Verigan's Hold is the main castle of the Crimson Cross. It is located across the Skull Pass from Mistral City, along the Wall and adjacent to the Desert. For a time, the Carnivale Del Banjo was set up beneath it.

It was the second main quest hub of season 3, after Mistral City and before BBQ Bay.

The castle was built by the Crimson Cross to provide a headquarters along the Wall. After the Sand War, Karpath Antioch founded The Crimson Cross and constructed Verigan's Hold as a staging area for the defence of The Wall. He named it for his father, the war hero Verigan Antioch. One month after the end of the Sand War, Karpath disappeared. The Templars remained in Verigan's Hold to await his return. They seem to have slowly lost members, until only one remained. 

The last Templar, Adaephon Antioch, still lives in Verigan's Hold. He wrote the Tale of the Sands, which is housed in the castle archives. The hold also contains a Map Wall, which was intended to hold Karpath's Map, but the map was lost.

When recently visited in Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 36: The Last Letter, the Hold was covered, and even filled, with the Sands, most likely from the release of the magic keeping the Jade Sentinels chained. It is thought that if the Sands continued to cover Verigan's Hold, it would get overrun. Then the Sands would spread freely into Minecraftia.


  • Lewis Brindley named a company after this location, Verigans Holdings Limited. The company exists for Lewis's business activities separate from the Yogscast.
  • Sjin admitted to being the one who built Verigan's Hold in his 'Let's Build A Kingdom' series.
  • After the Museum server map was hacked, a player found a door in a mountain near Verigan's Hold, and inside was a sign saying "Israphel's Secret Base". You can see it in Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 36: The Last Letter, but it has not been noticed by our heroes.