This is a page where Registered Users can ask for a higher access level. Anons do not have the rights to do this as they will need an account first. This is also the reason why this page has been semi-protected. Wiki Staff will monitor this page and check the requests. You should receive an answer in 1 to 2 days.

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Yogscast Wiki Staff Ranks

Access Levels Available

These apply from the 19th January 2016 onwards:


If the Wiki Staff team feel that another Bureaucrat is needed, they will be voted for and chosen from the current pool of Administrators. Bureaucrat no longer has an edit or time requirement; a member's activity, capabilities, interactions with the community and other factors determines this position.



  1. Rollbacker
  2. 1000 edits
  3. 4 active months on this Wiki



  1. Moderator
  2. 500 edits
  3. 3 active months on this Wiki

Discussions Moderator


  1. Chat Moderator
  2. 250 edits
  3. 2 active months on this Wiki

Chat Moderator


  1. Autoconfirmed User
  2. 100 edits
  3. 1 active month on this wiki


Users must have at least one fully active month on the Wiki before applying for any of these. a history of zero violation of the Wiki Policy and Chat Policy is required. Frequent edits and activity are also a necessity to provide the contributions and responsibility of a staff member to the Wiki. Keep in mind that fulfilling these requirements does not automatically give you the right to be an Admin.

Regarding Rollbackers and Above Ranks

Chat Moderators, Rollbackers and Administrators who are banned from chat and/or the Wiki and undo or adjust their ban will be stripped of their privileged rights and sent back to the rank of Chat Moderator.

Rights Requests

Add your request here by pressing edit on the respective level.

Administrator Requests

Rollbacker Requests

Discussions Moderator Requests

Chat Moderator Requests

RackUp, I would like to apply because I enjoy editing/ updating various pages on this wiki and I would love to continue doing so. RackUp (talk) 01:12, July 6, 2019 (UTC)

- ZakaSonza (talk) 10:18, July 6, 2019 (UTC) I support this request. RackUp is a community moderator and has met the edit quota. Would be great to have them on board

- OrangeStripes Jr Admin 10:45, July 6, 2019 (UTC) I support this request!

