Administrators (or "Admins") are trusted users, who are generally chosen due to their devotion to wiki which can be shown through their large number of contributions. They also have access to the following tools:

  • They have all privileges from the chat moderator and rollback groups and also have the ability to:
    • delete and undelete pages, as well as delete images or files (it is not possible to undelete images or files).
    • lock (protect) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without adminship privileges.
    • block users who are vandalising the wiki from editing.
    • grant and revoke chat moderator rights.
    • edit the wiki's skin and format.
    • edit MediaWiki pages.

For more details, see the Help:Administrators' how-to guide.

The state of being an administrator is also referred to as "adminship". Being an administrator makes "ADMIN" appear next to a user's name on their userpage.

Your current administrators are: OrangeStripes Jr, Tower12346 and ZakaSonza.

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