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Categories ensure that similar pages are linked together. They should enable wiki users to easily navigate around a specific topic. This guide serves as a "best practice" for how categories should be used on this wiki.


In the case of this wiki, categories have a dual purpose:

  1. Serve as a means of classification and navigation
  2. Define which achievement points are awarded for edits made to certain categories

This means that any article created must have at least the Highest and Lowest relevant category. The Highest ensures editors receive an achievement point for editing the article, and the lowest ensures that at minimum the page is not arbitrarily categorised.


Do include all relevant categories for a page. For example, YogTours is categorised under Turpster, as he is the presenter, YogTowers, since this is the main subject if the show, Yogscast, because members appear in the show, and Shows (obviously!).

Don't include categories of a similar level of relevance. For example, if a Music article falls under the category of "Christmas Songs" then it should not be added to category "Songs" also, since "Christmas Songs" is a more specific version of "Songs", one category at this level is sufficient.

New categories can be created if needed, but one should not be created if it will only ever apply to a single page. If you notice a page with misleading/incorrect/zero categories feel free to edit it, or alternatively please report it to a member of the Wiki Staff.

Adding CategoriesEdit

There are 3 ways to add a page to a category:

  1. Clicking the "Add Category" button in the categories box at bottom of a page.
  2. While editing an article.
  3. Adding a content producer's Banner will automatically add that content producer as a category.

Achievement CategoriesEdit

The Achievement Categories are:

Category Use Examples
Locations For any in-game or real-life location. Game location pages should also be categorised under whichever Yogscast members own them. Jaffa Factory, YogTowers
Yogscast For Yogscast members' pages and other pages directly linked to the Yogscast. Members should also be categorised under their role within the Yogscast, such as Content Producers. Lewis Brindley, YogTowers
People Every article about a person should have this category. Hannah Rutherford, Lyinginbedmon
Characters Only for pages about characters. No page should be categorised under both People and Characters. Xephos, Corvax
Minecraft For the any Minecraft series pages that are not already categorised under a Minecraft Modpack (such as Yogscast Complete). This category should not be used for Minecraft locations. Trials Of Skobbels
Music Pages about a song or album should have this category. They should also be categorised as either Songs or an Album. Diggy Diggy Hole, All The Lights in the Sky
Games Every page about a game should have this category. Games pages should also include the Yogscast members who have played them as categories. Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V

Other CategoriesEdit

Link to other categories and their use can be found here.

Category TreeEdit

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