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Voskoboynikov is one of the employees of YogLabs in charge of Drugs and Medicines. He simultaneously runs the Deep Search Security Checkpoint. He is Russian, and has a thick accent.


Voskoyboynikov is an employee of YogLabs, in charge of the Drugs and Medicine division. He made the Red Sweets that Simon ate in YogLabs - Bad Trip. Professor Bixby also mistakenly ate the sweets and is still in a recovery stage.

At the Deep Search Security Checkpoint, Voskoboynikov gives Lewis the Level 1 Security Cube and Simon the Visitor's Bucket.

He is also featured as Captain Picard in the third episode of Kim's roleplay series To Infinity. The episode name is: "TO INFINITY - Picard's Performance! (MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY)".



  • Simon had much difficulty pronouncing Voskoboynikov's name when he first heard of him.
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