s gone, all because I turned my back for a second! I’m not leaving his side. If he does turn and bite me, I deserve it. I couldn’t keep him safe. Me, the best sniper here, couldn’t keep one of them from biting my best friend!”

“Gamer, it’s not you’re fault! There are so many people here that care about you and need you to stay here! You can’t just abandon me— I mean, us. We need you to stay.”

He sat up, staring down at Junior’s throbbing body, and then up at me. He slowly stood up, without a word, and began to walk toward me. His arms wrapped tightly around me, and I brought my arms up around him. For a few moments, everything felt like it would be alright as we hugged, right in the middle of the zombie-filled streets. I actually felt happy for those few seconds. And then, he pulled away, and whispered, “I’m sorry.” It was then that he picked up his gun, and put it right to his head. I tried to reach for the gun, but before I could stop him, he pulled the trigger.

I watched in horror as he fell to the ground, dead.

Chapter 5

The weeks after that night seemed to go by in a blur of denial, anger, and depression. I suddenly began to trust people less, and didn’t talk to everyone as much. I hated it how I was so impacted by what had happened, while everyone else seemed to carry on, believing that even though it was sad that we had lost two people, everything would be fine. Even though I was extremely depressed, and even wondered what the point of moving forward would be, I still managed to put on a fake smile, pretending that I was happy. I wasn’t anywhere near happy, though. I would always be the first to go to bed, and would often cry myself to sleep.

After almost two weeks, I had decided that I shouldn’t be so depressed. Whatever happened happened for a reason, and there was no way I could change the past. I finally let myself move on with my life, doing my best to leave the horrible memories behind me. Before long, I was pretty much back to how I had been before, even though the depression was still there. I could never completely forget everything, and would think of it all every day.

Without him around, I had discovered that I barely ever talked to anyone else, and I wasn’t very close with anybody. I tried to talk to the others more. Every time I talked to Elite, the conversation would turn into him talking about Winston. He apparently cared a lot about that ferret. Not being very interested in ferrets, I would usually slowly walk away when that happened. Toast was always writing in his book, which I discovered was a journal that he wrote logs in to keep track of everything. Dark was always playing video games on his DS. Kieran had a DS too, and he’d play with Dark sometimes. Black Out was the only one who seemed to be impacted by what had happened as much as I was. He had been pretty good friends with Junior.

I knew that I needed to carry on, and if anything, it would be most important to do so during that time. There were only six people on the team, and every person was important. If it wasn’t for me thinking that we needed everyone there, I probably would have left as well. I had decided that just because we lost two people didn’t mean that everybody else should just give up. So I worked harder than ever. I was motivated to keep our team moving.

On Day 102 (November 9th), two weeks after the event, The Director contacted us over the radio, informing us that someone else had been found who could help us. He told us that he had been trained and was being sent over immediately. Before he could even tell us who it was, the radio cut off, and smoke began to emit from it. A panic arose, and Elite told Kieran to help him fix it. He picked up the radio and followed Kieran to a table away from the crowd, and together they tinkered at it.

Almost exactly after they fixed the radio and brought it back to the counter, the sound of a jet roared above us. We heard it for a few seconds, and we headed for the door to look for it. However, there wasn’t anything outside, and the sound faded away, just as quickly as it came. Confused, we all went back to the radio, and Kieran tried to get us reconnected to The Director. But before we could get on the right channel, there was a sudden thud, which came from the roof. Everyone jumped.

“What’s going on?!” Elite yelled out.

“I have no clue,” said Toast in response, “but whatever is going on out there, we should go check it out. Everyone!” He called out to the whole group, “grab your weapons!”

“You heard what The Director said,” Black Out told them, “He’s sending someone over to join us! What if that’s them, up on the roof?”

“We should still have our weapons ready,” Toast replied.

“Yes. Just in case it’s not what we expect,” Elite added.

“Well,” Kieran commented, “there’s also the fact that there’s a bunch of zombies out there that could kill us at any moment.”

“Yes, and then there’s that,” Toast said. “Everyone ready?” He looked around, making sure that we all had weapons. “Good. Let’s go.”

