"Yognews, gaming news from gaming noobs!"

YogNews was a news program hosted by Turps and Kim. The first episode was posted 28 June 2013 on Strippin's channel. Starting from the second episode, the series had been moved to the YOGSCAST Lewis And Simon channel. The main aim of YogNews was to feature the latest Yogscast videos and events, introduce new members of the Yogscast, and show content from channels on the Polaris network.

Episode GuideEdit

Strippin — YogNews
Video Name Table yt
YogNews - Pilot Episode Watch
Lewis and Simon — YogNews
Video Name Table yt
YogNews - Polaris, Saints Row IV and Seagulls! Watch
YogNews - Animal Crossing and Assassin`s Creed Watch
YogNews - Wizard Wars and Summer Expos! Watch
YogNews - 8 Player Xbox One, 2DS News and Skin Sale! Watch
YogNews - Riddick, Hearthstone, and Yogventures Updates! Watch
YogNews - Thief, Oculus Rift and GTA V! Watch
YogNews - Steam OS, Indie Statik and 6 Million Subs! Watch
YogNews - New Channels and Charity Updates! Watch
YogNews - Yogscast at Rezzed and Honeydew Plushies! Watch
Kim — YogNews
Video Name Table yt
YogNews - Episode 1 - GTAV, Final Fantasy XIV, DOTA 2 and Yogscast Tom! Watch


  • In episode 7 and episode 8, Turps is in Strippin's place as co-anchor man, due to Turps keeping Strippin hostage in the trunk of his car.
  • In episode 9, Strippin gets loose and regains his anchor post. He later chases Turps down to a park, where they "settle this like men" - drinking beers side-by-side.
  • Since Strippin left to live in America, Turps became the new co-anchor.

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