Volume is an indie-stealth game developed by Mike Bithell. It was released worldwide on Microsoft Windows, OS X and PlayStation 4 on August 18, 2015. It is currently planned to be released on the PlayStation Vita also sometime in Q4 of 2015.


Joakim Hellstrand is currently doing a full playthrough of the game. Martyn Littlewood has also produced one episode during his Have A Gander series.

Episode GuideEdit

Rythian — Volume
Video Name Table yt
Volume #1 - Alan Watch
Volume #2 - Oddity Watch
Volume #3 - Mute Watch
Volume #4 - Gisborne Watch
Volume #5 - Oud Watch
Volume #6 - Conversation Watch
Volume #7 - Rap Watch
Volume #8 - Lasers Watch
Volume #9 - Tuck Watch
Volume #10 - Folly Watch
Volume #11 - Exploit Watch
Volume #12 - Floorboards Watch
Martyn — Volume
Video Name Table yt
Volume (Have A Gander) Watch


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