We all warily wandered outside. Since it was past noon, there weren’t too many walkers outside, and we could safely walk around the streets. Looking at the roof of the shop, I noticed what looked like a dark green parachute, hanging over the edge into the alleyway beside it. I pointed it out to everyone else. Someone, or something, was definitely up there.

“Weapons at the ready,” Toast commanded. “Elite, find out what’s up there.”

Elite cleared his throat and looked up at the roof. “Who’s up there?” he shouted, cautiously yet confidently. “Show yourself!”

Everyone watched the roof, waiting for whoever was on it to step forward. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then, a rustling noise came from the alleyway, followed by what sounded like someone tripping and falling. We heard the stranger moan, and the sound of footsteps came soon afterwards. The footsteps got louder and louder, and everyone had their weapons aimed at the source of the noise. As the sound grew, a shadow appeared in the alley, getting bigger as the figure drew nearer. I noticed that whoever was back there was limping slightly, moaning a bit each time it took a step, and began to worry that it wasn’t a human. Or, at least not a human anymore. The closer the shadow got, the tenser I could feel myself get, the BB gun I had grabbed aimed directly for its head. When the figure came into view at last, I noticed that it had been a human, as he lifted his arms and spoke the moment he noticed we had our weapons aimed at him.

“C-calm down, I’m n-not bad,” the boy stuttered, advancing slowly and carefully, “I-I was sent here by The Director, and—“

“Ah!” exclaimed Elite, cutting him off, while Toast gave the command to lower our weapons. “Yes, we’ve been expecting you!” He approached the boy, and glanced down at his leg, which had blood oozing out of it at the knee. “I see you’re badly hurt there, how about you come with us and we’ll get you healed up!”

“Um, yes, okay,” replied the boy. He began to limp behind Elite, toward the shop. Looking back and noticing he was struggling, Elite strode beside him so he could lean on him. They both hobbled toward the door of the shop, with the rest of us following close behind. Toast stepped forward to open the door for the both of them, and Elite aided the boy to a wooden chair, where he had him sit down.

Elite walked over to the counter, opened a drawer, and took out the disinfectant and bandages. He grabbed another chair while he reproached the boy, and placed it in front of him, telling him to prop his leg up on it. When he did so, Elite kneeled over beside him, getting the disinfectant ready.

A few moments of awkward silence passed before anyone spoke. Then, Toast broke the quietness with the question all of us had been wondering. “So…” he began, “Who are you exactly?”

The boy muttered, “Oh, right. I’m—“ This time, he had been cut off by Elite pressing a disinfectant wipe on his knee, to which he grimaced and gave out a loud, pain-filled grunt. After some seconds, he calmed down, becoming used to the sting of the disinfectant, and continued his sentence. “I’m Dragonofelder. You c-can all just call me Dragon, though… or Doe, or whatever you called me on the wiki… I suppose…”

Everyone smiled, glad to finally know the name of our new teammate. I remembered that Dragon had been one of my friends on the wiki. We all introduced ourselves to him, and he grinned at each of us when we told him who we were. He seemed to be just as happy to meet us as we were to meet him. After we were all acquainted with each other, we continued to ask Dragon various questions. We asked them how SipsCo Headquarters was doing, and if he knew if there were still survivors around other than us. He didn’t know how many other survivors there were around the world, but he told us that there were many other groups collecting people to fight against the walkers. Some were even setting up anti-zombie shelters, even whole towns, where humans could live and be safe, and walkers couldn’t get to them.

Elite finished wrapping the bandages around Dragon’s leg, to which Dragon instantly tried to stand up, but found that it gave him tremendous pain, and he quickly sat clumsily back into the chair. As Elite got up, he gave him a pat on the shoulder and told him to rest his leg. He went back behind the counter to put the first aid supplies away, and returned with a bag of ice for Dragon to put on his injury.

“Thanks,” Dragon murmured, taking the bag and making eye contact with Elite. He started to blush, and turned away, dropping the bag in the process. He reached for it, but Elite beat him to the process, grabbed his hand, and placed the bag in it.

“No problem,” he responded, and turned back to the counter. He looked up at the clock. “Ah, six o’clock!” he called out. “Mealtime, everyone!”

