Yogventures! was a planned Yogscast video game which was cancelled on July 17, 2014, while still in the development stage. Yogventures! was headed by Kristafer Vale and his team, Winterkewl Games, until they went out of business.

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

On the 17th of July 2014, Yogventures! was announced to be cancelled by both Lewis and Kristafer in separate statements. All the rights of Yogventures! had been passed down to the Yogscast due to Winterkewl's mismanagement of funds and lack of devs. Winterkewl Games did not have the money to finish Yogventures as an artist working on the game left with unfinished work. This lead to the company losing a good chunk of backers money as he was paid in full with no binding contract.  As a result, it got so difficult for them that it started affecting their personal lives. Just before the cancellation was announced, Winterkewl gave Yogscast £50,000 to be able to get backers their physical rewards.

Backers had been given their physical rewards, and an early access key to a game called TUG, which the Yogscast have said, "Nerd Kingdom's game is still in alpha but is shaping up to be everything we wanted Yogventures! to be." Nerd Kingdom had been offered the source code, assets and designs of Yogventures!. This was for Nerd Kingdom to be able to make the most of Winterkewl's work but declined to use it. 

Eventually Nerd Kingdom abandonned TUG, and next to nothing have been heard from them since 2017. They never explained was happened, but rumours are that they are working on a new game called Best Buds, leaving all their original customers with an unfinished game which never left early access. Yogscast have never commented on the fact that their backers were given a game which, like Yogventures!, was never completed.

In Yogiverse[edit | edit source]

Prior to the game's cancelation, Simon and Lewis uploaded many videos detailing the several updates the game underwent through development to encourage their viewers to fund the game's Kickstarter. This would soon be recreated from the ground up as winterkewl games turned to a voxel engine, What many believed to be the game, was actually a game made in unity for the kickstater, and was shown at E3 after it was funded.

Episode Guide[edit | edit source]

Simon and Lewis — Yogventures!
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Yogscast - Yogventures! Thanks + Crystal Cave Update [Pre-Alpha Phase] Watch
Yogscast - Yogventures - Fire and Ice Update Watch
Yogscast - Yogventures - Beards and Castles Update Watch
Yogscast - Yogventures Thank You Video Watch

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With the dreams that this game would become big, fans had already started to setup websites dedicated to the game and planned to start servers.[1][2]
  • Yogventures! was one of the first games to be greenlit on Steam and was greenlit even before a playable alpha existed.

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