On-Hold Rights Requests


User Rank Given Date
ZakaSonza Admin June 28th 2018
Shufflertoxin Bureaucrat September 7th 2016
ZakaSonza Rollback April 16th 2016
ZakaSonza Discussions Moderator January 19th 2016
ZakaSonza Chat Moderator December 8th 2015
Shufflertoxin Admin October 29th 2015
Shufflertoxin Rollback September 29th 2015
NaruT0M Chat Moderator September 8th 2015
Shufflertoxin Discussions Moderator August 29th 2015
YogsBot Admin August 17th 2015
Gavalar Admin August 17th 2015
YogsBot Bot August 17th 2015
Shufflertoxin Chat Moderator July 31st 2015
Noreplyz Admin July 12th 2015
Gavalar Discussions Moderator June 21st 2015
Thepenguin9 Chat Moderator June 7th 2015
Spagheti Discussions Moderator June 7th 2015
Gavalar Rollback June 4th 2015
ShadowAuraInnes Bureaucrat May 28th 2015
Dragonofelder Admin May 23rd 2015
Gavalar Chat Moderator March 27th 2015
Spagheti Chat Moderator February 13th 2015
SheepishJun Admin January 17th 2015
Noreplyz Rollback January 17th 2015
Noreplyz Chat Mod November 23rd 2014
Hazzat Chat Mod (Yogscast) October 16th 2014
MaXintoshPro Chat Mod October 12th 2014
ShadowAuraInnes Admin August 28th 2014
Cyber-Funk Rollback August 21st 2014
Elfdemon101 Admin August 17th 2014
ShadowAuraInnes Chat Mod August 5th 2014
Cyber-Funk Chat Mod August 5th 2014
Thijsmie Chat Mod (Yogscast) July 31st 2014
ImJessicat Chat Mod (Yogscast) July 31st 2014
ShadowAuraInnes Rollback July 19th 2014
ThinWhiteMale Bureaucrat April 22nd 2014
Jaderos Chat Mod (Yogscast) April 7th 2014
Kalse1229 Rollback April 1st 2014
Lemonz699612345 Rollback April 1st 2014
Dragonofelder Admin April 1st 2014
Shiplord13 Admin April 1st 2014
Icildor Chat Mod (Yogscast) March 16th 2014
Juntapp Chat Mod March 9th 2014
Elfdemon101 Chat Mod March 7th 2014
Elfdemon101 Rollback March 1st 2014
Juntapp Rollback March 1st 2014
ActuallyCranks Chat Mod (Yogscast) January 8th 2014
Cynicalwolf Chat Mod (Yogscast) January 8th 2014
Mighty claw Chat Mod (Yogscast) January 8th 2014
Napkat Chat Mod (Yogscast) January 6th 2014
ThinWhiteMale Admin January 2nd 2014
AbiHaines Rollback December 3rd 2013
SwampinBlazes Rollback November 16th 2013
ThinWhiteMale Chat Mod November 12th 2013
ThinWhiteMale Rollback October 31st 2013
Ferazhin Chat Mod (Yogscast) September 18th 2013
Dragonofelder Chat Mod September 18th 2013
DaveChaos Chat Mod (Yogscast) August 29th 2013
Tower12346 Admin August 16th 2013
Totallyneena Admin July 22nd 2013
IBringTheFunk Chat Mod (Yogscast) July 14th 2013
Tower12346 Chat Mod July 12th 2013
BLACK OUT Chat Mod July 1st 2013
Turpster Chat Mod (Yogscast) June 24th 3013
Tower12346 Rollback June 12th 2013
Totallyneena Chat Mod June 6th 2013
Aethelhelm Bureaucrat June 3rd 2013
Adamo Magus Rollback May 29th 2013
Yogscast-Tom Chat Mod (Yogscast) May 28th 2013
Xasparaz Admin May 15th 2013
Thepenguin9 Rollback May 10th 2013
BLACK OUT Rollback May 10th 2013
NanoSounds Chat Mod (Yogscast) May 7th 2013
Lomadia Admin (Yogscast) May 6th 2013
Shiplord13 Chat Mod May 4th 2013
Xasparaz Chat Mod May 1st 2013
Ravsy Chat Mod (Yogscast) April 17th 2013
Xasparaz Rollback April 8th 2013
Gamerboy555 Admin March 31st 2013
Kaeyidream Chat Mod (Yogscast) March 19th 2013
Supertoastfairy Admin March 16th 2013
Supertoastfairy Chat Mod February 27th 2013
Supertoastfairy Rollback February 14th 2013
Shiplord13 Rollback February 14th 2013
Lomadia Chat Mod (Yogscast) February 8th 2013
Gamerboy555 Chat Mod February 8th 2013
Gamerboy555 Rollback February 8th 2013
RealTeutron Chat Mod (Yogscast) January 23rd 2013
MintyMinute Admin (Yogscast) January 14th 2013
Redharlow 95 Rollback January 13th 2013
Johnny Thunder Admin January 3rd 2013
Yogszach Chat Mod (Yogscast) December 16th 2012
Lomadia Chat Mod (Yogscast) December 16th 2012
MisterGryphon Rollback November 30th 2012
Ghostofsparkles Chat Mod (Yogscast) Novemeber 15th 2012
Aethelhelm Chat Mod October 26th 2012
SoTotallyToby Chat Mod (Yogscast) October 17th 2012
Johnny Thunder Chat Mod October 10th 2012
SamStrippin Chat Mod (Yogscast) October 6th 2012
IAmMaide Chat Mod (Yogscast) October 4th 2012
TkaiaWolf Admin September 26th 2012
Aethelhelm Admin September 14th 2012
TkaiaWolf Chat Mod September 5th 2012
Ctrl+Alt+Llama Chat Mod (Yogscast) August 21st 2012
MintyMinute Chat Mod (Yogscast) August 19th 2012
Frozen Jese Admin June 27th 2012
Frozen Jese Chat Mod June 24th 2012
Wolfii Admin March 18th 2012
Brainsbeer Admin March 18th 2012
Nixeu Bureaucrat March 8th 2012
Dyneslott Bureaucrat October 21st 2011
Peva3 Founder March 5th 2011
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