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Zero Time Dilemma is an adventure game, and is divided into multiple chapters, representing 90-minute periods; each chapter consists of a narrative section, followed by an escape-the-room puzzle and a moral decision. Narrative sections are presented as three-dimensional animated cinematics, with camera movements and full voice acting in Japanese and English. The chapters, referred to as "fragments", are chosen through the Floating Fragment system, in which the player gets to choose a fragment to play based on an image and a vague description of it. The fragments can be played out of order; the characters lose their memory after each 90-minute period and do not know where they are in the timeline. When the player completes a fragment, they are returned to the Floating Fragment screen, and the completed fragment is placed in a narrative flowchart, indicating where it takes place in the story. [1]

In Yogiverse[]

  • During 2016, in order to 'spice up the content' Hannah Rutherford has played Zero Time Delemma on her channel. Whilst she does note the gameplay to be very different from her typical content, she has urged viewers to continue watching as the game turns out to be 'actually pretty cool!'.

Episode Guide[]

Hannah — Zero Time Dilemma
Video Name Table yt.png
ANIMU SAW GAME! - (Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma #1) Watch
VOTE TO KILL?! - (Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma #2) Watch
I DID A BAD! - (Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma #3) Watch