YogPlop is a series of videos on the main Yogscast channel on a map of the same name (constructed by FyreUK). With a concept very similar to The Dropper, a player is selected at random and teleported to the thing they will be dropping from—e.g. a tower, or a temple. The player must then "plop" into water at the bottom so as to not suffer fall damage. Each time a player lands in the water, they leave a block of wool, plugging the water at the bottom. This makes it harder to land in the water again. Each time a player succeeds they get one point. As soon as someone fails, they are eliminated. When you win, you are given ten more points. The points are carried over between maps, giving an overall winner.

The videos contained Lewis, Simon, Duncan, and Trott "plopping" their way into the water at the bottom of the map. In each video on this map, the Yogscast did 3 tries at the same map, before moving to the next one in another video. Thus, the videos are divided by the different map names - Tower Descent, Temple Jump, and Jungle Fall.

Episode GuideEdit

Lewis and Simon — YogPlop
Video Name Table yt
Minecraft - YogPlop - Tower Drop Watch
Minecraft - YogPlop - Temple Jump Watch
Minecraft - YogPlop - Jungle Fall Watch
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