Chapter 6

After Dragon’s arrival, the days became long once more. He could walk again after two days, and he was healing pretty quickly. Even so, Elite still persisted that he should not go outside, because he believed that it would be dangerous. At first, he was given small, simple jobs, such as organizing supplies and cleaning up the shop. Eventually, Dragon was allowed outside, but only in the afternoon, and someone always had to be out with him.

On Day 108 (November 15th), six days after Dragon joined us, it was my turn to run the afternoon shift, which began an hour after noon, with him. I grabbed my usual piston and machete, and Dragon picked up a bow, which he was actually very skilled in using, along with a dagger. I opened the door for him, and he stumbled outside, his wounded leg still causing him to have difficulty while walking.

We began to stroll along the street. As usual, there were a very minimal amount of walkers, and none of them were advancing on us. It was a cold, cloudy day, yet the sun was still shining brightly through the gaps in the clouds. It appeared to be another normal, boring day of surviving the apocalypse, with nothing occuring that was out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, I began to hear whispers while we passed the alleyway. It was the same voice I had heard that night three weeks ago, when we had lost two of our team members. I stopped in my tracks, and listened intently. I turned over to Dragon.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him, keeping my voice low.

“Hear what?” he inquired, bewildered.

I was in shock and disbelief. There was definitely something in the alley, and I knew it. “I heard something in the alley, I’m going to go check it out. You stay here. If I need help, get the others. Got it?”

“Um… okay,” he replied anxiously.

I took out my machete and wandered into the dark alley. By the time I was about halfway into it, I heard footsteps, and my heart began to race. I took a deep breath, and sneaked toward the spot where I had heard the footsteps. I had my weapon pointed straight out, ready to stab whatever was there. I was holding my breath, and kept each of my steps as quiet as possible. All of a sudden, I felt something wrap around my leg. I was swept up into the air, and let out a shriek. I dangled for a few moments before discovering that I had been trapped, and that it was a rope around my leg. I knew I could cut the rope easily with my machete, which had slipped out of my hands and was on the groud just below me. I reached for it, but it was just out of reach. I started to panic and was getting dizzy. I stretched my arm as far as I could, hoping I would get a grip on my machete, but it was just too far away.

I closed my eyes, hoping it would make me feel less sick, when I heard the noise of something sliding along the ground below me. I opened my eyes and looked down, and saw my machete directly beneath me, where I could reach it. I grasped it and pulled myself up to the rope, chopping a clean slice right through it. I crashed onto the floor, bumping my head hard on the pavement. I grabbed my head, which was in searing pain, and began to black out. However, I fought the feeling, and pulled myself to my feet as quickly as I could, with my left hand clutching my head and my right hand holding my machete in front of me. I tried to move forward, but found I couldn’t, as when I tried, everything around me started spinning, and I would nearly trip over my own feet. Growing more and more dizzy, I began to inch my way out of the alley.

Before I could even move three feet, I collided with someone. I drew my machete as quickly as I could, but a hand reached out and grabbed my wrist, another hand grasped my knife and pulled it out of my hands. I could barely hold myself up anymore, yet tried my best to stay strong.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” were the last words I heard before I fainted, in the same voice I had heard every time I had passed that alley.

Chapter 7

I awoke with a start, and looked around the room. I couldn’t be possible – I was in the back room of the shop, in my sleeping bag. No one else was in the room. I began to wonder what time it was, and started to stand up, and my head began to hurt. I put my hand where I had felt the pain, and found it wrapped up in bandages. Looking down, I noticed an ice pack on the ground, beside the place where I had been laying, and figured it must have been on my head. I ignored the pain best I could, and heaved my way into the main room.

When I entered the room, all eyes landed on me. Everyone was in there: Elite, Toast, Black Out, Kieran, Dark, and Dragon. My face turned red, and I was very confused. Before I could ask what happened, Elite spoke up.

“Ah, you’re up! Are you feeling alright?” he looked up at my bandaged head. “You took quite a beating. You’re lucky Dragon got us before it was too late.”

“Yea…” I murmured, “it just hurts a bit…” Coming slowly to my senses, I asked, “What happened?”

Cluelessly, Elite responded, “You tell us. We just found you unconcious in front of the alley with a big gash in your head.”

