Looking for something to do? Want to be helpful but don't know how? Here you will find a list of tasks and jobs that need completing, one way or another. You can help by fulfilling (or partially fulfilling) any task or job. This isn't just for ordinary registered users, this is for non-registered users, Wiki Staff members etc.

Quick AccessEdit

Portal To-Do ListEdit

Revise the Portal:High_Rollers_D&D page:

  • Add NPCs like Granymyr
  • Adjust the width on the character posters
  • Possibly get rid of the rail

Restructure To-Do ListEdit

  • Update and complete the Page Format page.
  • Add plot summaries and longer plot articles to the longer, story-driven series, including: Towns, Hexxit with Duncan, Flux Buddies, Flux Buddies 2.0, Flux Baddies.
  • Create pages for any big/important series that the Yogscast have done and include an episode guide. Add Template:Series Played into main content creators pages.
  • Create pages for any games that the Yogscast have had a big/important series on and include an episode guide.
  • Add pictures to any page that needs it. All pages should have at least one picture, except for people pages who have never shown their face or any icon that resembles them (e.g. Mearis).
  • Clean up and remove any irrelevant/unnecessary content from the following pages: Daniel Hardcastle (Trivia), The Co-Optional Podcast (Trivia), Jesse Cox (Trivia).

Wiki Side Jobs ListEdit

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