I slowly sat down, finding that my head hurt more when I stood up, and explained to everyone what had happened. I told them about how I had wandered into the alley, and had been trapped, to which my escaping had caused the injury on my head. Then, I told them of the mysterious person who had taken my weapon away. I finished by telling them that I had fainted, and didn’t remember anything after that. When I was done, everyone was quiet, taking in everything they had heard.

“…And you have no idea who this person is?” Black Out eventually said, breaking the silence.

“No clue,” I replied.

“Strange,” added Toast, “There’s another survivor literally right next to us, in that alleyway, and we never knew it this whole time.”

“Whoever it was seems dangerous,” Elite told us in a precautious tone, “We might want to watch our step from here on out.”

“Y-you know,” stammered Dragon, somewhat hesitant, “We could ask him to join us.”

“That’s crazy! He’s dangerous!” disputed Elite. “He could attack us, and I’d rather have him out there and know we’re safe than in here and having to worry about him trying to kill us! He’s obviously sneaky, having hid himself from us for over a hundred days! He’s probably quite clever as well—“ he cut himself off. He seemed to be thinking things out. His face twitched, and a smile slowly spread across his face. “That’s brilliant! Dragon, that is an absolutely outstanding idea! We could have him join us! He’s clever and sneaky, that’ll work great against the walkers. It seems that those tactics have worked extremely well for him so far. This person sounds like they would make a great addition to our team. Neena, you said he was in the alley right next to us?”

“Um…” I mumbled, taken aback by Elite’s sudden change of opinion, “Yea, it seems like it.”

“Fantastic! We shall go and attempt to have him join us tomorrow,” Elite exclaimed. “As for now, we should get some sleep. Dark, Black Out, you two have the first shift tonight! Everyone else, good night!”

The four of us went into the back room and climbed into our sleeping bags. My head was still in pain, which made it harder than usual to get comfortable. I eventually drifted off to sleep, with my head resting on my arm and the ice pack on my wound.

Chapter 8

“Everyone, gather around!”

We had been working the morning shift since sunrise. I glanced up at the sky, and noticed the sun was almost directly above. It was about time for us to get our things together and go back inside. The street looked quite clear, with the exception of the few roads nearby. We all crept out of our hiding places and grouped together around Elite, who had given us the command. He had been standing in front of the alleyway.

“I’m going to head into the alley and find this person,” he started. “If I can’t get him on our side, I will yell out the code word. If you hear the code word, that will mean I am in danger. You will all come in to rescue me. Otherwise, do not follow me in.” He emphasized the last sentence. “I will hopefully be back soon.” He nodded toward us, and then plunged into the dark alley.

All of us stood by the alley, waiting, hoping that Elite would soon make it back out. Only minutes later, he came out, with someone on his side. The person at his side wore a scarf over the bottom half of his face, and had a blond highlight in the front of his otherwise dark hair. His appearance reminded me of Rythian’s Minecraft skin. He glared at us, and was cautious of how near to us he let himself get. I took note of the dagger he had attached to his belt. Nonetheless, Elite was beaming on his left side.

“Everybody, say hello to the newest member of our team, Xasparaz,” Elite announced. At hearing this, all of our eyes opened wide. Another member of the wiki, joining our team. None of us would have ever guessed that this person, whom we had actually thought a foe, could have been one of our friends the whole time. “Xasparaz, meet the other members of the Yogscast Wiki Admin Team!” Elite pointed at each of us as he said our names. “Toast, Dragon, Neena, Black Out, and Dark.” Finishing off, he added, “Though Dark isn’t technically a member of the A-Team. Welcome to our squad!” He smiled at Xasparaz, and Xas gave us a friendly wave.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” he said through the scarf. A few moments of awkward silence passed and most of us were staring quizzically at the scarf. Seemingly reading our minds, Xas stated, “I will not show you, nor will I ever show you, what is underneath this scarf.” He glared at each of us for a few seconds, and then his expression brightened. “Now, may I see your base?”

“Of course!” exclaimed Elite. “Follow us.” We led him into the run-down shop, and gave him a tour. When we came to the weapon counter, Xas stared in awe at the rows of weapons, and asked us where we got them all.

Toast responded, “From our supplier, the Yogscast.”

“You mean to say,” began Xas, “that you all actually know the Yogscast?” He gaped in amazement as we all nodded our heads.

“They’re the ones who gathered us up as a team,” I explained. “Without them, who knows where we would be in this infested world?”

“I’m sure all of you would have been able to survive on your own,” Xas told us. “Though you may not quite be as clever and sneaky as I. I could be right behind you, and you would never know.”

We finished giving Xas the tour of our base, and then we all sat in our usual places: Elite at the weapon counter, Toast at his table, and the rest of us on the floor. I sat next to Dark, who was next to Kieran, about to play a game with him. There was no one on my left side, other than Black Out and Dragon, who were sitting a distance away.

Elite and Xas chatted at the front counter for a few minutes, and when they finished, Xas strolled away from the counter and sat right next to me, in the very spot that had been empty for the past few weeks; the same spot that the person who I once cared about most sat, and now every time I said or heard his name, I came to tears. I cringed slightly, and turned away. I didn’t like seeing that area being taken up by someone who wasn’t him. Xas noticed my reaction, and immediately jumped up, looming over me.

“Oh, I disgust you, do I?” he yelled, and everyone else in the room looked our way, alarmed. “You don’t want the freak with the scarf around his head to sit next to you! Whatever is under that scarf must be horrendous. I am a monster, only because I look different to you!” He stamped his foot and began to march back over to Elite.

“Wait!” I called after him, but he wouldn’t turn around. “That’s not why I did that.” He still refused to look at me, but responded.

“If that’s not the reason you turned away in utter disgust, then what is?”

“For one thing, it wasn’t disgust,” I swallowed, preparing myself for what I was about to say. “The reason I did that, the reason I didn’t like you sitting there, was because…” I began to choke up, “Because…” I closed my eyes, “Because that’s where Gamer used to sit.” I covered my face in my hands and spun around to face the wall, tears streaming down my face.

At this point, Xas turned around. “Oh…” he muttered in realization. “I’m sorry, I forgot… you two were pretty close, weren’t you…” He trailed off, and a look of guilt came over his face.

“It’s all my fault.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Xas, all looking surprised. I turned back to face him, taking my hands away from my eyes.

“What do you mean?” I mumbled in a meek voice.

“It’s all my fault,” he repeated. “My fault. Junior and Gamer are both dead, all because of me! If only I hadn’t have taken that box full of medical supplies, Junior would have still been alive and Gamer wouldn’t have killed himself.” He started to walk back to me. “Neena, I am very, very sorry, I—”

Before he could finish what he was saying, my rage hit its peak, and I punched him square in the jaw. He toppled over, his scarf falling off of his face as he fell to the ground, revealing a large gash that was poorly stitched up, and was a mix of burnt red and sickly green. A split-second later, he had pulled the scarf back around his face, but it was already too late. Everyone in the room had just seen what he had been hiding.

“Xasparaz,” Toast started, concerned, getting up and hurrying toward him, “you’ve been infected.”

“Toast, I’m fine,” replied Xas. “I cured it myself. You didn’t think I would steal important medicine without there being an emergency, did you?”

Toast responded, “Of course not… but we can’t really be sure. We’ll have to keep an eye on you. We don’t want you to turn behind our backs.”

“I told you, I’m fine! I’m not going to turn! Why can’t you just trust me on this?” Xas blared at him.

“There’s no need for you to get angry, Xas. We just want to keep you safe.” Toast stared right into Xas’ eyes, holding both of his shoulders tight. “We’ve got your back, friend.”

“Alright, alright,” Xas calmed down, keeping eye contact with Toast, “I’ll let you all keep watch on me.” He smiled, and Toast smiled back at him, patting him on the back as he let go of his shoulders. Xas strolled back to my side, to the spot that had caused all of the chaos in the first place.

“Mind if I sit here?” he asked me, cautiously yet politely.

I shook my head, still wiping tears from my eyes. He sat down beside me, and there was only a few inches between us.

After a few moments’ hesitation, he put his arm around my shoulders.

I peered out of the door, and noticed a few snowflakes fall to the ground. The world outside was getting covered up by something completely new and, possibly, more beautiful.

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